This is a series of drabbles, either stories I began and didn't feel like continuing, or random snip-its of the Naruto world life. Mostly a general humor and sometimes romance involved. This is a never ending process mind you, it's just a selection of drabbles I will add to once in a while.

I wrote this one quite a while ago actually. And it was set as before they were together, so I adapted it.

Teacher's Lounge
Kakashi glanced up from his book at the oncoming Shinobi. The white haired jounin gently set the book aside and scooted over on the couch, allowing room for the new occupant of the teachers lounge to join him.

"Good morning Kakashi-sensei, aren't you supposed to be training cell seven right now?" Iruka asked pleasantly, making himself comfortable in the offered space.

Kakashi gave a lazy head lull to look up at the ceiling. "Who says I'm not?"

Iruka couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Kakashi..." He muttered in the talking-to-a-lieing-six-year-old voice. A light thump on the offender's thigh was his only punishment rendered.

Kakashi smiled beneath his mask, adjusting his head band. "I only let you get away with that because we've slept together, you know. If you were anyone else I'd hit you back."

Iruka smirked and crossed his arms, putting his feet up to imitate the higher ranking of the two. "Hmph." He shifted a bit and taking note of the hip that was slowly getting closer. "Ya know, the school could pay some expense for a decent couch in here. What is this thing anyway?"

Kakashi looked down at the pathetic excuse for a couch also, contemplating on whether to curse it or to pet it lovingly. "I think it's a love seat." he mumbled, burying into the cushions deeper.

"Hm. We should complain about not having a decent couch." Iruka mumbled again, peeling back the arm cover to examine the discoloration.

Kakashi smirked and nudged the Chuunin playfully, "Wassamatter, 'Ruka, you don't like cuddling with your lover?" he grinned at the next smack he received, taking it in stride and nudging his companion's feet with his own.

Iruka smirked. "Not in school. I'm too busy to be cuddling in the teachers lounge. I have to get back to teaching now anyway. Recess is almost over. Why aren't you training Cell seven?" he remembered the unanswered mystery and stared at Kakashi until an answer was volunteered.

A lazy smirk crossed his eyes and Iruka knew the smirk was of self-satisfaction. "I am training them. There assignment today is capture the flag."

Iruka blinked, "How's that training?"

"I have the flag."