Summary: Rex is doing a job for Bo and, instead of standing up Adriana on their first official date, he decides to take her with him. Their adventure will include many things, none of which are serious and all of which lead to more falling for both of them. This, my friends, is the story of Rex and Adriana's Great Adventure!

Pairing: Rex/Adriana

AN: I don't write much for OLTL but the urge to write this became more than I could take and, so, here is my first R/A fic of all time. I hope I do the fanbase proud, late bloomer than I am and I appreciate any feedback, especially positive because, really, I've never tried something like this and I do so hope you guys enjoy.

The Great Adventure (Also known as 'In Which Rex Wears a Fake Moustache and Talks in a Bad Accent')

Day the First –

Have been ordered to track down someone needed for information in a cold case that deals with an old money laundering scheme. The guy got away clean but Bo's convinced that a recent discovery in the case could lead to a full punishment for this SOB who stole millions from little old ladies up and down the Miami coast.

Wait, Miami's a city, isn't it…? Never mind.

The point is, this SOB stole millions from poor little old ladies, not to mention their many cats and those evil little yapping dogs that always attack me whenever they see me. So, even though I really don't like those little dogs, I have decided to help the little old ladies in the hope that, should we meet, they will not let their dogs out their laps to come after me.

I had a bad experience… if you want to learn more, just ask Natalie because I have no comment about one spring day in my sixth year of innocent-as-the-freshly-fallen snow childhood. And, no matter what Natalie may say, it's a complete lie when she says that I screamed like a girl.

Sexy Rexy does not scream like a girl.

Bo has told me to start documenting my cases and advised that I start some kind of diary. Sexy Rexy does not have a diary, he is far too sexy for that, I tell you. However, he does not object to keeping a journal or some kind of captain's log. This, therefore, is the captain's log of Rex Balsom.

Rex does not know why he continues to refer to himself in the third person.

Realized, while packing for this exciting trip, that I had a date with one Adriana Cramer. Sure, may not seem like a big deal but, when you consider that this is, in fact, our first date, it becomes more important, does it not? This is, truly, our first official date. As in, we while not bump into each other and decide to have dinner.

No, this is really our first date and, if handled correctly, could lead to all kinds of fun things. Possibly even playing with ice cream or whipped cream or maraschino cherries. Possibly even eating these fine ingredients off of Adriana's smooth, cool yet refreshingly warm, sweet-smelling skin that… ahem, yeah, so there's this trip, right?

Smoothing sweaty palms on the denim of his jeans, he regarded the small female walking towards his car with rather giddy eyes, feeling stupidly nervous and refreshingly excited about the idea of her sitting in a car with him. Despite how many months had passed, memories of that night in the snow were still fresh and he cleared his throat a few times before forcing himself to move.

Bracing himself, he stepped out, closing the door behind him and quickly darting forward to grab the handle of her luggage, noting the brush of his fingertips against hers. Ignoring the slight jump of his stomach, he took it out of her hold, unlocking the trunk and tossing it into, regretting it when he heard something that sounded expensive shatter into a million little shards of something no longer expensive.

A glance at Adriana showed that she had closed her eyes and was murmuring under her breath, lips just barely moving from their previous state of pursed fury. He realized, with a slight grimace, how much she looked like Dorian when she did that, something that both disturbed and amused him insanely.

An odd combination of emotions that he actually enjoyed.

Offering her a slight grin, he circled around the car and opened the passenger door for her, nodding. Still glaring the smallest bit, she dropped in, slamming the door behind her and glaring up at him through the window, little bursts of dark fire shooting from her eyes. Turning away quickly, almost able to feel the fire scorch his hair, he quickly moved around the car, sliding into his own seat and cautiously looking over at her.

Cringing, he shoved the key into the ignition, starting up the car and smoothly pulling away from the curb, quickly heading away from where Dorian was currently ruling the roost. Blair and Starr were there today, Kelly too and Adriana, when he had suggested coming in to help her leave, had forbidden him to come anywhere close to Dorian's.

Protecting him from Dorian counted as caring, right?

Deciding to take it as good news and hoping that he just might find a way to get her to loosen up the next few days, he made an almost perfect beeline out of Llanview, checking that the map was shoved between the seats. Just before jumping those last few feet, he glanced in the rearview mirror, checking that his luggage was in the backseat before continuing the movement, sweeping up and onto the freeway.

Maybe this could all be an adventure?