A/N:My second edge chronicles fic! This is just a little musing, a little thought. I was reading FREEGLADER and I wondered how the Mire pirate came to be in the Mire…

Here's a little note. It'll probably contradict everything the stories have ever said, but it's all fiction, and an interesting thing to write and (I hope) read. This is dedicated top everyone (as usual) but a special mention goes to Sohalia Talitha, the only other person who wrote in this section! Well done and Wuh WAH Wurrahleelo wurrah wuh wah wurruh ( Your stories are good and imaginative!). Heh Heh.

And so begins:

Mire Pirate

I Am The Mire Pirate.

I Have travelled for so long… so much pain… White… White is all I can see…

The travels, The oozefish. Nobody. Nobody knows that I exist. I am thought dead. I am dead. I know it. I am dead. I tell myself again and again that I am dead. I know I must be dead. How could I have survived? I spend my days doing nothing. I just glide across places. My skin is bleached white. The temptation of the Twilight Woods is almost too great… But It would do nothing, I have already lost myself.

Death would be kinder than this. Much kinder. I almost wish for death.

Wondering around is all I do. I follow the ravens. They seem to know all.

The pain and the darkness… A white raven… Swooping down

I felt myself flying… far over the Mire… where? Time will Tell.

I fell, bruised, broken, almost destroyed. Trees followed me.

Come here… An end to the pain… Come over to this tree…

I wandered blindly through the trees, wandered until I could see.

Green Grass.

Lush Fields.

A Lake.

Lake Landing.

This was the Free Glades.

A waif saw me. He could see into my head. The darkness. The blankness. The stream of White in my head threatening to destroy all else. He understood. He knew what he had to do.

He took me to a shady place. I saw some… some caterbird cocoons.


As I slept I dreamed dreams. Dreams of past.

Dreams of present. Dreams of what could be.

Dreams of others past.

Dreams of my past.

My? What a strange concept. How could I exist as an individual? I was one with the Mire.

And yet…

I felt a familiarity with the dreams. As if they were my own.

And slowly, the Mire left my brain. Slowly, I became unpossessed by it.

It felt odd. Strange. New and Old. Old and New.

Memories. Memories that were my own.

Me. Myself.


I was the Mire Pirate. But more… so much more.

I was Tem Barkwater.