Voyeurism at its best.

The newly wed couple were woken by the early rays of sun light that snuck through the gap in the curtains. It only took a few seconds for them to each recall the previous night.

They turned towards each other, big grins on their faces. Remus rolled over, his body now above Hermione's.

"Good morning Mrs Lupin," Remus groaned as he rubbed his morning erection into her thigh.

"Mmm, yes good morning to you to Mr Lupin," Hermione responded dragging his head towards hers, their lips meeting in a slow and sensuous kiss.

Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist and used her strength to roll them over. When they pulled out of the kiss, Hermione could see and even taste the desire flowing from Remus and knew she had to do something about it. An idea popped into her head and she gave Remus a mischievous smile and a quick kiss before jumping off the bed and dashing out the door.

"Race you to the bathroom."

Were the words that floated back to Remus before he also jumped off the bed, with a determined glint in his eyes.

Hermione was only a hand span away from him, so just before she reached the bathroom door he grabbed her hips and pulled her back against his chest, took the extra step into the bathroom, closed the door, turned Hermione around and pushed her against it.

"Why do you run Hermione?" Remus asked as he started to nibble on her neck.

"Because you like to chase dear," Hermione panted.

Remus growled into her neck, then licked down her neck to her shoulder, and starts slow torturous licks of the mark they (Remus and moony) had given her, sending small shock waves of pleasure through her body.

Hermione leaned forward and started to place open mouthed kisses along his jaw, and neck, grazing his skin with her teeth every few kisses.

When she heard him groan with want she let go of him, moved around him quickly so he couldn't catch her and went over to start the shower, when she turned back around she smiled at him, her eyes full of amusement.

They got in the shower and took their times washing each others hair, and then each others bodies, washing every part that had been licked, kissed, and caressed the night before.

After rinsing the soap from their bodies Remus pulled Hermione into his body, catching her lips with his in a bruising kiss. He pushed her against the shower wall and groaned as she took the hint and wrapped her legs around his waist.

She locked her ankles together and slid one of her hands between their bodies, grabbed his throbbing cock, positioned it and dropped her hips slightly, partially sheathing him in her welcoming heat.

They were moaning so loud as Remus started thrusting into her harder that they didn't hear a voice calling out Remus' name, and they didn't smell anyone due to all the scented shampoos and soaps in the bathrooms, so it came as a huge surprise when the bathroom door was thrust open to reveal a red faced Tonks, who looked ready to kill.

As soon as Remus knew Tonks was watching he focused fully on bringing Hermione and himself to completion, ignoring the interruption, his mind and body became set on showing the intruder that this woman was his, and he was hers.

Once Remus could feel the beginnings of his own climax he licked the mark he had previously given her, and as he felt her insides twitch he growled his release and bit her hard, the pain mixing with the pleasure, making her climax more intense.

"REMUS," Hermione screamed when he climax hit, the intensity making her senses overload, her eyes snapped open when she heard Remus start growling at something.

Before Hermione could turn her head to find who or what he was growling at she heard the door slam, the footsteps of the retreating person and loud sobbing.

Taking a deep breath she kissed the pulse point of Remus' neck, her heart beat trying to settle down, her mind working overtime at what the intrusion meant for them.

"It was Tonks wasn't it?" Hermione asked, wondering what he was thinking.

"Yes sweets it was, but it doesn't matter now, nothing and no one can take you from me, I know it is cruel but I am glad she found out now, instead of having to try and explain it to her later."

Hermione unwrapped her legs, leant up and gave Remus a soft kiss to his lips.

"We should get dressed, she will be back and will probably bring others, I don't think she will give up on you Remus."

Remus nodded, and they both started to dry themselves and get dressed.

In another part of the castle Tonks was knocking upon Minerva McGonagall's door her sobbing getting louder as she thought about the scene she had just witnessed.

When Minerva opened the door to the sobbing woman Tonks told her in gasps what she had seen that morning. Minerva was furious that the couple would just dismiss the warning she had given them the last time, and would see to it that they pay for what they have done. She grabbed her wand, her robe and her friends hand and stormed out of the room, only one destination in mind.

Remus pulled Hermione into his lap as she walked past him for the fifth time in the last few minutes, he had nothing to worry about, she was his wife, and there was nothing anyone could do to keep them apart anymore.

He slid his hands into her hair and turned her face towards his own smiling at the look of desire, longing, and the tiniest bit of fear in her eyes, the fear of losing him he realised.

He pulled her closer and brushed her lips with his own twice before deepening it.

Hermione moaned and then a loud banging was heard, she whimpered and Remus groaned with the knowledge of who would be on the other side of the door, they got off the couch, straightened their clothes, entwined their fingers and walked to the door smiling before opening it.

Minerva didn't even wait for the door to open fully, she barged in and took Hermione by the arm ignoring everyone else for the moment she started yelling, unbeknown to her if she had paid any attention she would have heard the growls emitted in the room, and she would have remembered she was dealing with two werewolves, and not just two disobedient children.

"I warned you what would happen if you started to see each other again, I thought you were smarter then that Miss Granger."

Ignoring the growls and Tonks' stuttering this time she continued her lecture.

