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Sam sat in her lab with tears rolling down her face, crying as she looked at a picture of her husband Jack, who had retired two ago as General of the SGC. She also had pictures of their two children, Tanya who was seventeen and James, who was barley six months old. He wasn't old enough to know who his father was and Tanya had come into Jack and Sam's lives off world. The Goa'uld was killing her people, when SG-1 had traveled to her planet to explore. They began to evacuate the people to earth for treatments and such, when the leader of the people, who had actually been on another planet at the time of the attack, requested, via video transmition from the M.A.L.P, to come to earth to see his people.

General Hammond allowed it and the Leader Raynok came through but it wasn't so that he could get his people because he wanted them to be safe. SG-1 later found out through Tanya's Intel that the government was doing secret experiments on the children of the planet and many of the adults, who had been through this as a child, were now dying because of it.

When the Raynok came to get Tanya, for she was his daughter, she screamed at him and said that Sam and Jack were now her parents and that earth was her new home and she wouldn't go back with Raynok or her people.

At first, Sam didn't know what she would do with a daughter but then she realized that since the girl was 13 and knew about the Stargate and things like that, she could bring Tanya to work with her but the thing that shocked Sam the most was the fact that the girl had said that Jack was her father. Why had she picked Jack? Was it something random? Was it because she was standing behind Jack with Sam, and Daniel behind her? Or was it because the girl knew the feelings that Jack and Sam shared but would dare not say?

Later that night Tanya, Jack and Sam had all gone out to dinner for a family party. Jack had gone to get salad for everyone, so Sam began to talk to Tanya.

"Tanya, when you're father was here earlier, why did you say that Jack and I were you're parents?"

A smile had come over the thirteen year olds face when she said, "The entire time I was at you're work place, and I saw how you and the Colonel looked at each other. I know you love him Major and he loves you, I can see it in you're eyes. For example, when the Colonel was going back to my planet to help with the clean up and you were to stay behind. You both said goodbye with words but you're eyes seemed to say, I don't want you to go with out me. I want to make sure that you are safe. He smiled and said goodbye but his eyes said I'll be fine, Teal'c's watching my six. I'll come back in one piece. What you do not say with you're mouth you often say with you're eyes."

Now Sam thought about what her daughter had said that night years ago as she dried her eyes, left the SGC and drove to the home where they lived to see if Jack's eyes would conform what she thought she al ready knew.

On the drive home Sam was sure she was over reacting about this whole situation. "There was no way Jack would ever do a thing like that, is there?" Sam asked herself not sure how to answer. She had been gone for a while, working on the Beta site but is that an excuse for Jack to….

Sam didn't let her thoughts finish because she had pulled into the drive way and was now unlocking the door. Inside she could hear people talking and she heard Jack's voice among them and she prayed that he was only talking to the hockey game again. The voices were muffled but got louder and she opened the door and walked into the living room, where Sam saw her worst nightmare.

There on the couch, sat Jack with his arms wrapped around some brunet woman whose tank top was a little too tight as were her shorts. Jack saw Sam standing there as he stopped kissing the woman and jumped up off of the couch and showed the woman to the door.

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