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Chapter 7

Willow and Xander walked down the road hand in hand, one joining into the other as if one, both had smiles planted on their faces. Suddenly Willow broke away and merrily skipped a few paces down the sidewalk as Xander stood staring after her in amazement. Almost as quickly as she started skipping, she stopped again and waited for Xander to catch up to her, waving her hand for him to join her. Xander tilted his head and raised an annoyed looking eyebrow. There was no way in hell he was going to skip along the sidewalk. "Ow what the heck?" He said out loud. A sudden outburst of joy. Xander skipped along the sidewalk to join Willow an enormous grin on his face. He was totally enjoying this. He joined hands with Willow again and they both began happily skipping along the sidewalk.

"Would you bloody calm down love, nothing has happened to them." Spike exclaimed as Buffy paced the room in a total panic, Dawn and Courtney should have been home 15 minutes ago and Buffy was beginning to worry. "I'm going to go and look outside for them." "Oh come on love don't be ridiculous I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation of why they are late. They probably just lost track of time now will you calm down. Buffy get back in here now! Bloody woman." Spike rolled his eyes and walked out after her being careful to stay in the shade. "Buffy, love, please come in." He grabbed hold of her arm and motioned for the house. "Before I turn to dust could be good." He tilted his head. What the hell was she looking at? Buffy was in shock. She mimicked Spike's action and tilted her head. What the hell were they doing? It had to be a spell. Spike followed Buffy's gaze to where he saw the whelp and red 'skipping' down the sidewalk hand in hand. "Bloody hell what's gotten into them?" "That is an excellent question one that really needs an answer." Spike erupted into a fit of giggles. "Look at the bloody whelp. Well doesn't he look like a ponce?" Buffy rolled her eyes and walked out into the daylight to confront her curious friends, while Spike ran indoors to get the ring of amara and a camera. He needed a picture of this. He came running back out a big cocky grin on his handsome features. "Click." A flash went off in front of Xander pilling him out of his daydream. In front of him stood Buffy and a very amused looking Spike with a camera in his hand. "Sorry whelp but I got to ask. What the hell have you been drinking?" Xander shot him daggers and strode past him. "What? No more skipping?" "Don't start Spike." Willow ran after him with Buffy close on her heels. "Will. What's going on? You two are acting all couple like. Oh my god. Are you two together?" Xander stopped in his tracks and Willow almost fell over, while Spike's grin got even bigger. Boy this was going to be a long day.

When they got home everyone sat in the family room. An awkward silence filled the room and no one was speaking. All of a sudden the front door opened and in walked Dawn, Courtney at her heels. As soon as Courtney saw Xander and Willow she ran swiftly past Dawn to get to them tumbling on her way and landing in a heap on the floor. Spike's instincts kicked in and before anyone could even move was by her side bundling her up in is arms. "What happened there little bit?" Courtney sniffled and looked up into her fathers big blue eyes. Courtney suddenly remembered about Xander and Willow and wriggled to get free. Spike reluctantly put Courtney down and she ran open armed to her uncle and aunt. "Xana, Willo." "Hey sweetie, I haven't seen you in a while." Willow was much relived for the intrusion. She could tell Buffy fine but while Spike was there to take the piss was another story. She would have to take Buffy out somewhere and have the three of them like old times just hanging out. She would tell her then. Until then she wanted to play with her favourite niece. Abruptly Buffy stood up and walked huffily over to Dawn. "Why the hell are you so late? Do you have any idea how worried I was?" Dawn looked at her sister's angry face and wished she had never got Courtney that ice cream that had made them late. All of the other adults in the room looked over at Dawn sympathetically knowing what an angry Buffy was like. "Go easy on her love. Anyone can be late." Courtney looked up at her father as he spoke and jumped off Willows knee wanting to be bundled up in his strong arms again. "Daddy up!" She exclaimed as if a command once she reached his feet. Spike leaned down and picked up his daughter. She placed her head on his chest and turned to watch the argument brewing between her mum and aunt. "Well one. You shouldn't be yelling in front of your daughter and two. Court wanted and ice cream what was I meant to do e evil aunt Dawnie and say no?" Courtney chose this point to join in with the argument. "Mummy aunt Dawnie got me an ice cream. It had little colours on and monkey juice and was very yummy." Buffy's anger started to subside once her daughter began to get involved with the argument. She looked from her daughters happy face to Dawn's scared one and started to feel a tad guilty. "Fine. Just don't ever make me worry like that again. Okay?" Dawn smiled back at her sister. She knew she wouldn't be angry forever. Xander decided with everyone there it would be the best time to speak about this so they didn't have to repeat it. "Em guys. Me and Will have something to say."