Author's Note: My first Roxas x Naminé fic. I'm really starting to like this pairing, thanks to Sorasgirl333! You inspired me after reading your fic!

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-. Anything But Lonely.-

-. Iridaceae .-

She had been alone, a solitary figure. She lived only as a shadow of someone, a nobody in a world of somebodies.

Nobody...that word rang painfully through her mind; yet it was the truth, and she couldn't hide from it.

And there was no place she could belong to; she was immured in this world, and she had no one...

...until he came.

She could always see so much likeness of her own image in his crystalline, deep blue eyes. Those eyes that were always filled with a deep sorrow, a pain she longed to cure for him. But then, she couldn't even cure her own anguish, let alone his...

But maybe...maybe there was a cure. Something to fill the gaps within their hearts, something to console their solitary means of life.

And then she realized...she wasn't alone anymore.

Two nobodies, trapped in a world of somebodies.

They only needed each other.

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