The Great Adventure

Captain's Log (Day the Second)

Things are not going well, at least not considering what I was originally hoping for. First failing in this trip came when I realized that Adriana was glaring at the radio. It seems that she's not a fan of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, although I cannot imagine how she can be immune to such greatness.

Have come to the unhappy decision that I do not have any real idea of Adriana's musical tastes, which is upsetting for some reasons that cannot be explained really, at least not while we're driving like we were. Yes, I did just write the word 'were', in case you're curious. Instead of managing to reach a hotel, I accidentally forgot… something…

Car is currently on side of road, looking dead and worthless, which it is.

Attempts to kick it into shape yielded nothing but a sore foot.

Intend to make Bo suffer for giving me a pathetic excuse for a car that can't go without gas. What are they doing, making a car that can't go without gas! What, are these people crazy! Maybe I should create a car that goes on helium, or water… or marshmallows. I think that would be cool, no, a car that goes on marshmallows?

Adriana insists that it is my fault for not putting the gas in the car and I personally think she's crazy. I put gas in the car before we left Llanview, I know I did… I remember because the guy who sold me the gas got sick of me slowly handing over one dollar at a time and finally snatched my wallet, dragging out the money and throwing it back at me.

He got me right in the eye.

With her bag hooked across her chest, resting against her denim-clad hip, Adriana Cramer trudged unhappily down the road, eyes on her shoes and thoroughly wishing she'd worn something, anything, other than her new Manolos. A day of shopping between her, Kelly and Blair had wielded many wonderful buys for her but these had been her favorite.

Emphasis on 'had'.

Now, after several hours of walking, they resembled a pair of cheap knockoffs that had been badly made in the first place, thrown into a box of dust and dirt and then tossed into a large tumbler that included more dirt, weeds, rocks and other things that all worked together to shred the poor shoes down very quickly.

More annoying than anything else, Rex looked like he was enjoying himself.

Grimacing, almost limping, she set her eyes on the gas station in the distance, a beautiful sight of neon light and cheap food, and, catching sight of a deal for a large drink for only seventy-five cents, she couldn't fight the soft squeal that escaped her, a giddy noise of relief as she performed a quick little dance step, not caring how much it hurt her already aching feet.

She quickly stopped when she caught Rex staring at her. Clearing her throat, thankful that he probably couldn't detect the blush in her cheeks in the dim light, she looked away from a cocked eyebrow and a broad grin, resettling her face into a childish sneer, trying to imitate her mother.

Rex, if anything, just grinned more broadly, letting out a dry chuckle and she violently hated how much she loved being the one to make him grin like that, and the one around at the moment to hear the chuckle. She had come to the decision, just a few days before, that one of the best things about him was that big grin he'd pull out like a magic trick.

So much life there, something that made her giddy and excited to see, just from the simple things that other people would take advantage of without a second thought. She didn't see it often and it was oddly wonderful to see in someone, something she saw all too rarely.

And, okay, it was a little bit hot, too.

Stepping past him into the store, she paused, blinking at the dusty insides and the harsh fluorescent lighting that made her eyes hurt slightly. Clearing her throat, her eyes settled on the pretty young woman and she raised her hackles despite her best tries, all too aware of the instant focus of the other female on Rex.

Jealous, her… nope, she wasn't jealous… not at all…

She took a small step to the right, letting him pass her as he made a beeline towards the slushie machine in the back of the store, and let her eyes stay on the creepy chick who was eying Rex like a piece of meat. Feeling furious, and not liking the reason behind this fury, she moved closer to the counter, lifting her eyebrows.

"Is he taken?"

Honestly, could this chick be any sluttier! Biting her tongue for a minute, she considered, watching Rex over the aisles, glancing around spy-like before nodding to himself and grabbing a cup, starting up the machine and filling the first cup with something pink while the machine groaned and growled in annoyance at him.

Spinning back to the woman, enjoying the soft whap of her hair catching the other woman hard in the face, she offered her a playful but sad look. "My sister dumped him because of the crabs," she whispered deviously, nodding her chin towards Rex, who was now filling a cup with layers of blue and green, looking very happy as he did so. "But I'm sure he's better now," she added, almost as an afterthought.

A few minutes later, as Rex frowned in confusion at the way the woman kept refusing to take the money, all that Adriana could do was spin away, muffling laughter into her palm hard and almost tearing up in an evil kind of glee, triumphant that she would this slut would never pull anything else stupid.

Not that she was jealous or anything though…

Next time - Rex tries to get a hotel room, Adriana tries to avoid a conversation with her mother and the Captian's Log gets another entry...