Uncovering the Magic

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Two people stood on a hill, overlooking the ruins that was once Sunnydale. Willow had, they assumed, screwed up the spell. They knew because instead of unlocking all the potentials' power, she unlocked Dawn's. Dawn had fought in the battle underground with the ubber-vamps and killed countless amounts with her powers throught being The Key, but in the end, it had been the Slayer who once again saved the world, taking her life and the life of her friends with it. There was no one left. No one except for these two. Who would have thought that out of everyone, witch, slayer, demon that these two would be the ones. The survivors.

"Let's go" The man rumbled, slipping an arm around the woman's waist.

"Where can we go?" She murmurred.

"Home" He replied, guiding them to a nearby car.

"Home is where your heart is" The woman laughed, "Do I have a heart?" She started sobbing, "Do I, Spike?"

The man gazed deeply into her eyes, "Yes, Nibblet, you do. You just need to remember it."

Dawn collapsed into Spike's arms while sobbing. She didn't hear him murmur.

"You'll always be my heart"