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Chapter One: R.S.V.P.

"'You are cordially invited to celebrate the birthday of Koriand'r at Titans Tower on the evening of…'" Raven read. She turned her dark, violet eyes up to the hovering Starfire who anxiously awaited her answer. The invitation was a heavy cardstock engraved with fancy gold letters and swirling scrollwork, and the pale girl examined it carefully. "I dunno, Star," Rae said, "it's a little formal for a birthday party invite."

Starfire suddenly looked crestfallen, "I was not seeking your opinion of the invitation, Raven. I want to know if you are going to come to my party, please?"

"Oh, sorry, Star! It's not like me to be so dense. Yes, I'll be there!"

"Thank you!" the willowy girl beamed. "I do so hope it will prove enjoyable for all! It will be a party of slumbering, and we shall be painting our toenails and practicing braiding techniques on each other's hair and fighting with pillows and engaging in the girl talk and…"

"It sounds… great, Starfire," Raven said flatly. Visions of meat crowns and mint and peanut butter pizza suddenly appeared in the young witch's mind and she wondered what she was getting herself into again. "So, um, who all did you invite?"

"I have already had positive responses from Bumble Bee, Argent, and Wonder Girl. Kole will not be able to attend, and I have not yet heard from…" Starfire trailed off suddenly.

"From who, Star?"

Starfire took a deep centering breath before speaking. "I invited Jinx. I know that you and she have the 'bad blood' and I realize that you may not want to attend now, but I felt that since she is now a Titan, I should make her feel welcome. I hope you understand."

The idea of talking nail polish with the pink haired former villainess seemed worse than listening to hours of Beast Boy's prattling, but Raven saw Star's large, hopeful eyes and the ashen girl let out a long sigh. Raven thumbed the invitation and decided that for her best friend, she could put aside her personal distaste of one of the guests.

"Yeah," Raven said finally, "no problem."

Star threw her arms around her pale friend and squeezed her tightly. The alien girl flew off happily, leaving the young witch to catch her breath. Starfire floated down the twisting halls of Titans Tower to the large gymnasium. She heard the thumping of the basketball and, as she would put it, the loud talk of trash. The willowy beauty recognized the voices immediately and smiled. Speedy's attempts of verbal intimidation were rebuffed by the quick movements and technique of glorious Robin. As she entered the gym, she watched Robin and Cyborg share the high-five while a sour faced Speedy snarled at the visiting Aqualad.

"You go, Boy Wonder!" Beast Boy called from the stands and waved Robin's cape like a banner.

"Hello, Beast Boy, might I watch the game with you?"

"Hey, Star! 'Course you can!" he said scooting over.

Cyborg was guarding the agile Aqualad as Speedy slowly dribbled the ball up the court. Robin grinned confidently as he locked his eyes on the vermillion-clad archer.

"If you ask me, they're nuts. Playing two-on-two full court?" BB complained. "It makes me tired just watching them!"

"It does look like enjoyable exercise!"

"Yeah, I suppose."

Robin stole the ball, made a quick pass to Cyborg who passed it back, set and fired a high, arching shot. The ball touched off the backboard and fell through the hoop.

"Huzzah!" Starfire cheered gleefully and leapt in the air. "Well done, Robin! Excellent handling of your balls!"

Robin cringed and turned bright red as a rueful grin spread across Speedy's face. Cy and Aqualad could barely contain their laughter. Beast Boy nearly rolled off the bleachers, cackling loudly and kicking his feet in the air.

The color bleached out of Star's face and her mouth dropped open. "Oh, no," she gasped. Starfire's green eyes grew wide with embarrassment and she suddenly felt two inches tall. The willowy girl covered her face with her hands and flew out of the gym.