Just and Magnificent – The Price of Redemption

This story contains slash and deals with slight incest. Rated PG.

This is my first Narnia fanfiction. It is intended to be maybe a couple chapters long. Maybe a little more. I hope you enjoy. This first chapter takes place in moments that run parallel to the movie. The next chapter branches off into my own little Alternate Universe. Warning, bring a tissue.

This story is set in the movieverse of Narnia.


Peter had always found Edmund to be the troublesome member of the Pevensie clan. Their was once a time when Edmund looked up to Peter, and would do as he was told. A time when both brothers could enjoy spending time together as friends, and not just brothers. Now all Peter ever seemed to do was berate his brother or tell him off.

In one moment however, he found his heart being ripped from his chest by his younger brother. Edmund had betrayed them all by leaving to find the White Witch. By telling the White Witch where they were. It tore at Peter's conscience to know his own brother could do such a thing. And yet he wondered how much of this was his own fault. He was responsible for Edmund. Perhaps he had been too hard on him.

All Peter knew was that at this very moment, as he stood before Aslan he had trouble fighting the urge to burst into tears. Everyone around him viewed Edmund as a traitor to Narnia as well as to the Pevensies. As betrayed as Peter felt, he wondered how dare these people judge his brother so easily. They do not even know him. It was almost enough to make Peter march himself and the two girls right out of the camp. However, as soon as his eyes met the stern, all knowing eyes of Aslan, he changed his mind.

"Your brother has chosen a path that is not without heavy consequences, Peter." Aslan said as Peter and he walked away from the main camp.

"It's my fault, Aslan. I'm supposed to watch out for him. I'm supposed to keep him away from danger. And now look where he is? This is my doing, Aslan. I will save him."

"Your love has blinded you, Peter. Tell me, when is it that you and Edmund lost the brotherly bond that would've kept him from leaving your side? When did he leave your grasp?"

"At the Beaver's dam, Aslan."

"No, Peter. When did Edmund stop confiding in you? When did he stop trusting you? When did he stop believing in you, Peter? Why isn't he here?"


Aslan's words echoed through Peter's mind. What exactly did the great lion mean? In Peter's heart he knew exactly what the great lion meant. He knew exactly when Edmund turned on Peter. It was a moment that Peter had almost forgotten. A moment during a time when Edmund would follow Peter around everywhere. A time when they were friends as well as brothers. A time when Edmund did something that Peter had long since forgotten.

Peter remembered it like it was yesterday. Edmund and he had found a stream behind their school that they would often play in, as it appeared no one else knew of it. It became their spot. A place they would spend time and joke with one another. A place they could play and forget the cares of the world. Edmund was different then, Peter recalled. He was happier. He didn't have the burning wit or dripping sarcasm that seemed to lace every word these days.

"Peter, do you think it will always be this way between us?" Edmund laughed as he jumped on Peter's back.

"At least until we grow up." Peter smiled, "Race you to the end!"

Peter dropped Edmund and sprinted to the other end of the stream, just as it traveled into an underground stretch. He collapsed on the ground in a heap, laughing as Edmund caught up to him with a huge scowl on his face.

The scowl on Edmund's face was soon gone and all was forgiven as he lay down, resting his head on Peter's chest. Peter instinctively put his arm around Edmund's shoulder and sighed. Today was a wonderful day. A perfect day.

"You know, Peter. I should think that we will be frightfully late for dinner." Edmund smiled, "Mother will not be pleased."

"She'll be fine. She won't worry. She knows you're with me."

"I love being with you, Peter."

Peter smiled at Edmund's statement, and thought nothing of it when Edmund began rubbing his stomach. Peter kissed Edmund's forehead and pulled him closer. Edmund reacted by shuffling further up so his face was buried in Peter's neck. Peter enjoyed the closeness he shared with Edmund, smiling at his brother.

"I love you, Peter." Edmund said nonchalantly.

"I love you too, Ed." Peter sighed looking up at the sky.