"But don't worry you wont be around long enough to find out what sort of job you may have had, since I am going to take you straight to the headmasters office and get you expelled, and when we fire Mr Lupin then we will find out just what it is like to be out on your asses and ignored."

At these words Hermione couldn't stop herself she laughed, and then laughed harder at the look of shock on Minerva's face.

Growling behind them Remus made his presence known, and made it known he didn't think of this situation as funny at this moment in time.


"Do not yell at me Remus, and I will do as I please, she is a student, what the hell were you thinking."

"And I can guarantee you won't be laughing at the end of the day missy," Minerva nearly sneered at Hermione.

"Maybe you should be fired, your hearing is not what it once was, I told you to remove your hands from Hermione right now, before you regret it," Remus snarled.

Hermione could see the protectiveness in Remus' eyes and knew what was about to happen if Minerva didn't heed his words.

Everyone turned to the door when a cough was heard.

Tonks was still stood at the door, but was slowly moving inside and to her left.

And behind her was Severus Snape, who thought he could have some fun with the situation at hand.

He walked past Tonks with a raised eye brow, and ignored Minerva completely.

"Albus wishes to know if you and Remus are having breakfast with the rest of us, or if you were going to have a quiet one today."

"Um, we are slightly tied up at the moment Severus; can I get back to you on that in say, oh… a few minutes?" Hermione asked casually trying to look at the watch being half hidden under Minerva's hand.

"Yeah sure, I have nothing better to do, so what is going on, and why does our dear friend Nymphadora look like… well that?" He asked moving his head slightly in the direction of a very embarrassed looking Tonks.

"Oh that, well you see, it seems that Voyeurism is the flavour of the day," Hermione said sweetly ignoring the gasps from both Minerva who coloured faintly, and Tonks who looked like if she held her breath any longer she would end up on the floor.

Severus raised an eyebrow before replying.

"Damn, just if I had gotten here a little earlier, hmm…any chance of some notice next time?"

Before Hermione could answer the question, Minerva started to yell again.

"There won't be a next time, neither of these people will be living or in Mr Lupins case working here, after disobeying my orders."

"What about Mrs Lupin?" Severus asked, wondering if the woman knew that they were married and there was nothing she could do.

"What do you mean MRS LUPIN, there is no Mrs Lupin yet, but if Remus is smart enough he will do away with these stupid ideas he has of school girls and marry Tonks," Said Minerva.

Remus realised it was time to give up the game and nodded to Hermione.

"Mr Lupin?" Hermione asked smiling a secret smile.

"Yes Mrs Lupin?" Remus answered, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

When Hermione tried to move towards Remus she realised that Minerva still had her hand gripped around her arm and as easy as it would be to remove it she needed Minerva to do it so it would all sink in.

"Minerva please remove your hands from my wife," Remus growled.

"Your wife?" came the small voice of Tonks, who had been all but forgotten at the door.

"Yes Nymphadora, my wife, and you really should remember not to go walking through peoples private rooms if you do not wish to walk in on them like you did with us this morning."

Tonks coloured even more at that, and then burst into tears and ran from the room, unable to take that the man she thought would be hers had gone and married someone else.

"You shouldn't have lied like that to her Remus, you may want to marry her one day," Minerva said sternly.

"Minerva I thought you were smarter and quicker then this, Remus will not be marrying Nymphadora, he is married to Hermione."

Before Minerva could make anymore assumptions, or try and ignore things again, Hermione removed her arm from Minerva's grasp, walked over and entwined her fingers with Remus, who was smiling brightly at her.

They looked to Severus nodding. "I think we shall accompany you to the great hall and make sure there are no more mistakes made from this day onwards when it comes to our relationship, we wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea until we leave at the end of the year." Remus said calmly once again ignoring Minerva's presence in the room.

"So you have decided to leave us soon then?" Severus asked.

"Yes but we wont be but an apparation away, and it wont be forever, I intend to teach here one of these days, well once I can convince Albus to give you the defence position that is." Hermione responded.

"Why is it you need to talk to Albus about that, and where will you be going?" Severus asked as he started to usher them out of the room.

"Well I plan on being the potions mistress, and unless I get rid of that bloody potions master that haunts the dungeons I can't have the position," Hermione answered chuckling.

"And we are planning on going to Italy for a little while, I have a small cottage there, it has a spare room, so there is an open invitation my friend," Remus explained to him.

As they reached the main doors of the great hall, everything was quiet. A little too quiet, and the reason why was made known when the doors opened and applause rang through.

A huge sign hung from the ceiling congratulating MR and MRS Lupin, on their marriage.

Friends of the newly wed couple stood and raced over to hug them.

And for most likely the first time in his life someone was thankful for Severus, for knocking some sense into Remus, and for being a friend they never thought they would have.

Not every tragedy has a sad ending, but everything happens for a reason, and it is up to you to find the silver lining.


An: That is it my friends, thank you for sticking with me while I wrote this, and I hope the ending was satisfactory to your needs. Big thank you's to MM, DJ, SARS and NESSA, whom without I would have lost my inspiration. And to all my reviewers whom without I would not have the courage to keep writing.