Hey everyone. This is my first fic...ever. Im going to write a summary, and the first chapter, and if anyone likes it and reviews, then ill keep going with it. Usually I read a book and just fill in the blanks about what happens later on in the story. But lately I've had this idea about writing what I think the books should have been like. Lauren Brookes books do have a basis in this, such as Marion dying, and Amy and Ty running heartland. But not everything's the same. Read and Review if you like it. Please.

This story is loosely based on characters, and events made and owned by Lauren Brooke.


This is and AU story. My story is pretty much the same as Lauren Brookes, but im starting it not long after Marion Fleming died, and there are some differences up until then also. The characters and their background are as follows:

Amy Fleming: Is 16 years old and is in her Junior year. Her mother died the year before. She lives on her family's horse farm: Heartland. Her and the stable hand Ty Baldwin run Heartland now. Amy has always thought Ty would stay at Heartland, he'd never talked about college, so she figured that he wasn't seriously considering it. But when he comes to her and tells her about his fathers plan to build up his own stables, Amy fears Ty won't be around much longer, and that sense their stables would be competing against each other, so will they. (Although Heartland still cures horses, jumping is also a big thing.)

Ty Baldwin: Ty Baldwin is 17 and is in his Senior year. He had worked at Heartland for 3 years before Marion died, and has taken up much of the responsibility with Amy. His mom and dad are happily married, and while his mom helps out at a nursing home, Ty's dad is hoping to soon start up his own stable, while collecting money from his job as a doctor. Ty plans on staying at Heartland even when he has his own stables, but may soon change his mind, when his fathers dreams starts to become a reality.

Lou Fleming: Used to live in England, but moved to New York when she was offered a job. When Marion died she moved back to Heartland, but only for a short time. But when she found out how much she was needed, she decided to stay. She met Scott Trewin, fell in love, got married, and is now expecting a baby. (I know, way faster than it happened in the books, but anyways,) Lou is worried when Amy confronts her about Ty's dads plans. She tries her best to convince Mr. Baldwin that it isn't the right thing to do, and that it would only hurt Ty. But she can only do so much.

The rest of the characters are pretty much the same.


Amy and Ty work together on her family farm, Heartland. Ty has always been able to read Amy like an open book, and Amy sometimes felt like she could do the same. They've been best friends ever sense he started working there, about 4 years before, but more so when Amy's mom, Marion, died. The story starts off at the very end of the summer, before Amy's junior year, and Ty's senior. Amy and Ty are working vigorously to get their best horse: Shades of Midnight Glory, otherwise know as Glory, ready for the big show in a months time. But Amy soon finds out that she may have to do it alone. Ty confronts her about his fathers longtime dream to build up his own jumping farm, and have Ty be the Head Stable hand, sense he knew so much. Amy is hurt by this, but tries to get over it when she realizes it's a long time in the making. But Ty tells her that its not. That his dad had been saving for years, and just called a contractor to start building the barns and paddocks. Ty said that his dad planned on having it finished in only 2 weeks. Leaving Ty to train a horse his dad had already bought, for the same competition in which Glory is in. Amy and Ty try to figure all of this out, while Ty has an internal struggle on whether to leave Heartland, and Amy behind, or to disappoint the dad who he'd never really gotten approval from, but deeply wants. While Ty struggles through this Amy tries to make it easier for him, while fighting her own battle. How would she run Heartland without Ty? She soon finds out that she can't. During all this Ty and Amy become closer than ever, making their decisions much more harder to make.