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Konoha's Demon Fox

Chapter 1: Make Me Strongest!

All was calm in Konoha, despite the circumstances. Civilians and participating ninjas of the final chuunin exams flocked across the village, getting ready for the show, though it was still three weeks until the final exams.

Sitting atop the Hokage Monument sat Naruto, the "fox demon-child". He had finished his small training with the pervert sannin, and had taken a walk through the village. That was his first mistake. Too tired to pretend to be happy and care-free, Naruto was left unshielded from the cold stares and insults that were aimed at him. Now that he was sitting on top of the fourth's head, all those faces and words were taking their toll on his mind.

'Why can't they see that I am my own person?'

'Because they are human fools.' Kyuubi answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'I refuse to believe that, Kyuubi. Humans are understanding. They just need to be shown that I am one of them.' Naruto answered the fox back, not even realizing that this was the first time that they were able to talk to each other without Naruto going to Kyuubi's chamber.

'Don't you teammates do the same? And they don't even know about me. So foolish to hate someone for no reason. A human's mind, how disgusting!'

'Well, I'm human, too. So, am I disgusting as them?'

'…Kit, you're not human. Whenever you first used my chakra, you became something. Call it half-demon, if you want. You've noticed how different you move and feel, didn't you?'

Naruto frowned, 'How could I not? It's small, but noticeable. But half-demon? Well, it's not exactly the worst thing in the world, I guess. I'm going to go see my team, they can cheer me up.'

'….Be careful, kit.'

Sakura watched her great 'Sasuke-kun' as he trained with Kakashi in great fascination. When she looked at him, she saw greatness, beauty, and the greatest source of power that she had ever seen. It was the middle of the one month that they were give to prepare for the last stage of the exams, and she knew, without a doubt in her mind that Sasuke would be the best one there.

Who could doubt her logic if they were seeing what she was, and more importantly, what she wasn't. Most of the time when Sasuke and Kakashi were in the middle of a mock battle nothing could be seen, with the exception of a few blurs here and there. Not to mention that it has gone like this for several hours, yet they would not slow down.

Sakura was so caught up in the mock fight that she couldn't hear Naruto walk up casually beside her. Naruto looked at Sasuke and Kakashi and smirked. He could see every movement clearly, and could see that Sasuke could not keep it up much longer. There was too much fatigue in his steps. Looking to his side at Sakura, he noticed that she could not follow, "Kakashi-sensei is about to win, Sakura-chan."

Startled, Sakura clenched her fist tightly and punched Naruto as hard as she could on the jaw. The force of the hit made him skid a few feet before he stopped and looked at her with wide eyes. Oblivious to how she made him feel, Sakura glared, "Stupid Naruto! Quit being such a pervert! Sasuke-kun would kick your ass if he knew."

Naruto glared back at the mention of Sasuke, already greatly aggravated by all that happened that day so far. They were supposed to cheer him up, not this, "Yeah right! Sasuke-bastard doesn't even know you exist! What makes you think he even cares for you! At least I like you!"

Nice going, Naruto. Now she'll hate you forever… thought Naruto as he held his glare, determined to show her that he was serious this time. She WOULD see that Sasuke was just a bastard. As far as he was concerned, the sooner that she saw that Sasuke was not interested, the better. Then, she would finally move on.

Sakura had different thoughts, "You're just jealous! You're mad that Sasuke is stronger than you, and he's actually wanted on this team! No one would even care if you were gone!"

Sakura's eyes went wide when she said that, and she clasped her hand over her mouth. She knew how much Naruto valued friends, and what she just told him showed that she wasn't his. That's not true, though. Naruto really is my friend.

Naruto stared at her in shock, before they narrowed. For a brief moment, he knew that they had changed from their bright blue to his crimson pair with slitted pupils, before flickering out. Kakashi and Sasuke walked up and looked an enraged Naruto, then to Sakura, who looked like she just said the most insulting thing in the world. Naruto didn't care, "FINE! If I'm not wanted here, then I'm gone! I quit this team."

With that, Naruto turned around and started walking back towards the village. He didn't get far before Sakura shouted, "Naruto, wait! I didn't mean what I said. Don't go."

Sasuke, not know that most of the argument was started by the mention of him, grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and spun him around and smirked, "Whatever Sakura said, forget it. Don't quit this team, dobe."

Before Sasuke could even see it with his sharingan, Naruto's fist collided with Sasuke's stomach. As Sasuke fell to his knees, Naruto gave Sakura a wicked grin, "By the way, Sasuke isn't stronger than me. Since Kakashi decided to train only Sasuke, I had to find a new sensei. One MUCH stronger."

