This is an original story that's been on my mind for a really long time that I haven't been able to complete so I'm going to try to.

Disclaimer: I only claim ownership of four characters in this story, everyone else is just blah to help with the story.

Tears of White Night

Chapter 1: Warmth of Snow

His first memory was that of seeing nothing but white. If he were conscious, the sleeper would have thought that he was dreaming…except it wasn't a dream. But he hardly felt anything in his dreary state and tried to make sense out of it but his mind seemed sluggish, as if he were underwater without needing to breathe. Time lagged on as he slowly stood up to examine his surroundings. He was standing at the bottom of a rather large crater, and for some unknown reason the snow that fell around him never seemed to fill up the hole that came out of the blue. Now that he thought about it…what was he doing here? What is "here"? More importantly…

"Who am I?" He whispered in a voice that hadn't been used in ages. It felt like tasting something that seemed familiar but that memory faded before he could fully remember. "What…am I doing here…? Where am I…?" He asked the wind and snow.

But there were no answers to his questions. Only silence greeted him. For some reason he didn't feel cold, just empty…and confused…and a little alone. He was uncertain of what to do but something inside told him that staying here was not a good idea. With that in mind, he began to walk forward and nearly fell down due to lack of using his legs. Taking time to get familiar with moving his limbs he began moving again and managed to walk forward a few steps before finally falling down.

For a while he didn't move, and unknown to him tears began to fall from his eyes. He felt angry, upset about being in an unfamiliar place with no idea of why he was there of what happened before he lost his memory. The rage continued to pile up without restraint and then he threw back his head and howled to the cold, gray sky raining snow down upon him. The sad sound echoed throughout the mountain range and with his energy suddenly spent in mere seconds, he collapsed into cold reality and ceased all thought and motion to drift in silent slumber. The last thing he saw before passing out were a pair of eyes watching him fall. Eyes that seemed familiar…

The young man laid another blanket over the still form of the Lupe he managed to drag into the cave and finally sat down with a sigh. It had been only a hour since he'd arrived on Terror Mountain and here he was in the Snowager's cave with two petpets and an unconscious Lupe for company. The great icy serpent had left a few minutes ago to get some fresh air, promising to return shortly. Now that he thought about it, the human haven't known he possessed such a ability like that. Currently he knew some elemental magic and to use a staff but communication wasn't part of his studies. After thinking upon it for awhile the human decided to worry about the present and watch over the Lupe placed in his care. At least there were a lot of items that can be used while he was here. The human made a mental note to repay the Snowager for every item he used.

"Bleu, how is he?" The young man asked a Faerie Anubis, who wore a purple scarf instead of a golden collar like most of her species.

"Hmm, he seems to be awfully tired," the petpet said with a doctor's wisdom. "Apparently he must have passed out in the snow before we came along. I daresay he was lucky that you found him…and her." The last bit was directed at an Angelpuss rapidly flying around in circles around them. The human had found the angelic kitten buried not too far from the Lupe thanks to Bleu's assistance and now here he was in a huge cave with one Neopet and two petpets. Joy.

The Lupe began to groan slightly and the young man snapped to attention. Kneeling over the blue colored canine, the human asked gently, "Hey, are you okay? Can you hear me?"

"Y-yeah…" One violet eye opened to gaze at the human with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. The Lupe himself was a mystery, wearing ragged clothing with many bandages all over his body including his right eye.

The human sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. I've found you about a few hours ago in the snow and managed to carry you here. I'm Rei Sakura, what's your name?"

The Lupe blinked at the name. Sakura? Why did that sound so familiar? His one eye saw a figure a little shorter than himself with black hair tied back, a green turtleneck sweater and blue jeans. While Rei seemed harmless enough, the Lupe felt a strong, yet peaceful aura emanating from him.

"I…my name is Sirius…" the blue furred individual said quietly as he slowly stood up, barely making eye contact with Rei.

The human smiled behind his orange colored sunglasses and nodded. "Nice to meet you Sirius." He then pointed to the petpets. "This is Bleu the Anubis and that's Miyuko flying over there. Bleu's always been with me and I just found Mi-Chan soon after I found you on this mountain."

The Lupe nodded slowly and took in his surroundings. Great piles of multiple items were everywhere; toys, weapons, food…a treasure hoard to say the least. Just seeing it was enough to take his breath away.

"Um…where are we?" he asked Rei, slightly nervous. "Are all these things yours?"

The human blinked and laughed softly. "Me? Oh, no. All this belongs to the Snowager. I asked her for help once I found you and Miyuko outside of the cave. She just went out for a walk but she'll be back soon. Once she returns we can be on our way. Where do you live?"

