Disclaimer: I don nott own Kyou Kara Maou; not much else to say about it.

Something I whipped up in Studies and Literature, a class that I am not actually taking. Seriously.

I cried Inside

Everyday a new pain emerges
I should accept the inevitable
He does not love me
It was a mistake to him
No matter what I do
Nor what I say
I always get pushed away
I die a little more
And I cry to myself

He is a cheater
If it were not true, if only
I would not mind so much
It is in his nature to be kind
If only it were just women
But the knife always twists
When he chooses Him over me
Dying a little more inside
And I cry silently again

Someday I will have the courage
To go up to him an say
I love you always
Remember if you fall
Then I'll fall to
And then I will tell him
Every time you push me away
I died inside
I cried inside

And I'm waiting for more. . .