Peter wasn't sure how long it was till he realized that Edmund had covered his lips with his own. He wasn't sure how long it was till he realized he should stop kissing Edmund. He wasn't sure how long it was till he pushed Edmund off him. He wasn't sure, because he was too busy feeling like it was the most natural and wondrous kiss he had ever experienced.

"Ed, you're not supposed to do that." Peter said as he finally pushed Edmund away and sat up.

"Why not, Peter?"

"Because I'm your brother. And because I'm a boy." Peter said wiping his mouth, "Boys don't kiss. Not like that."

"But …"

"You're young, Ed. You'll figure it out soon enough." Peter smiled reassuringly, "We'll just forget all about this. I won't tell anyone."

"Peter …" Edmund said as he stared at his brother in disbelief, "You … can't mean it."

"It's ok, Ed. Let's just forget about it."

"I thought you cared about me." Edmund said as he stood to his feet.

"I do, Ed." Peter said emphatically.

"Then stop lying to me!"

"Ed!" Peter yelled as Edmund ran off.

As Peter sat in his tent remembering that day, he realized that Ed never looked at him the same after that. It was in that moment that he lost his brother. It was then that Edmund changed. How could Peter have forgotten that day? And why would he remember it now?

"Aslan …" Peter said in realization, "But what can I do now? How can I save Ed? How can I fix this?"


When Peter finally saw Edmund again, he wasn't sure what to feel or think. He felt elated, but he couldn't bring himself to touch Edmund. Aslan had told the children to leave the past in the past, but Peter couldn't shake the feeling of disappointment and betrayal that Edmund was responsible for. How could his own brother have done this to his family? How could he have done it to him? Had he isolated Edmund so much that he felt no other choice but to leave on his own path?

Peter knew exactly how, thanks to Aslan. He was grateful to Aslan for sending Oreius to rescue Edmund. He was grateful more than anything, that his brother was finally safe. Yet still, he wasn't sure how to speak to Edmund. He wasn't sure what to say. As Lucy and Susan embraced their brother, Peter stood back unsure of what he should say or do.

"Try not to wander off." Was all Peter could say to Edmund.

Once Edmund had retired to his tent, Susan gave Peter a stern raised eyebrow. She pulled Peter aside and spoke to him in such a tone that only she could muster. Peter was tempted to remind her who was in charge, but he knew that would only further her wrath.

"Aslan has told us to leave the past in the past. He is our brother. We must forgive him. Lucy and I have. Why can't you?" Susan said before she turned and stormed off with Lucy.

"It's my fault, Su." Peter whispered after her, "There's nothing to forgive."


Peter watched anxiously as the White Witch stood before Aslan. She looked every bit as terrifying as he could imagine. Her cold, calculating demeanor sent chills down his spine. He wondered how Edmund could have fallen under her spell. Peter thought the White Witch had a nerve to demand a meeting with Aslan. She dared to show her face in their camp.

"You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan." Jadis spoke with a calm, but fearsome tone.

"His offence was not against you." Aslan replied.

"Have you forgotten the laws upon which Narnia was built?"

"Do not cite the deep magic to me, Witch." Aslan growled, "I was there when it was written."

"Then you'll remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property."

Peter had heard enough. He couldn't listen to this Witch's demands any longer. There was a fire in his heart that burned with rage, and as long as his heart still beat, he wouldn't let anyone harm Edmund again.

"Try and take him then." Peter said, drawing his sword.

Peter stepped toward the witch, filled with both fear and determination. She barely even flinched at his outburst.

"Do you really believe that mere force will deny me my right." Jadis said as if Peter's bravado were little more than an annoyance, "Little king."

"Aslan knows that if I don't have blood, as the law demands, then all of Narnia will be overturned. And it will perish in fire and water." Jadis said, turning to face the mass of onlookers before she pointed at Edmund, "That boy will die … on the stone table. As is tradition. You dare not refuse me."

"Enough. I shall talk with you alone." Aslan said before he walked into his tent.

