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Break the Cycle

Chapter 1: The Past Catches Up

Danny Taylor walks quickly down the busy snow covered street; he hugs his coat tightly across his chest to keep out the bitter cold of the evening.

He hated days like these, after forty-eight hours of searching for a teenaged girl her body turned up in an alley outside her parents house. The young F.B.I agent has seen many cases end like this but it never got any easier, and he doubted it ever would.

A few minutes later Danny finds himself in his only slightly warmer apartment. Turning on a heater, he makes his way over to the freezer, pulls out a meal for one and stuffs it into the well-used microwave.

He sits himself in front of the T.V, flicking pointlessly through the many channels trying to find a descent show.

About an hour later Danny finally gives in and heads off to a well-deserved rest. But before in can reach the comfort of his awaiting bed, the annoying 'brnng, brnng' of his cell phone echoes through the room.

"Taylor," he answers in his usual work tone.

"Danny?" a small female voice questions.

"Yeah," the voice sounded oddly familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. "Who's this?"

"You don't need to know that," the voice spoke with a sudden burst of confidence.

"Well if you want me to listen I think you're going to have to tell me."

"Fine, we'll just say I'm a friend of your sister's."

A deep sigh escapes Danny's lips, and with the sarcastic thought of 'oh great' running through his mind, he replies; "Really."

"Yeah, and on behalf of her I'm calling to tell you we're moving on, you have three days," she now sounds cold, completely heartless.

He can feel a lump growing in his throat, but shallows it back and continues, "You are, are you, well good luck with that, bye now…"

"Danny! You. Have. Three. Days. You know the drill." And with that she hangs up.


It has been two days since Danny received the phone call and he was now becoming quite nervous.

'You know the drill,' that's what she had said, and yes he did know the drill, all too well and it was starting to show. The slightest noise or sudden appearance of someone in front of him would always make him jump with fright; proving to be a real nuisance, especially when carrying boiling hot coffee.

But this morning starts like any other; Danny gets up early, has a warm relaxing shower, and grabs some quick breakfast before heading off to work.

He finally has his car back from the mechanic and was looking forward to a peaceful drive instead of the usual noisy subway. He pulls up to the semi-deserted car park. While making his way over to the lift his mind wonders to the never-ending paper work piled his desk; his thoughts can't help but turn sour.

"BOOM!" a sudden gunshot echoes though the car park, causing Danny to instantly duck for cover, drawing his own gun as he goes.

Grapping his cell phone the young agent tries to call for backup. He keeps his eyes peeled, ready and alert, waiting for the next shot to fire.

"BANG!" the next shot rings out, closer this time. Glancing around Danny still can't see the shooter.

"Damn it!" He mutters under his breath He knows who they are and he knows what they want.

"Danny?" The sound of someone calling his name brings him out of his thoughts. "Danny?" the worried voice tries again. It was Jack, the call from his cell had gone though, he'd forgotten about it after the second blast.

"Beep," the lift greets, opening up its very welcomed doors. Danny's barely few feet away, I can make it.

Ignoring the phone he takes several deep breaths to calm his racing heart, and waits for any signs of oncoming activity, nothing.

Without a second thought the agent sprints to the lift doors hoping beyond hope he'll make it.

"BANG!" He hears it, and not even a second later he feels it. Hot pain tears though his arm, he grimaces in agony but continues going. A little while later he's in the lift, whacking the button to close the doors.

A sigh of relief escapes his lips, he reaches out to push the button of his department, the sudden pain working as a reminder. "Ahhh," he groans, finally he manages a glance down at his wound. To his horror he discovers he wasn't merely grazed by a bullet as he originally thought, he'd been hit by some sort of traq-dart.


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