Good day. My name is Ryan. My time might be cut short, but others must be told, before we lose completely. I am a soldier on the losing side of a global war, hidden completely beneath the surface of society. Merely by telling you that I put you at risk, and I can't tell you the real names of most of the places and humans I speak of, but you have to know the truth. The losing side is the free humans of this planet, and if I die, there is one less of my kind to try and push back our dark nemesis.

We fight an invading alien horde of mind controlling slugs, they call themselves Yeerk, and I am a second-generation member to the group called the Animorphs. Gifted by an Andalite War Prince Elfangor – Sirinial – Shamtul with the power to morph into any animal they touch, the original group: Jake, Cassie, Rachel, Marco, Tobias, and the Andalite, and Prince Elfangor's brother, Aximili – Esgarrouth – Isthill, fought the Yeerk slugs, and the creatures they controlled by taking over their minds and bodies. In a battle with Visser 1, the most important of all the Yeerk, who had slain Elfangor, and also controlled an Andalite himself, the original six Animorphs had severely damaged both his blade ship, but also their own vessel. They landed safely back in their haven deep in the mountains, and never discovered what happened to Visser 1. We've simply assumed that the bastard made it out all right. Had he not, Yeerk Invasion forces would have appeared much sooner.

Of course, that doesn't explain how I exist, nor my friends. I am the child of Rachel and Tobias, born a year after their final fight with Visser 1. It was then that my parents, their friends, their parents who had made it to the valley with them, the Free Hork-Bajir of the valley, and a very surprised Uncle Ax made an amazing discovery. The technology of morphing reacted very differently with human genetics than it did Andalite genetics. Humans could inherit it from their parents, and more importantly, it came to such a human more naturally. My father, being a hawk in his unmorphed form, gave me a special affinity for red tails, and at a young age I had mastered becoming one without ever touching one. Without ever seeing any of the animals in my blood, I had inherited the forms of my parents, including their own genetics, allowing me to take their forms.

The hidden valley were we all hid was safe, guarded by technology far superior to the Yeerk capabilities, but also by the mountains. However, it did not provide everything we needed, especially after I and Serenity, Jake and Cassie's daughter, were born.

Our parents, Marco, and Ax often ventured from the valley to get supplies, but more importantly, to continue to monitor the Yeerk threat. Everyone had realized that the Andalite would never come to help, so it was up to six young morph-capables, to the original Animorphs, to try to stop a never ending invasion of their entire species.

They knew how to kill entire Yeerk pools. They knew how to make a Yeerk lose control of its host. They knew how to starve a Yeerk free of its host. But simply, they didn't have the power to do it, and with Serenity and I alive, four members had no wish to jeopardize themselves coming home. They fought and slew countless Controllers, as those controlled by Yeerk are called. The Animorphs had disrupted the plans of the Yeerk, but it wasn't enough. The Yeerk had time to wait, as the original six, at least the humans, got older. They knew that time would always be an issue. What that they hadn't known about is Serenity and I.

Morphlings, Uncle Marco called us. We had inherited all the forms of our parents, but were otherwise untested. We had played a bit in our forms, learning how to use them, and to conquer the basic instincts of the bodies we changed into. But our parents never let us experiment truly, until shortly after Serenity's sixteenth birthday, and after a surprisingly successful raid on the Yeerk Pool beneath a high school.