Collapsing like houses of cards
And landing on splinters and glass...

Zeromancer - 'Houses of Cards'

"Welcome, Kaiba, to a world of your imagination."

Seto wheeled around, gun clutched tightly in his hand. "Where are you, you snake?" he demanded, eyes narrowing as he glared into the shadows. His question was met with glittering laughter, seeming to echo all around him at once. His eyes darted to and fro, and he gripped the weapon with both hands so that his knuckles turned white. Straight ahead, he thought he saw something move, a blurry shade of a silhouette and ribbon-like hair. He raised his gun and fired. The shot cracked with startling volume but the bullet was swallowed by the darkness. "Unfortunately for you," the all-too-familiar voice returned. Seto grit his teeth. "I also have some degree of control in this place."

Seto felt a warm wind ripple over him, and at once the gun that had been such a reassuring presence in his hands was gone and he was left clutching at empty air. Another laugh, the echo of a soft touch at his cheek, and then the darkness exploded into a symphony of black, white, and red. He was falling backwards, and that same laughter filled his ears as he descended, helpless and silent, amid a flurry of cards.