Harry Potter and the Clone Wars

A Star Wars/Harry Potter Crossover by Leaf Head

Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Mild Language.


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The stands had already filled completely with Masters, Knights, and even initiates. Even though there was a very large number of people in the open room, there was complete silence.

Harry stared somberly out at the long line of other Padawans in front of him. The line stretched from one end of the pristine white room to the other, with the young ones slowly getting taller as they reached the right most end. Harry was supposed to duel them all.

Well, not exactly.

Traditionally, when an initiate becomes a Padawan, he and his master were to duel for the very first time so that the master could see how skilled their new apprentice was and where they would need improving, and also what form they would be best suited to learning. But since Harry himself had already dueled Mace many times, that tradition would have to be bypassed in favour of this.

This test was was designed specifically for Harry so that the entire Temple would know exactly where he was at in skill with endurance, with the lightsaber, and with the Force. He would start with the newest and least skilled padawans, then go down the line dueling Padawans in increasing skill and age, without stopping. The test would only end when Harry forfeited a match, declared that he could not keep going, was defeated, or passed out.

He thought the test was a pretty good idea in theory, but was not at all thrilled about having to do it.

The first match consisted of Harry dueling a young, dark-skinned human boy by the name of Omar Abdurrashid. He was not even not even ten years old, and had just become a padawan two days ago. Omar must have been pretty good to become a padawan so young, but as he was the newest (other then Harry), he was automatically placed at the beginning of the line. He was currently fidgeting nervously, glancing from side to side occasionally, and constantly smoothing his tunic.

Harry sighed mentally. He did not want to be here. He wanted to be off.. doing anything but this. But if he must.. then he must.

His still somewhat light emerald eyes scanned the long line, trying to estimate the strengths of the other padawans, many of which he recognized from combat training and each whom were staring back at him unabashed. Way down the line, Harry spotted the boy who'd taken him to the Council so very long ago. Anakin, was it? The boy seemed to also recognize him and gave him a smug grin, as if challenging Harry to try and get all the way to him.

Harry simply nodded back, the faintest shadow of a smile on his pale face.

But there was no more time to 'talk'. Master Shaak Ti, an exotic-looking Togruta with twin horns, both sprouting above and dangling below her red-skinned face, stepped forward solemnly and looked at Harry. "It is time." She said simply.

Harry, standing in the exact center of a raised circular platform, was handed a training lightsaber, like those he had been using while practicing with Mace. Omar scrambled onto the platform and was also handed a training lightsaber.

"Contestants: are you ready?" Master Ti asked coolly.

Harry nodded, and watched Omar do the same. Shaking like a leaf, the boy bowed to Harry, who calmly returned the bow. Harry slid back into the fighting stance he'd seen Mace use so many times before, and ignited his lightsaber. On the other end of the platform, Omar clumsily fell back into a basic defensive stance, nearly dropping his lightsaber as he tried to ignite it.


The older boy took about five seconds to analyze his opponent and realized that since Omar would never try to openly attack, he would have to. Mentally sighing, Harry shifted his feet and stepped forward once, twice, three times, and began to hammer the young boy with blows.

Cleaves, slashes, lunges, Harry threw them all. And again and again, the young boy deflected them quickly, if not skillfully. The sheer force behind his blows forced Omar to keep moving backwards until he was near the very edge of the platform. A particularly strong overhead cleave sent the boy sprawling, and Harry had his lightsaber at his neck in a flash, signaling the end of the first match.

The next contestant, a sprightly looking humanoid girl named Singor Ulrich, jumped forward from the line and climbed on top of the platform with little difficulty. She smiled eagerly, nodding thanks to Omar as he handed off the lightsaber to her, slunk back to the line and sat down.

Harry observed her carefully as she went into a much more aggressive stance, igniting the lightsaber above her head. He went into the same stance as before, and the next match begun.

Singor came out swinging, twirling the blade this way and that. She started slowly, then broke into a charge, attacking Harry again and again with increasingly wild strokes. Each time, Harry blocked the blow with accuracy that amazed him. Was he really this good? He'd been training with Mace so long that the only thing he knew about his skill was that he had a very long way to go before he could compare to the Master.