Kakashi looked lazily at Naruto, mildly interested in who had trained Naruto, "Who?"

Instead of answering, Naruto raised his thumb to his mouth, and nit it hard enough to draw blood. Kakashi's visible eye went wide as Naruto went though the seals, making Naruto smirk. Drawing on some of the energy he got from the Kyuubi earlier that day at the canyon, Naruto slammed his hand down on the ground, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

There was a puff of smoke, and the remaining members had to raise their glance as high as they could to see Naruto standing atop of a giant toad, who was smoking a pipe. Naruto was glaring down at them, with his arms folded across his chest. Finally, Naruto turned his attention to the toad, "Let's go, Gama-Bunta. Take me to Konoha."


As Naruto and the giant toad took off, Sakura and Sasuke turned to Kakashi, both asking question. However, Kakashi didn't pay attention. He was stunned. Naruto did indeed get a better sensei. The only one who could teach him to summon the frogs was none other than Jiraiya, one of the legendary three sannin of Konoha. That wasn't the only thing that bothered him, though. One thought repeated itself over and over in his head like a mantra.

With those eyes and hair, he looks exactly like Yondaime-sensei when he used to stand on Gama-Bunta…


As soon as Naruto reached Konoha, he released the boss toad and started towards the hokage's office. Instead of just going as he went, the fox boy had a plan already forming in his mind. For it to work, however, he needed the hokage's permission to leave. From there, all he had to do was do the things he needed and get back in time for the chuunin exams.

With confidence, he walked strait past the ANBU guards, ignoring their shouts to stop. Once he opened the door to the hokage's office, he stepped inside followed by the guards, who stopped at the door and looked at the hokage for orders. Sandaime Hokage, who had been going through a large stack of forms, looked at Naruto, then to the ANBU guards. Sighing, he dismissed the guards and motioned for Naruto to sit down, who did.

Sarutobi looked at the boy in front of his desk, "I see that you seem to be in good health, Naruto. How have you been?"

Naruto relaxed against the chair, "Pretty good, actually. Kakashi-sensei had to use the month before the exams to train Sasuke to control the seal, so I got myself a new sensei. I've been learning a lot."

That statement made the hokage raise an eyebrow, "A new sensei? Who?"

Naruto smiled, "He said that he's an old student of yours, and supposed to be pretty famous, I guess. Jiraiya, of the legendary three, I think it was. I just call him Ero-Sannin."

Sarutobi smirked, "He's powerful. One of the best, Naruto. You really got lucky. Also, I see that you have already found his greatest weakness. Women. If you're really lucky, he might let in on some of his personal moves."

Grinning like an idiot, Naruto leaned forward a little bit, "He already has. I can summon Gama-Bunta. However, Ero-Sannin had to leave for a while. Had a mission, he told me, but I think he just went to peep at the hot springs. So, I'm stuck without a teacher."

"Well, Naruto, I am impressed. Summoning the toad boss is extremely difficult. However, as far as a sensei goes, I'm sure that Kakashi will be able to teach you a few good things."

Naruto frowned, trying to find the most formal way to tell the old man, "Hokage-Sama, I must confess. I acted rashly this morning after an argument between me and my team. In anger, I quit the team, though even now, I do not regret it. We did not work well as a team, and I was learning nothing."

Master Sarutobi sighed, "Naruto, this is most problematic. Without a team, not many people will hire a gennin to do a mission. What will you do?"

The fox boy smiled, "Well, with the exam in a little more than three weeks from now, all I really need to do is impress the judges enough to promote me. If I'm not promoted, then I'll join a team that loses a member to promotion or death. Although, with Gama-Bunta and a few of my high ranked jutsus, I'm sure that I can make the cut. I mean, how many gennin do you know that can summon a boss or make solid clones?"

"It is indeed impressive, Naruto. So, if you have this all covered, why come see me?"

Naruto stiffened for a second, before relaxing, "In truth, I could have just let you find all this out on your own, but I figured that I'd come visit and give you a break from paperwork. Though, I do expect you to do the same for me when I'm hokage."

Sarutobi laughed, "Ah, yes. I do admit that I hate doing it, but it's mostly all I can do in my old age. This break was greatly needed. You have grown Naruto, and in so little time, it's amazing. I relatively like talking to you like this. But, surely, there must be something that would bring you here?"