The huge crowd of onlookers waited in anxious anticipation as the White Witch and the Great Lion deliberated. Peter turned to Edmund and could see the look of confusion on his face. But there was also something else there. Something that drove fear into Peter's heart. He and Edmund had barely spoken since Edmund's return, and when they had their conversations were always formal and edgy. Edmund seemed distant to Peter, and in turn, Peter felt ashamed for feeling like he was the cause of Edmund distancing himself from the rest of his siblings. Yet ever since Edmund's return, Peter had seen something in Edmund that he couldn't understand. Something that made Edmund seem both relieved and burdened all at once.

"Peter …" Edmund said, surprising Peter.

Peter was about to dismiss Edmund, unsure of what he could say to ease the situation. And still racked with his own guilt for making Edmund feel so alone. Yet he could see in Edmund's eyes that he would not be deterred.

"Peter, do you forgive me?" Edmund asked as he looked Peter in the eyes.

"Aslan said for us to le…" Peter began to say before Edmund cut him off.

"Peter … do you forgive me?"

Peter hadn't expected such a direct question from Edmund. And the almost resigned nature Edmund had when he spoke, it made Peter feel ill at ease. What had caused Edmund to change since he'd returned? His quick wit and biting sarcasm was all but gone. He barely made eye contact with anyone. And he seemed to carry an even sadder cloud around him than ever before. Even now … Peter could see it in Edmund's eyes. The intensity of the situation with Jadis, and now Edmund's question was more than enough to shake Peter's resolve.

"Peter, I need to know." Edmund insisted.

"Ed, I …" Peter began to say before Jadis emerged from the tent.

Edmund frowned in disappointment at Peter before he turned his attention to Jadis. Peter anxiously awaited Aslan's emergence from the tent, and when he did, Peter sighed in relief. He didn't trust the White Witch not to try something sinister while she and Aslan were alone.

Out of the corner of Peter's eye, he noticed the intent look on Edmund's face. Edmund was studying Aslan's somber demeanor, and in turn, Edmund's became more resolved and determined.

"She has renounced her claim on the …" Aslan began to say, before Edmund shouted out.

"No!" Edmund yelled, "She's right! I am a traitor!"

Edmund moved away from Peter and his siblings. He stepped closer to Jadis as he turned and faced the crowd of Aslan's army and Jadis's forces. He spoke to them as if this were a confessional. Peter's heart began to race with anxiety as Edmund moved further away from them.

"Ed, what are you doing?" Peter said stepping toward him.

"Stay back, Peter. I have to do this." Edmund said with shaky lips and a quiver in his voice.

"Speak, Edmund. What is it you have to say to us?" Jadis said with a subtle, emotionless smile.

"I have betrayed my family. I have betrayed Narnia. I have betrayed the ones I love. I will go freely with you." Edmund said before Jadis quickly motioned for him to be bound.

"No, Ed!" Peter yelled, "What are you doing?"

"Witch, we have a pact!" Aslan bellowed, "Let the son of Adam go."

"But he has given himself freely, Aslan. Are you certain you wish to deprive him of his right to redemption?"

Aslan roared the roar of a thousand lions. Jadis instantly signaled for Edmund to be released. Peter never thought he'd ever been so frightened in his life.

"Very well, Aslan. As you wish. But we have an agreement." Jadis said as she boarded her chariot.

"It will be honored, Witch."

Edmund stood looking almost forlorn as Jadis left Aslan's camp with her cohorts. She turned back long enough to give Edmund a studying glance, and then she was gone. Edmund's head sunk and his eyes became downcast with despair. He looked at Peter with an unsure face, who stared back at him with equal confusion.

"Ed, what was that all about?" Peter asked as he realized he'd almost lost his brother again.

"Ed, what were you thinking?" Susan demanded as she and Peter rushed to Edmund.

"I was thinking that it was the right thing to do … for everyone." Edmund said with a disappointed sigh.

