Dean was awake and trying to squirm out of his ties when Sam came out. He stopped when he saw his brother approaching him and a look of relief crossed his face. Sam walked to his brother and crouched in front of him, giving him a distrusting look. Dean lifted his head as much as he could. "It's me. Psycho Dean is gone." He said. Sam looked at him for another moment before he moved to his side to untie him. He didn't say a word. Dean stood up after he was free and quickly turned to face Sam.

"Are you OK?" He asked, concern evident in his voice. "Yeah, I'm OK." Sam answered, suddenly feeling very tired. Dean looked ashamed, guilt written on his expression, his head down. Sam noticed and smiled inwardly. He remembered how he had tried to apologize for the things he had said and done at the asylum, and Dean wouldn't let him. He understood perfectly that, though they had been Dean's thoughts that had been expressed, it wasn't Dean saying them. He understood because he remembered his own thoughts been blurted out from his mouth at the asylum and he being able to do nothing to stop it.

So he turned to look at Dean again, who seemed to be about to say something, and smirked. He quickly put a straight face when Dean looked up and in an emotionless voice, Sam said. "I'm driving."

Dean stared at him for a moment trying to make out whether his brother was angry, disappointed or hurt. He wanted to say something to make things better, but he didn't know what. Also, he hadn't let Sam apologize after what had happened at the asylum, he didn't have the right to ask Sam to forgive him. So he simply nodded and walked around the car to the passengers side.

Sam got into the drivers seat and glanced sideways to his brother. Dean had his head down, looking like a whipped puppy. Sam kept a grin from forming on his face. He was going to let Dean kick himself for a couple of days before letting him know he wasn't mad and he understood.

"You know I'd never forgive myself if I'd hurt you, right Sammy? Dean asked suddenly, still not looking up. Sam turned to look at him, thought for a moment and then cursed to himself. He sighed, damn, he was such a softy.

Sam punched Dean lightly on the arm. "Come on, man. Look at it this way. Now we're even for the asylum thing." Dean lifted his head and looked at his brother. Sam grinned, Dean looked at him,confused for a moment, and then smiled. "That, we are." Dean said and let out a little laugh. Things would be fine between them.

They both turned to look at the house again, their faces serious as they suddenly realized what a close call it had been. Sam started the car and they drove away.

"So, how does it feel getting your ass kicked by your little brother?" Sam said. Looking ahead into the road, not hiding the satisfied smile on his face. Dean turned to look at him and sighed. "You're not going to let me forget this any time soon, are you?." He asked.

"What do you think?" Sam asked as his smile broadened. Dean sighed and looked out the passenger window. This was going to be one damn long drive.

The End.

Author's note: Well, I hope you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing this story. My deepest grattitude to anyone who reads or reviews this story.