"Yes," replied Naruto, "I need your permission to leave the village for training until the exams. I would like to travel to Wave Country and visit the bridge builder and his family. Also, I have something in that town that I left and I think now is the time that I go retrieve it."

Sandaime Hokage thought for a moment, "I can't allow you to go that far for training, but we could get around that if you had a mission there, ne? Since you want to visit that town, the mission should fit right in. We were told it was a C-ranked mission, but it was really an A-rank. We were promised payment, and it's almost time for it to be paid. This shall be considered a B-rank task. I'll allow you three weeks to complete the mission. That way we both win, right?"

Naruto felt relaxed, "No harm in bringing back the payment. I'll take it."

With that, the hokage reached into his desk and pulled out an envelope, "Here's the details. Let's hope this goes smooth."

Naruto nodded as he took the package, and exited the office. On his way out, he passed right by Kakashi, who was heading in the direction of the hokage. Both pausing, they stared at each other, and Naruto smiled, "Hello Kakashi-san, what brings you here?

Kakashi sweatdropped, Already quit calling me sensei…, "Not much, Naruto-San, just came to check a few records on a shinobi I thought about earlier. You?"

Naruto raised the envelope and smiled slightly, "Going to go visit Tazuna and Inari as I get the payment for our A-rank mission. Thought I'd visit Haku and Zabuza's grave, as well."

"That's good, Naruto. Tell our friends hello for me, too," Kakashi paused and pulled out some money, "Do me a favor and buy incense to burn at the graves for me, will you?"

Naruto took the money, "I'll do that. So, how did Sakura and Sasuke react after I left?"

"Well, Sasuke is pretty pissed that you can summon Gama-Bunta. Then, Sakura feels sorry about telling you something that started all that. What did she say, exactly?"

Naruto frowned, "Just that I'm not her friend, then stuff along that line."

Kakashi paused, "I see. So, you planning to pick up what you left behind in Wave?"

Naruto smirked, "Hell, yeah! It's about time. Could have came in handy during the second exam."

"Well then, Naruto, I'll let you go now. Take care. Oh, before I forget, I might come by later tonight if I'm right about something, if that's okay."

"Sure thing. I'm leaving around mid-afternoon. Bye."


Once Naruto had returned home, he collected all of the training clothes that he needed, plus a few snacks for the trip. Even though it had taken the team several days to reach Wave Country last time, Naruto could make the journey in a few hours with Gama-Bunta. That was his plan. He could make it there just before dark.

Setting his pack and extra kunai by the front door, he returned to the center of the room, then proceeded to sit down and meditate. Relaxing as much as he could, he began to clear his mind. Once done, he felt less and less of the physical world, and he found himself inside of his own mind.


Naruto looked around to find himself in a hallway with hundreds of doors. However, he knew exactly which one he wanted to go through. Going to the very last door, he found it to be much larger than the others. Taking a deep breath, he slowly pushed the door open and stepped inside, finding an even larger room that he remembered quite well. Wasting no time, he walked strait up to the cage and banged on the bars until he was sure that he got the fox's attention. Even as he saw Kyuubi wake up and move towards the cage, Naruto did not move back.

The boy smirked, "Morning, sunshine."

Kyuubi smirked as well, showing his teeth, "You know, whelp, that you are within my reach, and you no longer have enough time to get away, right?"

"Yes," Naruto replied, "but where would that leave you? I figure that even if you kill me in here, you'll still be stuck behind that cage. I'd be brain-dead, but you'll still be alive for a long time having absolutely nothing to do except wait for someone to find my body and keep me in a hospital until the day I die. At least now you get to fight with me every now and them."

Kyuubi raised a paw and ran its' nails across the medal, before pulling back entirely, "You have a point, whelp. So, what do you want?"

"A deal," Naruto replied, "You give me all of your chakra to keep forever as my own, and I'll summon you from time to time and let you stretch your legs, eat some animals, and even fight when I need you to.

Kyuubi's eyes narrowed, "That would be a good deal, but I'm quite sure that you would understand how impossible that is when I have no contract."

Sitting on the floor, Naruto laughed, "Oh, so true, but some summons don't need a contract. When I stole that scroll of sealing, I saw a kinjutsu that allowed someone to summon certain things without a contract, like the dead or monsters. I memorized it, then modified it so it would work for you. So, still interested?"

"Very," replied the kitsune, "You have no idea what I would give for even just a minute out in the real world again. This place is unbearable being here so long."

"I do know. That's why I'm offering you a change to come out on occasion, sometimes for a minute, others for entire nights if I see that you're behaving well enough. All you would have to give me is your chakra, which is being wasted in there. You can keep enough to keep you alive, but I want the rest, where it stays with me."

