Warning: Will make you blush.

Mornings were like bad lovers; started to soon, thwarted the pleasurable sensations of bed, and were to damn happy. Also, mornings took away even the most skilled ninja's wits, just like witnessing the stupidity of a certain Uzumaki in action. But Naruto was not a bad lover, not in the least. He was stupid though. Sometimes.

Sasuke Uchiha was not a morning person. Ironically enough neither was Naruto. Though the two shinobi be lovers during noon, evening, and night, the mornings held a different dynamic between the couple. There was hate. How dare you steal the blankets. How dare you leave your pants and boots on the floor for me to trip over. Did you just walk into the bathroom when you knew I was heading there?

Without so much as a single word uttered, the two threw back and forth the most insidious threats each could muster. Naruto had a tendency to walk slowly and usually in Sasuke's way. Sasuke was frequent to slam doors and kick things out of his path. Living or not. Naruto had few times been privileged to the Sasuke Style: 1000 Years of Death when he bungled Sasuke's morning needs.

This morning however, there was no war. Sasuke was allowed to sit and brood about how much he actually hated his lover in the mornings, but he did so out of habit, not annoyance. Naruto slept soundly in the bedroom, and probably would till noon. The blonde young man was bandaged, bruised, sore, and broken from his mission. No morning routine today. No slow bumbling pace down the small hallway, only wheezing snores and uncomfortable moans.

This turned Sasuke's lips out slightly. Was that longing in his heart? Did he actually miss the stupid morning routine of theirs?

Then he snorted audibly. No. He missed his morning shower sex with the blonde god.

Yeah. That was it.

Without a second thought on the emotional aspect of his lover, he concentrated on the physical form. In less time than their normal morning shower excursion, he found his pleasure in capable hands; his own. With a satisfied sigh, he stumbled groggily from the shower. He was still exhausted. Duty called, unfortunately. And its name was Tsunade-baa-chan. He cringed.


"Narutooo! I brought you a bento box." Sasuke bellowed, noting that he'd already covered the bag holding the bento with dirt and grime.



"Bring it to me." Naruto bemoaned from the living room.

Sasuke obliged, kicking his muddy boots off in the kitchen and carefully treading through the large Uchiha mansion. He dropped the dinner in Naruto's lap and glanced at the large lump on Naruto's forehead. It looked somewhat fresh and annoyed, but he didn't have time to enquire.

Naruto was smiling happily and demanding a kiss it would seem. "You're covered in dirt ya know."

"Thank you." A sharp kiss. "You should be on watch tower duty you're so observant."

"Har har, asshole. See if I try and save your precious white rugs anymore." He scoffed, uncovering dinner with one broken finger and one sprained wrist. Between the limbs he juggled the bag open with a defiant smirk. Naruto 1, Bento Box 0.

"How do you feel? Want anything?"

"Feel fine. Want you to take a shower."

Sasuke scoffed, suddenly noticing his absurdly mixed stench of black powder, tree sap, and slug slime from Tsunade's angry outburst. There was also dog saliva thrown in about his ankles, thanks to Kakashi's dumb summons.

"Hm. Alright."

"Speaking of shower." Naruto made a flat face suddenly. He raised a broken finger to point at the lump on his forehead.

The Uchiha chuckled and poked the egg on his head. "Fall in the shower?"

"Yeah. I slipped in your jiz thanks. Do you know what it's like to have your ass kicked by someone's sperm? No. So if you don't want the experience, wash it down the drain next time." Naruto groused, eyes never leaving his tv program.

Sasuke pinkened, doing an about face and heading for the stairs. "Ass-kicking sperm. I'll remember that."


Did you blush? X3