Before either Peter or Susan could say a word, Edmund silently walked away. He left both his older siblings looking dumbfounded. Susan covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Peter, what's wrong with Edmund?" Susan cried.

Peter couldn't believe what Edmund had just said. The implication of it all was mind boggling. And yet Edmund seemed so calm and accepting of what he was about to do. If anything, he seemed disappointed that he didn't get to sacrifice himself to the queen.

"It's alright, Su. I'll fix it. I promise." Peter said as he hugged his sister, "I'll talk to him."

"Peter, walk with me a moment." Aslan commanded.

Peter kissed Susan's cheek reassuringly before he joined Aslan's side. The lion seemed somber, and Peter could only imagine what deal he must have struck with the White Witch. The pair made their way to the vantage point high enough to watch the White Witch march away with her forces.

"Peter. Your brother walks a dangerous line between despair and resignation." Aslan said as he looked up at Peter, "You are his only hope."

"What must I do, Aslan?" Peter asked with worry, "I've never seen him like this."

"I cannot tell you what to do. You will either do what needs to be done, or you won't. There is no in between. But remember, if you fail … his fate will be the same as it might have been today."

With those words ringing in Peter's ears, Aslan left his side. Peter glared after the White Witch, wishing he could run her through with his sword and end this war before it had even begun. Instead he pondered Aslan's words. He pondered the meaning of them. He had the unshakable sensation that he was on the cusp of something that would change his life forever. He wasn't sure if it was the impending battle with the White Witch, or the situation with Edmund, or something else entirely. Right now his greatest concern was that of his brother. Was he so eager to die? Peter would find out soon enough. He knew it was time he dealt with Edmund once and for all. Even if that meant revisiting a history he'd almost forgotten.


Peter lay awake in his bed. He couldn't sleep a wink. All he could think of was the impending battle, and his brother. Edmund hadn't spoken to Peter since the White Witch had left their camp. Regardless of Edmund not speaking to him, Peter made sure not to let him out of his sight. The last thing he wanted was for Edmund to run off and sacrifice himself on the stone table. Peter knew if they just lasted out the battle with Jadis, everything would be ok.

He turned on his side to see the gentle rise and fall of Edmund's chest on the other side of the large tent. Peter wondered what he would have to do to get Edmund back on side with him. He'd give anything to even have the sarcastic Edmund back. Or to just have Edmund talk to him without shutting him out.

Silent tears began to form in Peter's eyes as he watched Edmund sleeping. If only Edmund knew just how much he was loved. How much Peter would do for him.

"It won't do to cry, Peter." Peter whispered to himself, "It won't do at all."

Peter began to wonder what Aslan had meant when he said Peter was Edmund's only hope. He began to wonder why Aslan seemed to hint at things from another world. At things that were known only by Edmund and himself. At things that perhaps even Peter didn't realize. Why did Aslan help him remember that kiss? Was it simply so he knew that was the point in which Edmund lost his trust in Peter?

"Stop lying to me!" Edmund's words echoed through Peter's mind.

"It can't be." Peter whispered to himself, "Surely that is why Ed changed in the first place. But … is there more to it, Aslan?"

Why had Peter been so heartbroken at Edmund's betrayal? Was it simply because they were brothers? Or did it go deeper? It had been so long since he and Edmund had formed a relationship based on disapproval and resentment, between Peter and Edmund respectively, that Peter had almost forgotten that feeling that came before it. That warmth that used to envelop him whenever he and Edmund were together. It was something he didn't share with Susan or Lucy. But surely it wasn't the same as how Edmund felt when he kissed him that day. Peter shook his head with confusion.

"Ed …" Peter said suddenly, "We have to talk, Ed."

Edmund's chest rose and fell the same as it had a few moments ago. He had barely stirred. Peter did not wish to disturb his brother, but he had to speak to Ed before the responsibility of the morning battle came. He had to speak to him now.

"Ed … are you awake?"

"Ed!" Peter yelled.

"What?" Edmund snapped as he blearily opened his eyes and glared at Peter.

