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Tears of White Night

Chapter 4: In Another World

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Jedit found himself at a loss for words as he stared at the massive structure. While he did travel through parts of Neopia such as the spooky Haunted Woods (he never wanted to go there ever again), the heated sands of the Lost Desert (brought fragments of nostalgia), Roo Island (the games were quite fun to play) and the ever-bustling city of Neopia Central (the mere thought boggled his mind). Though he finally made it back to his second home, the Kougra had yet to see a building such as this. Even the castle of Meridell paled in comparison to size.

His friend's Rei's home stood tall and proud protected by stout walls of stone with the mountains that he himself traversed in order to find the cherry blossom tree he was searching for ever since his journey began. He, the Lupe called Sirius and Rei walked through the back entryway past the regal looking gardens into large hallways of marble and colors. Even though he stood taller than his companions the feline felt greatly out of place in such a majestic dwelling obviously hinting of wealth.

"Come on, we better find Bleu and Miyuko before the servants start looking for us," The pale haired young man reminded them with a smile and hurried past bright, stain-glassed windows down the hall. Sirius, the silver Lupe's violet eyes briefly glancing at him, dashed after Rei leaving Jedit to run in order to keep up. Soon, they found a large crowd of servants, guards and maids frantically chasing a chipper white Angelpuss who was chirping with glee at the thrill of the chase. Upon spotting the three males watching the spectacle, she mewed happily and changed course for Rei. At the very last second, the petpet abruptly flew towards Sirius and immediately proceeded to hug his face. While the angelic kitten purred and the lupine grumbled, a Faerie Anubis fluttered towards Rei and landed on his right shoulder with a heavy sigh.

"I'm so glad to see you back home," Bleu began shortly after catching her breath. "Even if this wasn't the first time this happened the fact remains that Miyuko becomes increasingly difficult every time this happens! There must be another way…" She trailed off suddenly upon sight of Jedit. "Oh! I'm sorry… Wait a moment, Jedit?"


As one would expect at this sort of situation, both Kougra and Anubis passionately 'lunged' for one another and proceeded to tearfully embrace in a drama of love, happiness and reunion. Though he was deeply moved by the scene, Rei quietly bid the all the workers back to their jobs and helped to pry off Mi-Chan off Sei's face by offering a piece of candy as a distraction. With the others lost in their own worlds, the two finally had a moment to converse among themselves.

"Rei, are you sure this won't make our lives complicated?" Sirius asked tiredly, having his air supply blocked and returned so suddenly. "What if HE comes back and starts to go crazy again? Remember he didn't take it so well when I came here to live with you?"

The newly discovered spiritual being sighed sympathetically at the memory of what transpired half a decade ago. Upon seeing the wryly Lupe in ragged clothing, Byakuya had mistaken him for a villain and begun to attack with a barrage of offensive spells which Sirius had barely dodged with minimal injury. The elderly Bori only relented when Rei lost his temper for the second time in his life and quickly apologized to the young men. After a discussion over some tea, the arch mage agreed to the Lupe's staying at the mansion under the condition that Sirius served as a bodyguard to Rei. Since then, life for Rei had become happier along with the addition of Miyuko and Bleu in the family. Though Jedit didn't seem evil the young man silently worried over what he had just learned.

"He might, but I want to talk to him about what Jedit told us and figure out if it's all true." Reiki Sakura said at last. "We'll work it out somehow, but I don't really believe that Baku is a bad soul. Even if he's rarely around he works hard for my happiness. The least I can do is do the same for him without causing any problems."

'Wishful thinking' was the first thing that popped into the Lupe's mind though he wisely chose not to say those words out loud even if they hold some truth to them. He would hardly admit it openly, but Sirius didn't mind Jedit's arrival as long as it didn't mean trouble for them all.

"Fine, but let's not do anything we'll regret later on." The silver Lupe pointed out sternly before walking away. "And we better get ready for dinner soon. I don't mind eating but all that rules and etiquette stuff is such a pain to do."

"Okay Sei," Rei replied with a roll of his eyes and his knowing smile while informing Jedit and the petpets on what they had to do. After watching them chase after Sirius towards the bath, he walked upstairs into his room to change into more formal clothes.

One thing he soon discovered upon living in such an estate is that there were times when he could not avoid eating in the dining hall with manners to keep in mind and all that information. It was understood, even tolerated to a certain degree but the young man would never get used to such expectations! Just thinking about it hurt his mind.

