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Omake: HE'S A NINJA!.

Naruto walked up to the bridge, where Sasuke and Sakura were already waiting for Kakashi-Sensei. After about thirty minutes, Naruto got bored and turned to Sasuke, "Hey teme, did you know that Jesus was a ninja?"

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi, who was hiding in a tree face-faulted. Sasuke was quick to recover, "What in the world makes you say that, dobe?"

Naruto smiled and said simply, "Think about it. Jesus could walk on water, which is a ninja chakra-control exercise. He also healed the wounded, like a medic-nin. Not to mention…he wears ninja sandals in all the pictures of him!"

Every other member of team 7 looked forward blankly. Sasuke turned to Sakura, "Holy shit, dude. Naruto's right."

Omake End

A/N: Yes, I do plan to start up this fic again, but I still am swamped with work and online classes at the moment. I think I'll have a new chapter up by next week, however. Ta ta, hope you enjoyed this little segment