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Konoha's Demon Fox

Chapter 7: Too Far?


Opening his eyes seemed to be a difficult task for Naruto. His head was pounding in protest, and moving around made his muscles scream. As he opened his eyes fully, he did what all ninja did instinctively when they don't know how they got there, he observed his surroundings. A sweatdrop appeared when he found that he was in his room.

'And I was expecting a dungeon with chains all around. That's it! I'm not reading manga for a while…'

Getting up, Naruto began to go over his memories of the last time he was conscious. 'Sasuke. Damn him. And damn that bastard who attacked me from behind. Damn that bastard to the seventh layer of hell for all eternity. Wait, I'm the Kyuubi now. Do I rule the seventh layer of hell? Hmm, I should ask that bastard fox. Er, bastard human… GAH! Best not to think of what he is.'

While he was deep in thoughts, Arashi and Sakura came into the room. First, they were extremely happy that Naruto was awake, but now they were having fun watching all the different emotions cross his face.

Sakura looked at Arashi, "100 Ryu says his next emotion is confusion."

"You're on!" said Arashi.

Five seconds later, Yondaime was crying like a baby as he handed Sakura her money. After a few more moments, they got tired of it, and Arashi bopped his son over the head, "Snap out of it, baka!"

Naruto whirled around, claws ready and his long, sharp teeth clearly visible. Upon seeing his father, Naruto relaxed, but not before rapping his knuckles across the older man's head. His eye twitching, Naruto turned to Sakura, "What are you doing here?"

Sakura figured he was still mad at her. When they spoke after the finals, it was only because it was a time of war. Now, however, there wasn't anything that made him talk to her. Gathering up her courage, she spoke, "I- I came by looking for you and Yondaime-Sama told me you went for Sasuke. That was a week ago. You've been unconscious for seven days."

Naruto's eyes went wide, "Th-that's not possible. No matter how damaged I am, it only takes a day for me to heal. And I was only cut on my back a few times."

Arashi, now better from Naruto's punch, nodded, "Yes, but when we took a look at the skin, we found that there were traces of multiple poisons of different kinds. We were able to get them all out, but it was close. If Gaara and Shukaku hadn't gone for you, you would most probably be dead."

Naruto looked over to Sakura when his father said Gaara and Shukaku. Where he was thinking she would be confused or scared, the girl only nodded. Frowning, he turned back to Arashi, "What all does the girl know?"

Naruto's father smiled, "Everything. I figured that you need to stop hiding some of the secrets that you have. You'd be surprised at how understanding she was."

Snorting, Naruto turned towards the door out of his room. Over his shoulder, he let out a cold laugh, "Trust me, father, if that's the Sakura that I know, she's just waiting for the right time to twist the knife in my back."

As he left, Arashi turned towards the girl to see how she took his son's harsh words. He expected for her to be a little upset, but what he saw was a little more than upset. Sakura had sunken to her knees and was crying silently, but was coming close to sobbing. Growling, Arashi made his way out to find his son. Before he could leave, though, he felt a hand latch onto his jacket.

Sakura, who was now in a mixture of both crying and wailing, spoke in small gasps of breath, "D-Don't be…ma- mad at….Na-Naruto. I-I d-d-deserve…that….and s-so….much..m-more. I-I've….been..m-mean to…h-him…f-for a l-long t-t-time."

After that, Sakura began sobbing into his jacket. Arashi knelt down and patted her back, "It's okay. I'm just going to go have a talk with him."


Sitting atop the Hokage Monument was Naruto. Usually, he sat atop his father's face, but right now he was on Sarutobi's, mourning the loss of the first man to see him as a human. Memories ran through the demon lord's mind of the old man, and they made him both laugh and cry. Things like watching the old man with blood running out of his nose when he first fell victim to his Sexy no Jutsu, up to having calm and relaxing talk with Sarutobi over a bowl of ramen. One time sat out in particular for Naruto, though. It was when he was seven, and Sarutobi had come to visit him, as he usually did every other week. After the old man had heard of Naruto's dream to become Hokage, Sarutobi had given him his hat for the boy to keep. That same hat was still in Naruto room laying on his dresser.

A tear ran down the boy's cheek, "Old man, be peaceful."

Arashi watched his son for a few moments longer before walking over, "Hey there."

Naruto still stared ahead, "What are you doing here, father?"

Arashi sighed, "You should give her a chance. Sakura has hardly been to her own home since you were brought back. She stays in the guest room. She seems really sorry for whatever has happened between you two."

"Yeah, I guess," said Naruto. The lights around Konoha were on, as it was midnight around the village, "What's happened since I've been out?"

Yondaime smiled, "Well, where should I start? Hm, Ero-sensei brought back the new hokage, Tsunade. She the other Sannin of the Leaf. She's also the one who got rid of your poisons. From what I hear, she didn't want to become Hokage, but Jiraiya lured here with stories about you. She sure asked about you a lot, and has request that you visit her when you can."

