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Jack sat in a cell with metal bars, hand cuffed, when a man in his late twenties or early thirties, walked up to the cell door.

"I spoke to my opperoartive on your planet. He says no one suspects anything."

"They will." Jack said simply, "Tanya's a smart girl and Sam...Boy she's one of the smartest people I've ever met. They'll figure out that he's not me."

"Perhaps but it will be too late." The man said as two more men came to the cell, opened it and draged Jack down the hall and into a room with a single chair in the middle of the room. The men placed Jack in the cahir and tied his all ready cuffed hands to the cahir and left. Then the first man stood against a wall as he spoke, "Why did you force Tanya to stay with you and your people?"

"Kanon, no one forced your sister to stay on earth!" Jack exclaimed, "She chose to."

"Lies!" Kanon yelled.

"Why would I lie? Tanya is the one who said that Rayonock was not her father." Jack said knowing Kanon was angry as the man walked across the room and punched Jack across the face causing Jack's lip to bleed. "Kanon, I didn't force her. If anything I wanted her to go with your father and you but I wasn't gonna make her do something she didn' want to do."

"Well maybe Colonel Carter would, if presuaded enough." Kanon said angrily.

"Don't bring Sam into this. If you wanna blame someone for Tanya's free will then blame me." Jack said and then he said, "You know she told me that she didn't want to come back cause of the person you had turned into. She knew that she couldn't change your father but she didn't think you would turn out to be like him. What would she say if she saw you now?"

"Silence!" Kanon said punching Jack again in the face causeing his nose to bleed, "I want her back O'Neill! You will give her to me!"

"No I won't!" Jack said and Kanon replied, in calm even voice and Jack was sure the man had an evil smile on his face,

"Then we have some work to do."

Sam, Daniel, Tanya and Taynon calmly walked into the briefing room where the General was waiting for them. they took their seats and the General siad, "So what is going on exactly?"

"Taynon was impersonation Jack." Tanya began.

"I am assuming he is from your world, Tanya."

"Yes sir. He is. Taynon has been my personal enemy all my life. His family and my family have been fighting for years."

"Tanya alot has changed since you've been gone. We are no longer fighting each other. Since the Goulad were defeated, we have stopped fighting each other and have come together. Your brother helped do that and he married my sister to end the fued." Taynon said but before he could say anything further Tanya interupted.

"Perhaps Taynon but my brother always did what my father wanted him to do, even if he knew it was morally wrong. I couldn't change my father and I don't think anyone could change my brother."

"Tanya why don't you want to give your father a chance?" Sam asked assuming that Tayan's father was he one behind all this.

"My mother was the one who kept my father in line. She kept him from bring corrupt. Part of the reason my family and Taynon's family have been fighting is because my mother was so against the Gould that it affected my whole family but when she died, my father changed. My father is corrupt and therefore has many followers who are just as corrupt as he is."

"Taynon," The General said, "Where is Jack now?"

"On our planet. I don't know his exact location but Kanon has him I can tell you that much."

"Wait." Tanya said, "Why does my brother have him? Father was the one who always did the interigating."

Tayanon lowered his head and did no answer for a few moments but the finally said, "Becuase your father is dead."

"What? Then why does Kanon do what he does?"

"Becuase it was your father's last wish to reclaim you. Kanon will no rest until O'Neill has agreed to this."

"Then how do we get Jack back?" Daniel asked and Tanya's reply was something Sam did not want to hear.

"You take me back to my world and trade me for Jack."

"No." Sam said sharply.

"Why not? Its not like I'm your actual daughter. Wouldn't it be easy to forget me?"

"No it wouldn't be easy." Sam siad almost yelling as she gout up an left the room. Tanya was shocked and didn't understand why Sam just couldn't forget about her.

"Daniel, I don't understand. Why did Sam act that way? I'm not her real daughter."

"Maybe not by blood Tanya but you've been here a long time and Sam has fallen in love with you. It wouldn't matter if the devil himself wanted to take you away, Sam would do everything in her power to keep you here."

Tanya nodded her head and then said, "I should probably go talk to her."

"Tanya, why don't you let me." Daniel siad, "You stay with Taynon. Learn what you can and come up with a plan. I'll check on Sam."

Daniel said as he left the briefing room to chase after Sam, leaving the others to come up with a plan.

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