Kyuubi nodded in agreement, "I accept this deal. I will keep five percent of my chakra, more than enough to survive. The rest goes to you. However, kit, if I give you that much chakra at once, you'll surely die. The only way to do this is to slowly let it leak into your reserves, and let it expand as it goes. Then, once all of my chakra has leaked into your reserve, it will be completely yours. When wasted, it won't return to me like it has in the past, but it will return to you just like yours does now. In the meantime, you can go about your life like any other, while it still grows. Is this acceptable?"

"Perfectly, if it can be completed in three weeks time," Kyuubi nodded once again, "So, Kyuubi, will it have any side-effects?"

"Some. We'll be able to communicate through your mind, like we did earlier when you still had my chakra inside you. Higher senses, instincts, and speed will be a little faster. Also, you might change physically a little, but not anything drastic like a tail."

Naruto nodded and prepared to leave, "I can deal with that. When will this start?"

"I'll start as soon as you leave." replied Kyuubi as he watched the boy as he started to leave,

"No problem. "Hey, kit! Thanks."


When Naruto opened his eyes, he found Kakashi in front of him, enjoying a cup of Naruto's ramen at the kitchen table. Ignoring the feeling of his chakra already beginning to grow, Naruto stood up and walked over to the other chair, which had another cup of ramen waiting for him. Grabbing the cup, he started to eat.

"Hey, Kakashi-san."

Kakashi swallowed his bite, "Yo. Since when did you meditate? You were so gone that you didn't even hear me yelling at you."

Naruto laughed, "Man, that's bad. Actually, that was my second time ever. Had a few things to deal with."

"I imagine that you do it different than other people. If you clear your mind, it should bring you strait to your…roommate, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah," Naruto replied after swallowing, "We talked. He's actually pretty cool and treats you like a friend if you're not afraid and insult him a few good times. I think that's what friends are to a demon."

Kakashi nodded and set down the empty ramen cup, actually interested, "Only you have the power to become anyone's friend. You know, that's the second demon you made good, if you count the demon of the mist, Zabuza."

Naruto nodded, though he felt that there was something different with Kakashi today. Once he actually thought about it, something clicked, "You know, I never thought I'd see the day where I caught the great Kakashi without his mask."

Kakashi paled, hands quickly pulling the mask back to it's rightful place, "Don't tell anyone. People have wanted to see past my mask for years. You're the fourth person that has ever seen me without a mask, you know that?"

"Really? Who else?"

"Well," the man started, "There's obviously you. My parents, who bought me my first mask when I was a week old. I was born home, so no doctors except for my father, who knew enough medical jutsus to deliver the baby himself. Then lastly, as I have just found out today, your father."

Naruto froze, "You knew my father?"

Kakashi nodded, "I didn't know he was your father until after I saw you earlier. That's the shinobi that I wanted to look up."

The copy ninja reached under his vest and pulled out a thick folder, then handed it to Naruto. As the boy looked at it, Kakashi laughed, "Apparently, your dad was my sensei."

Naruto opened the folder and looked at the picture and then the name, then looked back at Kakashi, "Uzumaki Arashi, otherwise known as Yondaime, the fourth hokage?"

Kakashi chuckled, "Yep, surprised the hell out of me, too. Didn't even know he had a kid. But once I saw you atop of Gama-Bunta, arms crossed, with his hair color, it was like seeing a ghost."

Naruto looked back down at the folder, "What's all in this file? Usually it's just two or three pieces of paper, isn't it?"

"Well, once I had that, I got the hokage's permission to get all things related to him, so you could go through them. It has his basic information, his journal, accomplishments, and then his own personal jutsus, if you wanted to learn a few. Also, I added something to your pack by the door. I think you'll like it."

Wanting to change the subject, Naruto smirked, remembering the words Kakashi told him once, "Okay, so tell about yourself. Who are you? Likes, dislikes. What are your dreams?"

Kakashi also remembered, smirking under his mask, "Hatake Kakashi. I like my 'Come Come Paradise' collection, which, by the way, you must get me an autographed copy since Jiraiya seems to like you so much. I dislike showing up on time. My dream is to live up to my best friend's expectations. He died on a mission, and gave me his sharingan."

Naruto nodded, "Uzumaki Naruto. I like knowing I have friends and getting stronger. I dislike the villagers who look at me and only see Kyuubi. My dream is to become a great hokage like my father, only better."

"You will, kid."


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