"Ed, we have to talk."

"Now?" Edmund growled, "I'm tired. Leave me alone, Peter."

"What's wrong, Ed? Why are you acting so …"

"I'm tired, Peter. We can talk after the battle." Edmund said turning away from Peter.

"Ed …" Peter pleaded, "What's wrong? Why are you acting so strange with me? Are you angry?"

"Goodnight, Peter." Edmund said in a stern enough tone to let Peter know the conversation was over.

"Promise we'll talk after the battle?"

Edmund didn't respond. And perhaps that hurt Peter more than anything else. He felt tears stream down his face as he realized that even though he and Edmund were in the same room, they might as well have been an ocean apart. Peter turned to face the wall and began to slowly cry himself to sleep. Even though he knew it would do no good to cry, he hoped that here in the darkness it wouldn't matter.


The army Aslan had amassed now stood ready to stand against the darkness of the White Witch's evil. Peter had struggled to rally them without Aslan. Or at least he struggled to rally himself. He found that all were willing to follow him into battle. All were willing to follow him to death. Yet there was one who had avoided his sight all morning. Edmund had been busy preparing the Rear Guard, griffon forces, and the archers. Peter was amazed at how serious Edmund was taking his duty. He'd never seen Edmund so determined.

Peter stood at the exit of his camp, preparing himself for the final speech to his troops before the march to battle. He found himself wondering whether this would be the first and last battle he would ever lead. The thought of dying had been far from his mind. There was always something to distract him. Always something to take care of. And even now with his fate near at hand, he still found himself more concerned with the fate of those he led into battle, than that of himself.


Edmund's voice broke Peter's reverie and forced a smile to break out on his lips. He turned to see Edmund approaching him with a small smile on his face. It was the last thing Peter expected. Edmund had been avoiding him or keeping his distance when they spoke to one another. Yet now Edmund appeared open to him. His face full of grace, pride, and inspiration. It was enough to make Peter's heart soar. And yet he didn't know why exactly it did that.

"Ed …" Peter said in surprise, "Is everything ok?"

"Peter …" Edmund said with a reassuring smile, "Don't worry. The White Witch is already doomed. You will see to that."

"How can you be so confident? How do you know I'm the one to lead this army?"

Edmund put his hand on Peter's shoulder and squeezed it. Peter felt a surge of inspiration fill him. He felt confidence brimming through Edmund and into him. Edmund believed in him, and no matter what had taken place lately, he wanted Peter to know that.

"Because I believe in you." Edmund said with a sad smile, "I always have. You won't forget that, will you?"

"Of course I won't, Ed." Peter said giving Edmund a strange look, "And Ed, there's something I …"

"Majesty, the White Witch's forces are preparing to move!" Oerius said urgently as he galloped to Peter's side, "We must begin our march to the battleground!"

"He's right, Peter." Edmund said seriously, "It's time to march. I'll signal the Rear Guard to move. We'll see when you get there."

Peter wanted to hug Edmund and thank him for his reassurance, but before had a chance, Edmund was already a hundred paces away. Peter watched his brother running off to lead his own section of the army. It was then Peter realized that Edmund was no longer a boy. That's what was different now. The darkness he'd seen and suffered from by the White Witch had changed him. He was a young man, changed by staring into the face of evil, and having his soul stained by it. Peter couldn't help feeling so proud of his brother right now.

"Thank you, Ed." Peter said to himself before he turned to Oerius, "To battle we go, Oerius. For Narnia!"


The battle was fierce and bloody. Already the forces of good were pushed back into the rocks of Beruna. Peter had seen hundreds, if not thousands of his own army being utterly destroyed by White Witch's army. Even Oerius had fallen to Jadis herself. Now the Rear Guard were forced to engage in melee combat. That meant Edmund was now in the thick of battle.