A blush crossed Arashi's cheeks, which Naruto had caught, "What? What are you not telling me?"

The elder blond blushed further, "Well….she uh,….has..really big…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Really big what?"


Naruto glared, "Just tell me!"


There was a long silence where both blondes were blushing heavily. Naruto sighed, "So, what of the others?"

Thanking kami for his son's change of topic, Arashi answered, "Let's see, Gaara and Shukaku settled themselves out and has went back to suna with his siblings, but they promise to come back soon. They want to live here. Ero-sensei is peeping. Kyuubi has gotten used to his human body and chakra system, and is now reworking all of his jutsus to his fitting. By the way, he's going by the name of Kyu now, and Tsunade has appointed him as a Leaf Jounin. She knows who he really is, as do most of the shinobi above chuunin level. They are wary of him, and probably will be for a while. Itachi is training Kakashi on how to better use the Sharingan. As for me, I am a Jounin and the Hokage has made a village announcement of my return and how it happened. Also, she has told the people about you being my son and how the Kyuubi is no longer in you. Along with Itatchi's return, and Sasuke's betrayal. And the fact that you and Itachi are the new Sannin."

Naruto shot upright, "And?"

Arashi merely waved his hand, "They accepted the fact after a lot of reassuring that you two are no threat to the village. Girls of all different ages who saw you at the chuunin exams have been coming by and leaving you flowers, and pictures. From the new rumors, all of the Sasuke fan club, plus about thirty more have made the Naruto fan club."

Naruto groaned, "Just freaking perfect."

Arashi chuckled, "Well, you could always make a harem. I don't think the girls will mind."

Naruto jumped up and waved an extended finger at his father, "HENTAI!"

Though, once Naruto thought about it, there were a few good looking women around. Surely, he could handle them all. Blushing madly, he shook his head of such thoughts.


The next day, Naruto got up early and had left to take a look around. Sakura had gone home after he woke up the day before. As he walked through the village, he surveyed the damage done during the war. Though hardly any leaf shinobi were killed, the villagers seemed a little shaken up by the whole conflict. Some buildings were damaged, and cleanup crews were fixing what they could.

ANBU teams were taking enemy bodies and loading them up, preparing to ship them back to their villages. Several of the ANBU looked up at Naruto as he passed. Though their faces were covered in masks, there was no doubt of their respect as they bowed slightly. Bowing back, Naruto continued on.

Halfway through his walk, Naruto noticed something with his senses. People were following him. Turning around, there was no one there. Thinking he was just off a little, he continued on. He got about ten feet before the feeling came back stronger than ever. He looked around again. No one.

As Naruto rounded the corner, he quickly jumped up to the top of the building he was next to, and looked down. Coming around the corner were about ten women, all shinobi. They were whispering quietly about where he went and what they would do to him when they found him. Naruto thought they were mad at him, until he heard bits and pieces about whipped cream, strawberries, and restraints.

That made Naruto choke for a second, which, in turn, got the girl's attention, "There he is, girls! Let's get Naruto-kun!"

Thinking quickly, Naruto channeled chakra to his eyes and feet, running off in a flash of black and yellow. All the girls, while disappointed at his escape, were all giggling and praising him for his skills and speed.

When Naruto finally dared to slow down, Naruto found himself in the forest training grounds where he and his old team had taken the bell test. What he also found, or who in this case, were Kakashi, Kyu, and Itachi. Kyu was flashing through Jutsus, while Itachi and Kakashi were copying the ones that they thought were useful.

Naruto had been looking for them anyway. Waving his hand to get their attention, Naruto greeted them, "Hey guys! What's up?"

The three others looked over and smiled. It was good to see him awake again. Kyu chuckled, "Hey kit, how are you feeling?"

"Like I slept for seven freaking days. Dammit, all that wasted time."

Itachi smirked, "I can't believe that you let my little brother beat you that bad. I thought you were a better ninja than that."

Naruto frowned, "Sasuke wasn't even a challenge for me. Someone snuck up behind me in the battle and cut me down. I'm guessing it was the leader of Akatsuki."


Kakashi stood up, "Well, I better go. You three should go get Arashi, and head over to the Hokage. She has been waiting to talk to you all."

The others nodded, and were making their way towards Naruto's house to pick up Arashi. On their way there, Itachi moved closer to Naruto, "Hey, Jiraiya has been telling Tsunade about your hokage dreams and how you're always smiling. So, when we get there, you should lay it a little thick."

Kyu nodded, "That's not a bad idea. You should get on her good side, and she'll help you in matters of the council."

Naruto let out a laugh, "I already thought of that. I'll butter her up, but I don't really see the need. What can the council do to me? I'm untouchable, especially with my father, Ero-sennin, and you two. We're the best hope of this village."

Kyu frowned, "That may be true, but don't let it get to your head, kit. I've watched some of the most powerful taken down by weaklings with a good plan. Myself included."