"I…" Sirius pored over his brain and found nothing but a white haze. "I…don't know. All I remember is that I awoke somewhere around this place but that's all I know. I'm lucky to remember my name…if it is really my name."

"Oh," Rei's cheerful face darkened slightly into a thoughtful frown. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

The Lupe shook his head. "Forget about it. I'm just glad to be alive right now. All I want to do now is just take it easy."

"Okay," the human replied quietly as he stared at his hands, feeling ashamed for bringing up a sensitive subject but the Lupe's words made him feel a little bit better. He wondered what to do when a soft roar could be heard from outside the cavern entrance.

Moments later a large serpentine creature slithered through the mouth of the cave and quietly stood before Rei and growled in greeting. The human smiled and nodded in reply and was about to say something when a frightening growl was heard before a bluish blur fiercely struck the Snowager.

The icy serpent roared as Sirius dealt a swift blow to her side and reflexively thrashed at the Lupe with her great tail. The Lupe instantly blocked the blow and used the tail to twirl her around with unbelievable strength and speed and then threw her towards the wall where a large crater appeared and the cavern shook violently. Rei nearly fell to his knees from the vibrations as the petpets clung to him in fear. The human couldn't believe what was happening, only moments ago the Lupe was talking to him normally as one could be and then he became a violent thug. He couldn't understand what was going on, everything was happening so quickly.

As the Snowager moaned in pain, Sirius was in front of her in an eye-blink. With just one paw he lifted her up by the neck and began to choke her. The serpent growled and thrashed but her actions were for naught as the Lupe's hold on her throat held firm. Slowly she felt the pangs of agony and defeat as her vision began to dim.

"Stop it!" The Lupe ceased his hold on the great snake and turned to face Rei holding out his hands with a small red light glowing from his palms.

"Sirius," the human began in a different voice than before that hinted of danger. "I don't know what's your problem but I advise you to stop hurting the Snowager. Heaven help me if you don't let go of her this instant!"

The blue Lupe narrowed his eyes in confusion as he watched the human, his steel grip on the Snowager slackening somewhat. There was something about Rei's eyes that made him nervous. Not wanting to test his strength against the human's anger, Sirius backed away carefully after he released the Snowager.

In an instant, Rei was at the serpent's side with both hands touching the cold, scaly skin. The human began to glow with a pale blue light as droplets of water fell from the air and landed on the Snowager, gradually healing her wounds.

Sirius watched with shock and amazement as Rei poured every bit of energy he could spare in his healing spell until the dark purplish bruises faded into nothing. Nearly spent, the human allowed his arms to fall to his sides with a heavy sigh. Then he swiftly turned to the Lupe with an angry glare.

"What in the name of Neopia made you act like that?" The human shouted with barely restrained rage. "The Snowager gave us permission to rest from the snowstorm and you just had to hurt her so badly! I've never been anyone with such unreal strength in my entire life! Just who are you?"

"I... don't know," Sirius mumbled quietly. "When I saw her my body just acted on its own like it was scared or something..."

"That's it?" Rei's expression was that of sheer and utter disbelief. "You went and thrashed our benefactor out of fear?"

When the Lupe failed to reply, the young man threw his hands up in exasperation. "Forget it, it's pointless to continue this conversation. All I ask is that you stay out of trouble and don't pull any stunts like that again, alright? Later." With that, Rei bid farewell to the Snowager and promptly left the cave with the winged petpets flying after him.

Once out of the mountain cave, Rei sighed deeply as he began his trek home. His mind was still fuming over what that Lupe did and it bothered him greatly. Sirius was like a child in some ways in spite of his appearance, which confused the young man but he shrugged it off since he didn't plan to meet the blue Lupe anytime soon.

Fate however, had a different plan in mind.

"Um, Rei?"

The human turned to face his winged Anubis companion. "Yes Bleu? What's the matter?"

"He's following us."

It took only a fraction of a second for Rei to figure out just exactly "who" was trailing after him in this environment at this time of day. Wonderful.

"Just pretend that you don't know he exists. Maybe then he'll leave us alone." Rei suggested to the Anubis and continued his walking, with a slight increase in speed.

The blue winged canine nodded in reply. After a few minutes though, she chanced a quick glance back and whispered urgently, "He's still there. What do we do?"

"Hold on tight." That simple command was the only warning Bleu and Miyuko got before Rei began to run as if his life depended on it.

The two petpets hung on for dear life as the human literally tore through the snowy landscape on invisible wings. He didn't even bother to pause for breath as he sped through the air and happened to glance over his shoulder to witness a sight that would not be forgotten for a long time to come.

