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Chapter 3: A strange recruitment

There was a short silent and Rock cleared his throat.

'' Ye ... Yes let him in ''

'' Understood ''

He put the phone down and took his head in his hands. The reproaches of the others

Marducks, it was okay. The questions of the press, he could handle it ... But the anger

Of his father was something Rock could never take.

Sensuka had been walking for a couple of minutes now when she decided to sot down on a bench in what seemed to be a park in this great city. The temperature in Metropolis was way hotter than where she came from, and the city was way bigger as well. She laid her head back and watched the sky. So blue, so clear ... It was a pleasure to her just to be there, breathing fresh air. She didn't get out from the orphanage often when she was living there. It was like they were permanently grounded. Sensuka got lost in her memories for a few seconds but she shook her head and got up to pursue her travel. The Marduck's quarter was not too far now. She knew it by the plan she had brought when she arrived here. 15 minutes later, her heart beat accelerated while she climbed the stairs of this great building that she wanted to penetrate for years...

'' This is outrageous! I didn't place you in charge of security to hurt people, but to protect them! ''

'' Sir, I ... ''

'' Speak only when spoken to! ''

A fine drop of sweat ran down Rock's tample. And it was not because of the weather or his heavy red sweater that composed his Marduck's uniform. He was so much used to saying that phrase than to hearing it.

'' I succeeded in preventing the parents of the boy to not pursue the Party. But if I didn't, could you imagine what the consequences would have been? ''

Duke Red made a pose just to let an uncomfortable silence take place in the office. Rock didn't dare say word of course and kept watching his feet. His step father sighed roughly and continued.

'' This is my Party, and I won't let you destroy my life's work. ''

'' I'm sorry father ... ''

'' What about Major Dereck? '' Duke Red growled. The typical '' son to father '' conversation was the thing he mostly avoided with Rock.

'' He's been retrograded. He will be soon assigned to the prevention area '' Rock slowly answered

'' Humph, the boy's parent would surely prefer him to be cut off but, it will be fine. ''

The silent took place one more time. Rock was about to say something when the phone rang once again. The young boy muttered something to himself before he answered.

'' What is it? ''

'' Sir. I have a girl here ... She wants to know about the recruitment... ''

'' A girl? '' Rock asked amused.

'' Yes ''

He sighed and answered

- '' I'll be right there ''

'' Understood ''

He put the phone down and turned to his father who said.

'' I was about to leave, anyway. ''

'' Ok. ''

Duke Red opened the door, followed by Rock who closed it. They both went down the stairs to the main hall in total silence, which obviously made Rock more uncomfortable. When they arrived there, the leader of the Marducks immediately spotted the girl that he was coming to see but he didn't noticed that his Father spotted her too and that it cut his breath off.

Sensuka was watching around her with amazement. The Hall was not very big, but still it was gorgeous for her to be there. Her look was absorbed by a wall which was full of News paper reports and some title were catching her attention such as ; '' Duke Red finally set his Party up '' , '' Rock is named Leader of the Marduck party '' or even '' The Marducks saves the situation once again '' and '' Marducks : Politic or Vigilantly ? ''

Sensuka frowned. But when she heard foot steps, she turned around and saw a brown haired boy, around her age, walking with an older man who was watching her strangely... Sensuka cleared her troath while the young boy was catching up with her. That's when she noticed he was taller than her and that his look, which was hidden behind a pair of shades, seemed strict and serious.

'' Well, what can I do for you? ''

'' Hum I ... My name is Sensuka. ... Are you the one in charge here? ''

'' We can say that. I'm Rock ...''

' Rock ... He's the one from the news paper ' She thought

'' And I am Duke Red, the founder of this party '' The tall man interrupted.

He had strange curly blond hair and Sensuka thought he really looked like a Rooster!

He tends his hand to her and smiled gently. Sensuka shook his hand shyly and smiled back.

'' Oh, I'm pleased to meet you. ''

Duke Red slowly let her hand go and kept watching her. Sensuka was feeling strange and confused, in fact she didn't know to who she was supposed to make her request, and the nostalgic look of that man intrigued her.

'' It has been said that you wanted to know about the recruitment? '' Rock asked.

'' Yes. '' Sensuka took her courage with both hands and said. '' I want to apply to join the party ''

Some Marducks present in the Hall laughed out but they immediately stopped when Rock shot them a cold look from behind his sunglasses, thought he found the situation quite unusual himself!

'' Well , you ... ''

'' Well it would be a pleasure to count you among our recruits! '' Duke Red cut.

Rock watched him incredulously, so did Sensuka. She wasn't sure if he was joking, but she risked...

'' Are you serious, Sir? ''

'' Of course I am, my dear! ''

Sensuka didn't know what to say. But Rock objected.

'' Sir, if you don't mind I ... '' But he was cut once again.

'' Rock, would you gave our guest her assignment formula, or should I do it myself? ''

Rock didn't answer anything, it was just happening all so fast. The recruitment procedure weren't that simple.

'' Well, I suppose I will have to! Now dear, follow me if you please. ''

Sensuka gave Rock a questioning look before she followed the man up the stairs. Rock catched the young girl look and he figured out the whole thing...

Her light brown hair, the way they were curling around her ears. And above all; her emerald green eyes ... She was just like Tima

To be continued

Seriously, Duke Red's hair cut really look like a rooster to me! lol