Peter would look out as often as he could, and was always amazed at how Edmund was handling himself in battle. But still Peter knew this was a battle they would most likely lose. They were severely outnumbered by Jadis and her army. Even now, Peter could see Jadis making her approach toward him. It would not belong before she herself would vent her wrath upon him and what remained of his army. Peter could not abandon his army, but Edmund could.

"Edmund! There's too many! Get out of here!" Peter yelled, barely managing to get Edmund's attention, "Get the girls and get them home!"

Peter barely managed to yell out his command as two minotaur assaulted him. He ducked one minotaur's attack while running the other through with his sword. He gasped as fatigue racked his body, but took relief in the distant sight of Mr. Beaver leading Edmund away.

"Fall back!" Peter yelled, "Archers fall back and provide retreat cover for the infantry!"

Peter knew it would probably be too little, too late, but he had to try and save as many as he could now. He knew this battle was lost. He could see Jadis gaining ground toward him, but he could not run yet. He would not run yet. As long as his soldiers fought for him, he would fight with them.

"Back, you fiend!" Peter yelled as he ran his sliced off a wolf's head.

Peter found himself surrounded on all sides. Jadis's army were targeting him with their numbers. And Jadis herself was only moments away from him. Yet he fought as hard and valiantly as he could. His sword was in mid motion on it's way through a minotaur's heart when he was suddenly blinded by a brilliant white light. He turned to see Jadis's spear had been shattered by Edmund. The source of her power to freeze and destroy her enemies had been destroyed. Yet still she was a formidable enemy.

Peter screamed out as Jadis plunged the shattered spear into Edmund's torso. Edmund stared at Jadis in disbelief at first, and then acceptance, as if he knew this moment would come. He fell to the ground with a thud. Peter felt a surge of anger overwhelm him like never before. He ran his sword through his nearest enemy, before he ran at Jadis. He smashed away anyone who stood between himself and the White Witch.

With strikes that were fueled with utter rage, his sword smashed against the White Witch's two swords. He fought on instinct, blinded by his anguish and grief. His only thought now was to wipe Jadis from existence and end her reign once and for all. For Narnia, and for Edmund.

Peter fought her with all his might, dodging and swinging with anger more than precision. Yet Jadis was simply too strong and fast for him. He could barely block her attacks. She knocked him off his feet, slicing his cheek. He stood up and charged her again, refusing to give in. She taunted him with her cool demeanor, but he did not falter.

Both Jadis and Peter were suddenly distracted by the mighty roar of Aslan. And not just Aslan but thousands of reinforcements. Peter had little time to work out how Aslan was alive, for the White Witch was back on him in an instant. This time she fought even more ferociously than before. Peter fought with all his might, but she was simply too strong. She knocked Peter off his feet and thrust one of her swords through his arm. He screamed out in agony as he tried to shield himself from her free sword. She smashed his shield aside and readied for the death strike.

"Goodbye, Little King." Jadis said as she thrust her sword at Peter's neck.

Peter had almost resigned himself to death when he saw Aslan knock Jadis from her feet. By the time Peter pulled himself to his feet, Jadis was dead. Aslan had killed her and with her death, the battle quickly ended.

"It is finished." Aslan said with tired relief.

Peter let himself falter for the first time since the battle had begun. Yet his thoughts moved immediately to Edmund. He ran to where Edmund had fallen, and sure enough he was still there. To Peter's great relief, Edmund was still alive. Yet Peter knew Edmund was barely hanging on.

To Peter's great anger, Jadis's troublesome dwarf stood over Edmund with an axe high in the air. Peter ran at the dwarf and sent his sword flying through the air. It pierced the Dwarf's dark heart and sent him falling to his death.

Peter arrived at Edmund's side and looked down on his brother with tears in his eyes. He fell to his knees and quickly pulled Edmund into his arms. He could feel Edmund's body losing warmth, losing life.

"It's ok, Ed." Peter panicked as he held Edmund, "Lucy can save you, I have to get her! She must be here somewhere if Aslan is here."

"You're safe, Peter." Edmund said with a pained smile, "She … dead?"