Selecting a long sleeved, white silk shirt with a light blue vest and navy blue pants, Rei was ready to go. There were more fancier choices but he preferred to keep it simple whenever possible. Also the orange colored sunglasses were worn only when he went out of the household. Adjusting the silver ankh around his neck, he walked out of the room and down the stairs where he met up with Sirius, Jedit, Bleu and Miyuko. The winged Anubis had a jeweled, golden collar won while the Angelpuss had a pink ribbon tied around her neck. Rei noticed with a raised eyebrow that the Lupe once again managed to get normal street clothes for the Shadow Kougra as well as himself. Sirius caught the look with a grin before he calmly escorted them towards the dining room where the kitchen staff and some other servants awaited around the long oaken table polished to a pleasant shimmer.

Escorted to opposite sides of the dinner table, Rei and the petpets on one side with Sirius and Jedit on the other, the meal soon began. After making certain that Bleu wasn't having trouble with Miyuko, the young man turned to the Kougra and Lupe. "Honestly Sei, first you tell me that we have to dress formally and only you two get to ignore that rule? Just how did you pull that off?"

"Simple really Master Rei," The Lupe replied with a grin once again after biting into some bread. "I just told them that if they were to bother our fine furred friend here in any way, you'll blow your top like you did with the Lord of the house. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I mildly implied it."

I'll bet, the neatly dressed adolescent thought while sipping at his tea. Why am I not surprised? Then Rei gave his attention to Jedit. "So Jed, how are you feeling? I'm sorry if it's a bit sudden to deal with all these new things so quickly. Even I'm not completely used to it by now."

"Um, it's no big deal really." The Kougra replied while rapidly eating any dish that came his way without causing a ruckus of any sort miraculously. "But thank you a lot for the food, I haven't gotten the chance to eat that much before I came here."

Rei nodded in understanding. Before they came home he had given all the food in his bag to Jedit and the striped feline consumed them all, minus any packaging that happened to be protecting the consumables before their final departure. He had a feeling this would happen due to the curse Jedit was under so he thoughtfully gave the servants some warning before the meal began. In spite of how nervous he felt, Miyuko didn't create any major messes like before and no one even bothered to be suspicious of the newcomer. So far so good…

"Well it's good to see that you're doing alright." The young man said politely and paused to pass Miyuko a plate of fruit decorated in sugar threads just for her. "Baku's not here though, so we have to wait before I'm informed of his arrival. Until then, let's take it easy for now."

No one had any complaints with that and dinner resumed without anymore incident, not even when dessert came out. After preparing for bed the five camped out in Rei's room with the two petpets already in their pajamas and fast asleep. The boys in shirts and sweat pants stayed up talking and watching Rei use what were called Tarot cards to divine some part of their lives. Sirius was told that he had a challenge in the future and he should be cautious while Jedit was reminded of what he had been through and what he could do. For Rei…

"So for the past I got the Death card upright." He announced quietly. "There's truth to that, since I'm in another world loosely speaking and what I learned about in my past." Though he was thoughtful, the others seem to be scared for him. Fortunately this was in the past. "And for the present it's the Judgement, Jedit's story proves to be true again."

Drawing the card for the future was the upright Strength card, meaning that any problems faced can be solved only if Rei really wanted to, and he did. The card for advice was the World card in the upright position. He was informed that while being careful, his goal could possibly be within reach: so thinking positive and with temperance would be the right thing to do at that point.

"Okay, now's the time for us to get some sleep." The would-be fortuneteller told his audience seriously and went to put away his Tarot deck before putting the covers over him on the Zen Bed and turning off the lamp when Sirius and Jedit lied in their respective places on the couch and makeshift futon before falling asleep.

While the others slept, the Kougra lingered awake thinking how lucky he was to see his old friend again. He hoped that things would work out, not wanting to be alone again. This time, he thought quietly before closing his eyes. I won't hurt him again. From now on I'm going to be honest with myself, I owe it to both of us.

Outside the window, a waxing moon shone brightly in the night sky. Only heaven knows at this point what lies in store for all of them.


I happen to own a deck of Tarot cards so I was reading off some info that seemed appropriate to the story from the booklet. I apologize if some of the stuff I wrote isn't correct. Also I'm sorry for not updating in a long time since I had schoolwork to deal with and all that. But if I'm right, I should be updating a little more often now so please excuse my randomness if any comes up.