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Chapter 8- Breath on my Skin

Six Month Later

Olivia had just finished her physical therapy sessions. The Benson/Stabler family was happy with one another and relaxed a lot since the divorce was finalized. Olivia and Elliot enjoyed their time together. There wasn't sex... yet, but they just enjoyed one another. They didn't need that complication with the kids in the house and Olivia wasn't ready for that big of a step.

It was now Valentines Day and Elliot wanted to do something really special for Liv. He arranged for Don to take Dickie and Lizzie for the night so he could make Olivia feel really special. Valentines Day would be her final PT session and Elliot wanted to make this a romantic evening. He knew that Olivia was more down to earth than to be swept off her feet with candy, but he just wanted to be with her, to be completely with her. He had been planning this day for weeks and he knew that she would be swept away and say 'yes' to a nagging question he had.

Olivia woke up in the late morning, at around 11:30, with a bouquet of roses beside her. She found rose petals leading to the bathroom and a note on the bathroom sink. She looked at it and read the printed letters.

Morning Beautiful.

I wouldn't want to wake you. The kids are with Don today and I went into work just to finish up some last minute paper work. Im going to pick you up after your PT, but wear something nice, yet comfortable. You are always beautiful, but I want you to feel special tonight. I will see you soon.

Love you forever.

Your Valentine.

Olivia smiled as she looked through her closet to find the perfect outfit. She loved Elliot's patience and touch but most importantly, his love. There have been moments where all she had wanted to do is make love to him, but she could never do it. Something from inside her could never give herself up. She never had to anyone. She hated herself sometimes thinking that she was making him suffer every time she stopped him from giving himself to her. He always reassured her with feather light kisses that they were okay and she was satisfied simply being in love with him.

This was the first valentines day that she had ever been excited for, probably because Elliot was in her life, but she just wanted to be beautiful. It took a few outfits and a stuggle with the curling and flat iron to make her hair perfected. She was wearing a pink form-fitting sweater that highlighted her curves. She wore a pair of low rise blue jeans with a pair of flip flops. Flip flop were the best, most efficient shoes in the entire world. She had bought Elliot a pair this Valentines Day and was excited to see his expression. She was ready for tonight and couldn't wait much longer.

"Olivia, you look gorgeous!"

"Thank you Claire. Elliot is taking me out tonight."

"Really?... Well you look hott, hon. He won't be able to keep his hands off of ya."

"Well, Im just going to remind him of my injury, not that I don't want his hands all over me," Olivia said with a chuckle.

"Well, as your PT, I think that you are good to go, Miss Benson. You need to remember that the pain will never fully heal, but advil should help you out on tough days," Claire diagnosed. Elliot pulled up in his truck and honked the horn. "Looks like Prince Charming is waiting for ya. Don't be a stranger, Liv."

"I won't," Liv replied with a hug. "I better get going."

"Have fun and be good," Claire said with a devilish grin. All Olivia could do is smile and see her knight in shining armor in the dark blue truck.


"Where are we going baby?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," Elliot said with a slight smirk. "How was your final consultation?"

"Great. Claire was so nice. I think Im going to be okay." Liv didn't want to mention her continuous pain that she would have to suffer. She was just enjoying her hand in his and her fingers laced in between his fingers. "Are you ready to tell me where we are going, or am I going to have to beg?" Olivia said seductively.

"Just a couple more blocks and we'll be there. Do you know how amazing you look tonight?"

"I try, El, I try," she said with a million-dollar smile.

"Okay, we are here." He said as he put his truck into park.

"Where?" she said completely clueless.

"Baby, look up." When she did, she realized she was on Broadway and saw the headlights which read RENT! This was Olivia's favorite play ever since it came out. She listens to the soundtrack all the time in the truck and now she was going to see it performed. Her eyes sparkled with joy She was speechless. She leaned acrossed the seat and kissed him sweetly and full of joy.

"El, when did you have time to do this?"