Slowly gaining confidence, Harry continued to block Singor's strikes with increasing speed and force. She herself became more and more frustrated with every failed attack, and with her frustration she lost focus until the girl was simply swinging her lightsaber this way and that. And after a particularly bad diagonal slash, Harry saw his oppourtunity.

He dodged out of the way and blocked her arm with his left hand and the blade of his lightsaber, causing Singor to yelp as it lightly burned her forearm. Abandoning all pretenses, she dropped her weapon and her left hand flew to her injury, and as she moved forwards instinctively, Harry flicked the blade of his lightsaber upwards until it sat, humming ominously, right in front of her throat.

Singor gulped and closed her eyes ashamedly, the gave Harry a short bow and left the platform as quickly as she could, sitting back down next to Omar in the line.

And so went the matches, each bringing a new contestant with a completely new style of fighting. As padawan after padawan stepped off the platform, Harry began to realize that it wasn't that he was really good at dueling, it was just that the first few challengers had been really quite terrible. He was forced to use his brains more then his brawn as the line progressed, and as more experienced contestants used the Force against him, he was forced to re-evaluate his first observations of the padawans.

For example, a skinny, reptilian girl who looked as though she might collapse under her own weight (like contestant forty-two) might be able to give Harry a Force Push strong enough to throw him off the platform. A boy with the build of an ox (like contestant twenty-six) might be able to crush Harry with one hand, but if he couldn't move a pebble without stomping on the ground, then he stood no chance against the Potter boy.

And as he continued along his merry way, he also had to fight those old enough to have built their own lightsabers. Thus, it wasn't long before Harry's ceremonial tunic was covered with nicks and burns of varying sizes, some showing blackened skin beneath.

Standing back and panting heavily in the extremely short break between matches, Harry looked at the line and was shocked to see how far along he was. There were about seventy padawans sitting down and resting, many of which with burn marks much like Harry's adorning their tunics. In fact, many of those padawans looked much worse then he himself did. They were beaten and bruised, and several appeared to be near tears.

But he had no more time to think on the. Here came the next contestant.

A burly alien male that looked like he couldn't possibly still be adolescent, Rei Vældig had rich, chestnut skin, dark red hair and forest green eyes with a hardened edge. Standing at nearly eight feet, his shoulders were like giant slabs of ham. He held in his left hand his own, already ignited lightsaber, its brilliant blue far brighter then that of Harry's training saber.

Swallowing nervously, Harry fell back into his stance; after this many fights, had become second nature. Rei, a mysterious smile on his face, slid into an aggressive back stance, his right foot pointed out from his body and left pointing straight forwards. His lightsaber was held very high and very close to his face, his right hand out low and open, in anticipation of Harry's every move.

For a moment, both padawans simply stared at each other, and then the began to walk around the platform, carefully placing each foot, analyzing how the other moved and anticipating where they would go, what they would do next. And when Rei finally charged, Harry was ready.

Rei swung down with a great cleaving motion, one that could have easily halved the younger boy, had Harry not deflected the blow and swung around with a quick jung and sliced horizontally at his opponent's waist. Quicker then he could anticipate, Rei had brought himself into a vertical block, their blades forming a sparking, sizzling cross before bouncing off and sending their owners back a step.

They began to circle each other again, and Harry knew that he was in trouble. Unless he pulled something quickly, he would tire and fall to Rei's great blade. But before he could think of anything, a brutal Force Push came hurtling his way.

Thinking to hard on the problem in front of him, Harry did not notice the ripple of air until it was too late. He took the blow head on and was sent flying through the air a good four feet. Landing hard on his right shoulder, Harry picked himself up with difficulty, just in time to dodge out of the way of the next wave.

Taking in a deep breath, he smoothly brought his left hand around in a circle and flicked it sharply towards the beast of a boy that was Rei, sending an equally terrible wave back to him. The older boy dodged it with ease, but seemed surprised when Harry was right behind it.