The Lupe was running on all fours as he sped through the chill breeze right one Rei's heels. Though he wasn't using magic like the human was, the lupine was doing amazingly well on his own.

Rei expressed shocked at this, but quickly regained his focus as he ran at top-speed through the snowy landscape to get away from the Lupe but his plan began to deteriorate as Sirius drew steadily closer. As if things weren't strange enough as they were.

"Hey, wait up! I just want to talk!" The lupine shouted at the human, who promptly ignored him. "Come on, just hear me out okay?"

The young man didn't bother to reply, instead he ran faster with the wind to gain some speed.

Growling deep in his throat, Sirius redoubled his efforts to match his pace with Rei's and managed to get within five feet before suddenly feeling a heavy resistance that struck him with the force of a giant hammer and then falling unconscious in mere seconds.

When the Lupe crashed into thick stony mountainside, the human gradually slowed down to see Sirius fall backwards into the cold after knocking himself out. He was about to go on his way when a small sound was heard over the cold, cold wind. Curiosity getting the better of him, Rei slowly walked towards the Lupe and froze upon the spot.

Sirius had regained consciousness, sat up, placed his head on his knees and covered his face with his arms. The sound came again when the Lupe's body shook for a moment before settling down again, only to repeat the process. Rei was simply astounded; this mere Lupe that wore tattered clothing, carried an attitude and possess enough strength to duke it out with the Snowager…was crying. All this because Rei refused to hear him out and then the Lupe accidentally crashed into the mountainside. With his power it seemed hard to hurt the guy but apparently the insides weren't as tough as the outsides. The knowledge made the human's heart sink faster than a raindrop on a cloudy day.

Heaving a sigh and shaking his head, Rei quickly walked over to the Lupe and held out a blue handkerchief. "Here."

Hearing the human's voice, Sirius glanced up in surprise and saw the offered cloth. "What's that for?" he asked quietly, traces of sorrow on his face.

Sighing again, Rei knelt down and gently dried the Lupe's tear-stained face. The Neopet was too surprised to protest as the young man carefully attended to him. In less than a minute the task was done and the human stood back up, putting away the handkerchief. "Alright, now I'm listening to you. What is it that you want to tell me?" He asked the Lupe, crossing his arms.

"Um…" Sirius murmured as his mind fought to regain stability. "Right after you left, that giant ice creature wanted me to give this to you." The Lupe held out a long bundle heavily wrapped in cloth that he had strapped to his back. Taking the offered gift, Rei slowly unwrapped the item until a sheathed sword was revealed in his hands. Gingerly removing the weapon from its protective case, a gleam of pale blue steel shone before the human as he examined the icy blade.

"Whoa," The Lupe whispered in complete awe. "What is that thing? It's cool…and kind of cold."

Even thought the situation was supposed to be serious, the young man can't help but to smile a little at the unintended pun. The mirth faded from Rei's face as he closely examined the weapon. It was a sword, easy enough to realize without a doubt. But he answered Sirius' question regardless of the unease he was feeling at that moment. "It's an Ice Scimitar, a blade of ice." The human replied patiently. "Not too rare or powerful, but since it's a gift I'll be keeping it out of respect for the Snowager." So saying, the young man carefully sheathed the weapon and placed it inside his bag. After checking to see that Miyuko and Bleu were alright, Rei turned to leave.

"Hey! Wait!"

Surprised by the sudden cry, the human turned to see the Lupe running towards him again with an impatient stance. "What is it now? I paid attention to you before so now we're even. Don't you have better things to do?"

The blue canine shuffled his hind paws for a moment before he asked nervously, "Well, where are you going?"

The answer came from a calm face that lacked any obvious sign of emotion. "Home."

Sirius blinked momentarily and then pretended interest at the fragments of white cold falling from the heavens. "Oh, okay." He mumbled quietly, feigning boredom.

Though they haven't known each other for more than a few hours that day, Rei could easily recognized the signs of pain and loneliness that can only be found within a grieving heart. He knew the consequences weren't going to be pleasant, but it didn't feel right for the Lupe to be left out here in the cold…

"Want to come along?" Rei calmly asked the blue canine as if it were a normal thing to do.

Sirius ceased his bitter attitude to stare at the human in front of him. His mouth was open to ask a question but no sound came out.

"No I'm not kidding around here, I doubt you would want to stay here for long anyways. Come on, let's get going." With that, Rei walked off into the distance and silently beckoned for the Lupe to follow. Not wanting to be left behind, Sirius trotted after the human with a hint of a smile on his face.


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