A black velvet cloak was lying on the floor, two crystal shoes in the chair and a lonely girl in the bed.

Her curly brown hair was arranged in a ceremonial way. She was crying, her heart had been broken by a very close friend.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. She yelled to leave her alone but the person just ignored it and walked in.

'Hermione, I'm sorry. I couldn't pretend I did not know!' a man's voice said. The lonely girl looked up to her friend, tears coming down her face.

'You didn't tell me everything, Harry. What else are you hiding from me?' Hermione sat on the bed and looked firmly at her best friend.

Harry sat as well and looked for words to tell her the big secret.

'Today when you were going to be married... I found out something about your fiancé. He is not who you believe he is. He's a ... he's a vampire.'

'Yes, that I KNOW! What else?' she argued.

'He was the one who killed Ron on the belief that you were his soul mate.'

'WHAT?' she stood up and thought about what Harry told her in the middle of her wedding.

He just walked in in the middle of the wedding saying that Rudolf was a vampire (the wedding was in a non-religious place) and that he had cheated on her.

Hermione had seen the truth in his eyes and ran away to her room where they were at the moment.Ron had been her love for over three years before they left school and, after Harry killed Voldemort, they had been lovers and were considering marriage. However, one day a letter came and Hermione felt as lonely as she had ever been.

Ron had been killed in a Auror's job which he and Harry were doing. Harry told her that Ron had gone hunting a murderer while he saved the villagers. He just realised Ron was dead when he heard a wild scream in the night.

Hermione's life changed from that day forward. Harry became her best friend and Rudolf had came into her life three months after Ron's death.

Harry didn't liked him but Hermione thought it was because of Ron that Harry didn't like Rudolf. He told her several times that she was moving to fast in her relationship with Rudolf... Four months later Rudolf proposed and Hermione accepted.

Now that she thought of it, she had never seen Rudolf during the day and he had some weird behaviors at certain times of the month...

'Why? Why me, Harry? Now that I thought I'd found love...' she hugged her friend in an attempt to find comfort and solace. Harry put his hand in her hair and breathed her perfume deeply. It hurt him to think his Hermy was crying because of what he said, but it was the truth. He had investigated Rudolf's past. He was his friend's murderer.

'I'm sorry, little baby...I'm so sorry' he pleaded to her caringly. They sat on the bed in the same position, him hugging her, comforting her for everything that had happened to her in the last two years.

Finally Hermione fell asleep in Harry's arms. He placed her carefully in the bed and covered her with a warm cover. He picked up his black velvet cloak from the floor and wondered how it had gotten there.

He opened the door and gave a last look at his little baby (as he called her in dark moments to calm her since her parents and Ron's deaths).

'Bye, Hermy. I'm sorry, my little baby.'


As she opened her eyes, she saw a man sitting near her. His red hair in front of his eyes and his face pale. 'Ron?' Hermione sighed, the man turned his face to see her and she felt scared, for she saw her dead love near her. She stood up and moved to hug him but she passed through the man.

No, it was not Ron. For a second she saw him and the next he was gone.

It was time...she was going to talk about it to Harry. She was going back.

She had a bath and dressed in a simple white shirt and black trousers. She fixed her hair, put on her make-up and stared at her blood shot eyes in the mirror. In spite of everything, she was not sorry for not marrying and was not angry with Rudolf because she knew what she was going to do. She was going back.


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