In a parallel universe…

Naruto was walking down the street. He was wearing baggy jeans and a dark shirt that said "Forever hold you peace" and long purple hair covering his dark, dark eyes. He saw Sasuke bouncing up and down. Sasuke was a different story. He had a smile plastered on his face and short, well-kept, light blonde hair. He was also wearing a yellow shirt with a sun on it and the cutest little blue capris you'll ever see!

"Hello, hello, hello, Naru-chan! My, what a beautiful day!" Sasuke bounced up and down in front of Naruto.

"Fuck off, Saucer." Naruto used Sasuke usual nickname.

Sasuke stopped bouncing and pretended to be very offended and said, "Oh excuse m…"

But he was cut off by the passing dark green-haired girl who said in her buff voice, "Hey Saucer, stop messin' with Naruto-chan!". She was wearing a tight half-cut shirt over her buff torso, showing off her 8-pack. She was also wearing the shortest skirt you'll ever see.

"Aw, Saku-chan! I was just saying hello! And a hello to you too!", Sasuke continued his jumping.

"Why you…", Saku-chan started but was cut off by the girliest voice you could ever hear in a man.

"Like, oh my gosh, stop fighting Sakura-kun, you're hurting my Sasuke-kun! Hello everyone! Sasuke-kuuuun!"

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sasuke bounced over to the man in pink.

"Oh. Gosh. This is like, sooooooo heartwarming! Can we, like, go now?", Naruto said sarcastically and, noticeably, annoyed.

"Oh, like, sure! Our, like, job today is to, like, do a makeover for this 20-something lady that looks like she's, like, 60!"

Great, another make-over, thought Naruto and Sakura. But Kakashi and Sasuke seemed quite happy with the idea.

"Now, lets, like, depart!" and they all rode in Kakashi-sensei's tiny pink Ladybug-shaped car.

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