"She's dead, Peter. Narnia is saved. I'm saved. Because of you. You have to wait for me, I have to find Lucy."

"No …" Edmund gasped, "It's too late. Don't go. Don't leave me. I don't want to die alone."

"Ed …" Peter cried, "It'll be ok. You'll be ok. It's all over now."

"You're right, Peter. It is ok. I knew this would happen. I had to … I had to, Peter. But you still never told me. You never said it. The others did. But not you. Please, Peter. Forgive me?" Edmund struggled to say between gasps, "Please Peter. Forgive me."

"What?" Peter said in disbelief, "Whatever are you on about, Edmund?"

"Please, Peter. Forgive me."

"Forgive you? Ed … don't talk like that. You just wait for Lucy. She'll be here. She's coming!"

"Say it!" Edmund cried, "Please, Peter. Please say it. Say you forgive me."

"Oh Ed … of course I forgive you." Peter cried as he held Edmund's limp body, "I forgive you, Ed. Can you forgive me?"

"I'm sorry. So … sorry, Peter." Edmund said weakly, "So sorry. I … always fail you. But look on the bright side."

"What bright side, Ed?"

"I can't fail you again …" Ed gasped as the life began to flow from his body, "And you forgave me …"

Peter began shaking his head uncontrollably as the life drained from Edmund's eyes. His body fell limp in Peter's arms. Edmund was dead.

"No, Ed! No!" Peter cried as he buried his face in Edmund's chest, "Don't leave me, Ed! Ed, I understand now. I'm sorry! Please don't leave me, Ed!"

Peter screamed out in anguish as he held Edmund's lifeless body. He screamed in anger and rage as he rocked Edmund's body in his arms. He couldn't believe what his own eyes were telling him. He couldn't believe his brother was dead. He couldn't believe the true source of his inspiration had left him. Edmund was dead.

Lucy arrived a few minutes later, but Peter knew she was too late. He sat there numb as Susan checked Edmund and Lucy tried in vain to get him to drink from her vial. The three of them sat in tearful silence as their brother lay lifeless in Peter's arms.

As Aslan approached them, Peter felt his face stiffen in anger. He wanted to scream at the Great Lion, but he knew inside that Aslan was not to blame for Edmund's death. There was no one to blame … but himself. Aslan was right all along. Peter was Edmund's only hope, but he acted too slow. He had waited too long.

"I am sorry, Peter. I am sorry, Susan. I am sorry, Lucy." Aslan said with a heavy heart, "Edmund has fallen because he believed there was no other way for him to be redeemed. Only one had the power to give Edmund the belief that he could live and still have redemption. Unfortunately, they realized this too late. Such is the way of things."

"Who, Aslan?" Susan demanded, "Who could have saved him?"

"I could have, Su." Peter said numb with grief, "I could have saved him before this battle had even begun."

"There is nothing more to be done here. Lucy, there are many wounded who need you." Aslan said as he breathed on one of the many frozen statues, "As there are many who need me. Peter, do not grieve for Edmund. He has peace now."

Peter sat for what seemed like hours while the world rushed by around him. Susan and Lucy tended to the wounded. They grieved for Edmund, but they knew there were tasks for them to complete, and many who needed their aid. Peter on the other hand, had served his time in battle. And though he had wounds of his own that needed tending to, he still could not bear to let Edmund free from his arms. Day turned to night, his muscles grew weary, and his body began to falter. Yet Peter continued to hold Edmund. Even when others begged him to let Edmund be taken away, he would not move. Finally when fatigue overtook him, he let Edmund go. By the time he awoke the next morning, Edmund's body had been taken away. Now he was truly alone.


Author's Notes - This fic was done as a challenge. I don't usually write fics like these, and I was challenged to write one that would be sort of realistic involing Peter and Edmund. This is my first Narnia fic. It was set in the movieverse. As you can tell, it sort of followed the movie right up until the end. The next chapter though goes off into it's own history, not the book's or the movie. It has at least one more part to it. I hope you enjoyed it.