The Legend of the Four Sisters


There was once a large country ruled by a handsome king and a beautiful queen. They were happy, and the people they ruled also knew happiness. Now the king was getting older and so was the queen. What worried the people was that they had no heir. The beautiful queen went to the temple altar everyday and prayed to Lenexa, cat Goddess of Women. Finally, her prayer was answered. The people were over-joyed that their beloved rulers would finally have an heir. She was all they could have hoped for. With her pale white skin, platinum blonde hair, and sky blue eyes, she was the perfect princess. But, the Goddess had taken her price. She bestowed upon the girl cat ears the color of her hair and the name Kirrara which meant cat. The rulers rejoiced, glad with the blessing, and the people were happy for an heir.

Three months later, the queen was again with child. Lenexa was indeed still giving her subjects her gift. The girl was born as beautiful as the first, yet it was as if she stood for dark and her sister stood for light. She had deep dark chocolate eyes and dark brown hair with very pale skin. Lenexa had placed a huge scar across her back very like the one Lenexa had suffered in the war of Calamity. Again, there was much rejoicing and she was dubbed Sango.

A year passed and the royals were satisfied that the gift had been spent. Then, the queen once again felt the pangs of life in her stomach. Nine months later, she gave birth to another beautiful baby girl. She had raven hair, ice blue eyes, and normal toned skin and she was so named Kagome. The queen and kingdom were happy.

Five years later, the queen had another child. She had dark almost brown hair skin like the moon, and black eyes that glowed like they had a fire in them. They named the child Rin for the happiness.

The queen greatly weakened died. But not before saying this:

"The four will be reunited in a war

The country one again.

Together they will be a great force,

The personalities of each merging together

Until they release the god,

Who will in turn bring Ragnarok!"

So says the birth maid Louisa Niagara, for she was there. But really, who can trust a birth maid?