Harry was running flat out, saber held horizontally at his side. Before Rei knew what was what, Harry had brought this blade up in a diagonal slash that tore through the older boy's tunic like butter, leaving an angry red burn on his chest. Harry twirled his blade around and came down with another diagonal slash which also struck true, forming a great 'X' across the boy's trunk.

But then Rei was back, bringing down another great cleave on Harry's left arm. Anticipating this, the smaller boy quickly performed a jung ma and as he came back to complete the full circle, his right hand snapped towards Rei's stomach and mustered all his remaining strength to create a final Force Push.

The older boy did not understand what Harry had done until it was too late and was blown clear across the platform. And before he could get back up to retaliate, Harry's blade was at his neck.

Astonishingly, Rei barked out a deep, booming laugh. He picked himself up and bowed to Harry respectfully, then stepped off the platform and patted the next contestant on the back as he passed him.

"Oh, hell." Harry murmured between pants. He was completely shot, and definitely wouldn't be able to fight someone better then Rei. It didn't help that his next opponent was.. Anakin Skywalker.

Said boy was calmly walking up onto the platform and taking an aggressive forward stance, only his was so much more clean then was Singor's. He smiled smugly, asking aloud, "So, you made it, did you?"

Harry nodded, falling into his own stance and trying to slow his heavy breathing. "Looks that way."

And then it begun. Anakin darted forwards and began with a series of attacks so blindingly powerful, Harry could do nothing but block and dodge in order to not be overcome. The blond swung his blade this way and that, searching for a weakness in the other boy's seemingly impenetrable defense.

Harry, on the other hand, was completely wiped out. He was relying strongly on the Force to keep blocking, keep moving, keep standing! Gritting his teeth, he spotted an oppourtunity and moved in. Anakin had thrusted his shining azure blade towards him, and Harry slid to the side and dipped his own saber behind his opponent's, moving the training blade down to Anakin's hand, where it sizzled on his fingers.

The boy yelped and nearly dropped his lightsaber, giving Harry the perfect opening. He twitched his blade sharply to the side, effectively disarming Anakin. Jumping to avoid having his legs severed by the falling blade, the summoned it to his hand by a mixture of wandless magic and a Force summon.

Smiling in tired triumph, Harry stepped forward with both blades in his hands, preparing for a finishing move. As he came across with a slice to Anakin's neck, however, Anakin stepped into the movement, his body a perfect mirror image of Harry's. But instead of a slice, he snatched his blade back from Harry's left hand.

Surprised, Harry didn't know what to do for a moment and was too busy thinking of a new strategy, he couldn't defend himself from the upwards slash or the Force push sent hurtling his way.

Again, he fell to the ground and hit hard. Harry's right shoulder still throbbed from his last tumble, and this time it felt like it was on fire. Harry barely noticed Anakin slowly stepping forward, victory gleaming in his eyes. And then, he had it; the perfect ending.

The blond prodigy walked to the still body of Harry Potter as slowly as he could, savouring the moment. He lowered his blade down to Harry's neck, but before he could complete the movement, Harry kicked the lightsaber from his hand! Following through with the movement, he stood up and re-ignited his own training lightsaber right next to Anakin's neck.

Surprise, shock, and barely-hidden anger rose up in the boy's eyes, and he stretched out his hand to summon his blade, but Harry brought his own closer to Anakin's neck and said sternly, "It's over."

Defeated, Anakin stepped back and took up his lightsaber and turned it off, walking back to the line and sitting down, clenching his fists and ignoring the comforting hand Rei placed on his shoulder.

Back on the stage, Harry sank to one knee, panting, as he felt his connection to the Force waver and fade. "I- I can't keep going." He said aloud, somehow managing to make his voice heard in the large room.

"Very well." Master Ti said, stepping forwards from the darkness. "That was excellent, Padawan Potter. If you and any others willing would follow me to the Medical Center, we will treat your burns."

With only slight difficulty, Harry stood and followed her out of the room, oblivious of both the polite applause in the air and the hateful glare on his back.


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Jung: A jung in lightsaber combat is a 180-degree turn.

Jung Ma: The term jung ma is used to describe a maneuver used by Jedi to perform a 360-degree spin in which power is gained for an imminent attack on the opponent.