Kerrigan: Queen of Blades, master of all Zerg in the Koprulu Sector, and whatever other sectors she sent her deadly swarms into. Since her victories over the UED, The Dominion, The Rebellion, and both the High and Dark Templar, she was able to rule the Koprulu Sector without opposition. She had discovered the secrets that the Overmind had wished for, the ability to clone herself, and so was prepared for her possible death, and she made it clear to everyone she knew. Kerrigan feared no one, and rightly so. Her agents were everywhere, and she crushed threats before they realized they were threats. It was only her wished to remain amused that made her keep the Cerebrates, and the Terrans and the Protoss, around at all. But, she hadn't considered dissention in her own ranks.

No, she hadn't ever considered that a certain cerebrate would be working against her as best he could. She hadn't realized that when she created him after the death of the Overmind, that she hadn't remembered to include the gene in him for total obedience but instead gave him freedom and creativity. This cerebrate was slow to realizing his situation, but upon doing so, was in the position to finally bring Kerrigan down.

She had given him the greatest resources, the strongest breeds, the experimental ones too, and control over the research of new breeds. The Queen also made his brood black, a color of fear, of death, and of shadows. And she named his brood for the god of trickery and fire, from the long lost human myths of the Vikings. She did not see her own fall before her, as she instructed him to send agents into the Terran and Protoss realms and keep the Swarm informed. In that instant he began to plot her downfall and his rise, and she never saw it coming. Then again, I never gave myself away until it was far too late.

I am Karu, Cerebrate of the Loki Brood. It was I who rallied the Terran and the Protoss, and I would brought the cerebrates against our Queen. The following is the story of my rebellion. Loki's Rebellion.