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Chapter Eighteen: Pancakes

Raven stomped down the hallway with a storm cloud over her head. Her eyes glowed fiercely and a snarl curled the young witch's lip. She shed the fleece blanket and wrapped her robe tighter around her, as if it were armor.

Jinx nearly had to run to keep up with her ashen-skinned friend. She was half-angry and half-concerned with Raven as she looked at the orchids in her hand.

"Raven?" she called after the witch. "What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

Jinx stopped and crossed her arms. "You, at the very least, owe me just a little explanation for yanking me back into the Tower."

Raven turned and looked over her shoulder. Her eyes were no longer glowing and she folded her hands in front of her. "He kissed me."

"Is that all?" Jinx chuckled airily.

"Well," Raven muttered all but inaudibly, "and his hands… wandered." The dark haired girl rolled her eyes skyward and let out a long slow sigh. "I know I overreacted. I'm still not used to being… touched."

Jinx waved off the last comment with a slight flick of her wrist, "Guys like Roy need to get cooled off anyway."

A small smile curled Raven's lips. The dark-haired girl turned to her friend and opened her mouth to speak a couple of times before croaking out a single question. "What's it like?"

"Hmm? What's what like, Raven?"

"You and Wallace."

Jinx smiled, "Wally's great in a way that Roy or Vic or even Robin isn't. Roy is all about sex, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's not what you and I are after. Vic is really shy when you get down to it, and Robin…

"Anyway," the sorceress continued, "Wally reminded me of something that I forgot a long time ago."

Raven looked up, "Which was?"

"We are more than our abilities." Jinx paused and added with a sly wink, "That and he's got the cutest butt."

Raven let a small giggle escape before covering her mouth. She took a deep breath, "Oh, and thanks for throwing me to the wolf back there."

"Anytime, Raven. So, what was it like?"

"What was what like?"

"That kiss."

Raven blushed and looked at her toes. "The kiss, by itself, was… amazing."


Speedy shivered, "Damn, that water is cold."

"Well, you deserved it," Kid Flash snapped. He focused his kinetic powers and excited the air around the archer. "I almost kissed her tonight."

"Dude, I thought you were fast." Speedy jibed.

"I'm not like you Roy. I'm not interested in getting as many notches on my bedpost as I can; I want something more than that."

Speedy felt the warmth of being in ten blankets overcome the bone numbing cold water. His uniform was nearly dry, and color returned to his skin. He smiled roguishly, "Wally, did you just call me shallow?"

"Me? Nah, why would I do that?" Kid Flash powered down. "Come on, we'd better get back before…"

"Before what?" an all too familiar voice cut in suddenly.

Kid Flash jumped out of his skin and Roy let out an exasperated sigh. They looked up to see Robin standing, arms folded across his chest, eyes narrowed, and scowling.

"Before I find out you've snuck back to the Tower?" Robin said commandingly.

Roy shrugged, "So, how was the movie?"


Robin glanced at his watch and looked around through the morning fog. The soft glow of the embers in the fire pit warmed his hands after he silently patrolled the campsite. Of course, as loudly as Beast Boy was snoring, he could have been a thirty piece brass corps and would have still been stealthy. The other Titans were snug in their sleeping bags, even Kid Flash and Speedy.

In six minutes, the temporary restriction of their access codes will lift, and the boys would have unfettered access to the Tower again. The Titans Leader looked at his two troublemakers. Speedy, he thoroughly expected to sneak off, but Kid Flash's actions surprised him. The speedster's feelings for Jinx must be stronger that Robin realized, and he let out a long sigh. Robin looked up to the Tower and thought of Starfire, Donna, and the mystery girl Speedy tried to get in trouble. He knew it the old adage "Takes two to Tango" by heart, and he debated how to handle the girls' actions.

Sometimes it really sucked to be the leader.

"Have you slept all?"

Robin looked over his shoulder as Cyborg squatted next to him. The massive teen stirred the coals.

"I'm used to it," Robin said flatly.

"You know, I wouldn't go too hard on those two. I thought about sneaking back here myself a time or two."

Robin arched an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Yeah, there's someone that I… well, it's water under the bridge, but you know…" Cy shrugged.

"So, what's for breakfast?"

"Pancakes, homemade hash browns, and bacon."

Robin grinned.


Starfire woke to the smell of sizzling bacon and pancakes on the griddle. The Tamaranian rolled out of her sleeping bag and stretched her long arms over her head. She slipped out of her room, over the still sleeping Argent and Bumble Bee, and wrapped Raven's indigo robe about her. She walked lightly to the common room.

"Oh come on, Vic! There must be enough potatoes now!" she head Speedy complain.

"I said sixty, Roy. And you've only peeled forty-two. Get back to it!"

Star smiled to herself as Speedy went back to work grumbling about his lot in life.

A gold and scarlet blur windlessly rushed by her and Kid Flash appeared in the center of the room. Starfire covered her mouth to contain her laughter. Wally wore a periwinkle apron over his costume, held a bright yellow bucket in one hand, and a mop resting on his other shoulder.

"All the bathrooms scrubbed down, Boss," Kid Flash said flatly, as if he had been punished for something.

Robin stood in the center of the activity and nodded. He looked over his shoulder and caught Star's eye.

"Good work, Wally. If you'll excuse me..."

Robin drifted over to Starfire.

"Good morning."

Star smiled brightly, "Oh, yes it is a good morning."

"Care to walk with me for a moment?"

Star nodded and a happy thrill rushed through her as Robin took her hand. The two walked up to the roof of Titans Tower and looked east. The sky along the horizon slowly turned to a soft rose hue.

"Did you have a good party?"

Starfire smiled, "Thank you, it was most eventful." She filled Robin in on the game of Truth or Dare (minus the embarrassing details), the subsequent pillow fight, Control Freak's attack, and his inevitable defeat.

Robin arched an eyebrow. "Okay…."

The sun peaked over the eastern mountain range behind the city. Star's eyes sparkled in the dawn's light.

"Oh, before I forget," Robin said as he entwined his fingers in hers. "There was one more thing I wanted to give you for your birthday."



The Teen Wonder leaned in and lightly brushed his lips to the Tamaranian Princess'.

The End

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