"I guess you're right. You guys go on ahead. I've got to take care of something. I'll meet you guys at the Hokage Tower."


As Naruto walked towards his destination, the villagers whispered comments to each other.

"Is that the demon brat?"

"Who knows? There's so many of them now, it's hard to tell."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I saw another person who looks just like him, but he had black tattoos on his cheeks. This one has the old demon spawn's whiskers, but he looks different from the demon. And the other, well, the new Hokage says that he's Yondaime-Sama back from the grave!"

"Are you serious! But why do they all look alike?"

"Hokage-Sama says they're all related. Apparently, the boy defeated the damn fox and now they say he is Yondaime's son!"

Naruto quickened his pace, not wanting to hear anymore. Within five minutes, he arrived at the store that he had been to at least twice now. Walking up to the register, he spoke, "Hello, I would like to have you make some things for me."

The old lady nodded, "Of course, what would you like?"



After explaining what he wanted from the old lady, Naruto was now on his way to the Hokage Tower to meet his friends. He greeted the secretary, who just glared and waved him by. Shrugging it off, Naruto opened the door and walked into the room where Itachi, Arashi, Kyu, and Tsunade were sitting and talking.

Tsunade turned, "Ah, I see you have woken up okay. How do you feel?"

Naruto lifted an eyebrow, "Uh, I'm good. Why do you have a genjutsu over you?"

Tsunade's jaw dropped, while Arashi stood behind her waving his hands frantically and shaking his head furiously. Tsunade recovered from her shock, "How in the hell do you know that, brat? Not even a sharingan can see through my Genjutsu."

Naruto lifted a finger to his red eyes with the slits, "No genjutsu is able to slip past the eyes of the Kyuubi. I can't see your true form, but the genjutsu's chakra shimmers every few seconds. From my guess, it's an age genjutsu, right?"

Tsunade frowned, "Anyway, we were waiting for you to show up. From what I have read and heard about you so far is that you've absorbed Kyu's chakra and become the new Kyuubi, as well as the new Sannin, along with your friend, Itachi. Correct?" Naruto nodded, and Tsunade continued, "Also, Itachi, Kyu, and Arashi all swear that they will follow whatever you decide. What are you going to do? You have any choice open to you within my power, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto didn't hesitate to answer, "I have already decided."

"And your choice?" the Hokage asked.

"ANBU. A new division. Split into two teams. In charge of hunting and eliminating S class criminals. Only taking orders from the Hokage themself. I already have the names of the people I want."

Tsunade laughed, "There is already a division created for that. The Hunter-nins are doing a fine job as it is."

Naruto walked around the Hokage's desk and moved to a bookcase. Pressing a hidden button, a shelf moved and a single folder flopped out. Naruto grabbed the folder and threw it onto Tsunade's desk, "Not any S class criminals. Akatsuki."

Itachi jumped up, "Naruto! That is ludicrous! Going after Akatsuki is too dangerous!"

Naruto pulled out a piece of paper from his jacket and handed it to Itachi, "Not with the people I want."

Giving Naruto a last glance, Itachi, along with Kyu and Arashi, looked at the paper. As he scrolled through the names, his eyes went wide, "It…It could work. A couple years of training, and it could actually work. Naruto, how long have you planned this? For it to match up this well, you must have taken weeks of studying to figure this out."

Naruto smirked as Itachi handed the paper to the Hokage, "I came up with it last night."

Tsunade read over the paper, "I know some of these people, but who are the rest?"

"The best of their field."

Tsunade shot a glance at the boy, "Isn't this a little too much?"

Naruto smiled and took a seat, "That's the entire idea. Don't you realize what this can turn into? A group, stronger than the seven swordsmen of the mist, than even the Akatsuki, belonging to Konoha. The protectors of the leaf, and the nightmares of missing-nin. Extremely dangerous to our enemies, but kind and loyal towards their village. This is what can make Konohagakure what it used to be! Before the wars, before Kyu! A return to our village's prime!"

There was a silence throughout the room. Everyone looked down, trying to imagine Naruto's vision. After a moment, Tsunade looked at Naruto, "Alright, what do you need?"

Naruto was, well, giddy, "One week. That is enough time to get all of those people into the village. Make sure none of them take missions outside the village until then. And complete secrecy from the council. They shouldn't know about us yet. When and if they agree, we need access to the ANBU gear required for us. Then, an amount of time to train the members."

Tsunade wrote down what he said, "Anything else?"

"Yes," Naruto smiled, "I want my father as ANBU Captain of the first team. I don't care who's captain of the second, as long as it's one of these people here in this room."

Tsunade chuckled, "You are going to be the other ANBU Captain, Naruto. Since this is your idea, after all."

Naruto nodded, and bowed before leaving, as did the others. Once they were all out of the room, Naruto looked at the others, "Let's make this work, guys."

The other three agreed and left towards their home, each wondering what would happen in the next week.


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