"It doesn't matter now, hon. Lets just have a good time." Elliot got out and opened her car door. They entered the building and Olivia flipped out when she saw their incredible seats. They sat in the middle toward the front and Olivia took in every song and movement. Elliot caught her humming to La Vie Boheme and crying in One Song, Glory. He loved seeing her laugh and cry and full of raw emotion. He was madly in love with her and was glad that this was only the beginning of their night.


"I should tell you, I should tell you, I will always love you!" Olivia sang rather loudly as Elliot was driving down the busy streets of New York.

"I take it you enjoyed yourself this evening Miss Benson..." Elliot said rather maturely.

"I loved it! I can't believe we were so close. Mimi and Roger were absolutely wonderful! That show will never EVER die now!" she said while in a wild mind set. "El, not that I am worrying, but our apartment is the other way."

"We aren't going to the apartment."

"Then, where are you going?"

"You are going to have to relax and enjoy the evening." Elliot said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I am El. Im absolutely happy. Now where are we going?"

"Okay, this is the only answer I am revealing to you. We are going to get some dinner and go ice skating."

"Ice skating! I haven't done that in years!"

"I know and that is why we are going." Elliot said while squeezing her hand.

"God I love you." she said with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, hey, no tears now. I love you so much. Lets go eat."

Elliot and Olivia stepped out of the truck and walked up to a hot dog stand for their dinner. Both of them hadn't eaten a simple hot dog in a long time so they enjoyed the food together. After they ate, Olivia wanted to freshen up before they went and skated on the rink. In her mind, if she was going to eat it on the ice, she could at least look pretty doing it.

While Liv was in the restroom, Elliot met with a shady man in the corner.

"Hey man, do you have it?"

"Yeah bro. No prob."

"Thanks for letting me stash it with you. She would have flipped."

"Nah, no problem dawg! You betta do it right though or neva again! You hear me?"

"Yeah I hear ya. Thanks again."

"No problem. There she is man. Good luck."

"Yeah," he said drowning in Olivia's grace and beauty. He walked to her sliding on her skates and Elliot came from behind and nibbled playfully on her neck.

"Who was that, El?" she asked seeing the shady character leaving the area.

"Just a friend helping me out with something," Elliot said with a smile. "Common, lets get a moving"

Elliot and Olivia held hands as they slowly made their way on the ice. He would spin her lightly and she held him tighter for support. He loved making her laugh and was in love with her million dollar smile. He pulled her in close when the song You and Me played. He took her hands and led her to the middle of the rink.

"Elliot, if I fall in the middle of this rink, I am going to be so embarrassed"

"You won't," he said laughing at her slightly childish behavior. "Just listen to the music"

When she noticed the song she couldn't help but smile. When she woke up in the hospital with Elliot beside her, this was the song that was playing. They first kissed to this song and they admitted their love with this song. She held him tight as they slowly moved to the music.

Before the song ended, Elliot kissed Olivia sweetly on the lips which only made her smile. He stepped back and looked at her with pleading and loving eyes. "Liv. You know that I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. You have been with me during the best times of my life and the lowest points. Your love is healing and your warmth is simply intoxicating. There isn't enough that I can say about you and I can list the reasons, but the rink will probably have melted." Olvia couldn't help but laugh at that remark. "Liv, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much." Elliot knealed in front of her and tears fell openly from her cheeks. "Olivia Benson, would you do me the honor of making me your partner, your lover, and your husband"

Olivia cried tears that she couldn't even imagine she had. She nodded quickly and said, "Yes, yes El, I will marry you!"

Forgetting he was on ice, he rose quickly only to fall backwards on the ice once again. She laughed as she knelt beside him and kissed him passionately. He slid the ring on her finger and kissed her again. They stood up once again and danced to the end of their own love song both feeling immeasurable amounts of love.

You and Me and all other people, with nothing to do, nothing to prove and theirs you and me and all other people and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you. What day is it and in what month this clock never seemed so alive.

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