Authors Note:

Near the start of this chapter there is some reference to the ring of Amara. I know the ring of Amara was destroyed but it wasn't in my world. Hope this doesn't spoil the story.

Also thank you so much to my beta Chelsea for making my story presentable.

Chapter 1

It was a bright Sunday morning and Spike walked down the busy High street in Florida. Florida was nice at this time of year, it was summer and the sun was bright and warm. Spike could get used to this. He survived the battle with W&H and was now headed to find someone he had wanted to see for a long time. He was one of only a few who survived the huge battle and he was going to tell his tale one day. A beautiful ring placed carefully on his thumb he walked down the sidewalk with a golden tan forming on his previously pale skin

He was there for one reason. Buffy. You see the thing is that Buffy wasn't actually dating the Immortal she was just getting close enough to him so that she could kill him, and remove the threat that was the most dangerous vampire in Italy. After the Immortal was dead and some other VERY IMPORTANT EVENTS happened Dawn begged and begged to go back to America even though Buffy insisted that if they did that then all of the work she had put into killing the Immortal would have all been for nothing. But Dawn being Dawn she got her own way. So they were now all living happily in Florida and had been for four months. The whole gang was living nearby and most in the same neighborhood and that is why Spike was here. As he approached her door he began to get nervous.

"Come on man vamps don't get nervous you bloody coward," he said out loud. He got several strange and confused looks from passers by for this.

After about 10 minutes he finally got the bottle to knock on the door and did so in three loud, strong knocks. Knock, knock, knock.

"Dawn can you answer the door please," Buffy shouted from up

the stairs in a manner of fact way.

"Why do I always have to answer it?" Dawn complained from downstairs.

"Because I happen to be busy," stated Buffy as if ending the conversation. Dawn walked angrily to the door grumbling and moaning as she went and opened it with one fast swing. When she saw who was standing there she almost fainted and a shocked look appeared on her angry face soon changing from angry to happy. If someone had told her that this person would be at her front door today she would have laughed in his or her face. She was in utter shock.

"Hey nibblet. Been a long time." A big huge grin formed on Dawns lips

as he finished his words.

"So, I don't mean to sound rude, but can I come in?" He waited anxiously for an answer twiddling his thumbs as he waited.

"Yes sure. I'm sure Buffy will be ecstatic." Dawn blurred out the words in such a fast out of control way.

"Hey calm down nibblet. Nothing to go all crazy about." With these words Dawn calmed a little and began to relax.

"Hang on. Why aren't you burning up? No flames, no nothing and you're standing directly in the sun it's the middle of the day."

"Got myself a ring little bit. Helps me go out in the sun." Dawn immediately understood. Out of nowhere a small girl no older than 3, wearing a pretty pink skirt and a pearly white top with pink flowers on, came running up behind Dawn and bumped into Spike's leg falling to the ground with a thump.

Her face crumbled into sadness and hurt and she started weeping her big green eyes splashing with tears and her peach skin turning red with hurt and sadness. Spike knelt down and cupped the little girl's face, which stalled her crying as her big green eyes gazed up at the stranger in amazement. Spike felt very guilty for hurting the little girl even though it technically wasn't his fault.

"Don't cry nibblet. It was just a little tumble." The little girl smiled up at him her big green eyes freshly splashed with tears. Spike helped her to her feet and wiped the tiny little tears away from her face.

"So what did your mummy call you then?" The little girl cuddled into Dawns leg and hid her shy little face; all of a sudden she started to get scared of the stranger.

"It's okay kiddo." Dawn then looked up at Spike.

"She's a little shy with people she hasn't met before." Spike nodded understanding Dawns words. The child stood in front of Dawn and looked up at the kind stranger his blue eyes looking directly into her green ones.

He had seen those eyes before they belonged to someone familiar.

"Courtney." She suddenly blurred out. Spike loved her voice. It was like a summer breeze, soft but pleasant.

"She's 2. Well nearly 3 really. I'll just tell Buffy your here." Dawn picked up Courtney and put her down to play in the family room, which was cluttered with millions of little toys, before walking to the bottom of the stairs and shouting up for Buffy.

"Buff it's for you."

"For me?" Buffy's faint voice sounded from above Spike loved her voice he remembered it so well. He would have done anything to see her again.

"No one comes to the house for me anymore Dawn." She sounded so sad and depressed, must have been through a rough time.

"Really it is. Look just come down and see please." Dawn started to beg.

Before anything else could be said Buffy came slowly down the stairs. Before she reached the bottom she froze.

"Spike?" She descended the last step and then repeated. "Spike?" He knew it was happening even before she did. He rushed over and caught her just as she fainted into his strong arms. Worry spread across his face. Courtney came running in to see what was happening just as Buffy was coming around.

"Mummy." Spikes head shot up and his concerned face turned to shocked. Buffy couldn't be a mum. Could she?