Encounters Of The Best Kind

A/N: Aite, not quite sure if this one will be a one shot or not. Depends what kind of mood I'm in. The inspiration for this story actually came from another story that was here for a few months in early 2005 then disappeared. I think it was called "Seduction". It was a very well written story but unfortunately died off just after the second chapter. I just remembered it a few days ago and thought maybe I'll give a story like that a try. "Seduction" was planned to be a lemon but my story will not. But it will have a steamy moment or two with innuendo and some strong language so I decided to put it in the M section.

Oh ya, the story is a different take on a scene in the first Sly Cooper comic. I'm not sure how you get it but it is on the internet. There's a Slovakia version and an English one. Anyway, this takes place after Sly stole the Venus De Whalo from Ms. D'Oinkeau and Dimitri in Monaco. Some of the dialogue is taken from the comic. Happy Reading!

Sly Cooper, Carmelita and all other characters belong to Sucker Punch. The comic was written by Dev Madan and Nate Fox.

Carmelita looked around the deserted street, searching for some kind of clue. The noise from Dimitri's party loomed in the background, reminding the Inspector of what other justice had to be served that night.

"Once I find Cooper, that color-blind, fashion disaster is next for all those forged paintings."

A cool breeze flowed from the sky and ruffled Carmelita's fur, causing her to pull her jacket tighter. Unfortunately for her, the tight black dress she was wearing didn't provide much warmth. Ignoring the slight chill, she pulled out a tape recorder from her pocket. Clicking the record button she began to explain the situation.

"We know that the perpetrator, one Sly Cooper, entered the property through the skylight. But how he got up there still remains a mystery."

Turning her flashlight on, Carmelita began to slowly make her way through the streets. From the way Sly escaped, it appeared that he was heading toward the harbor. A short while later, She came to a bridge overlooking the ocean, the moon full and hovering directly in above it. If she hadn't been so occupied with chasing Cooper than she would have stopped to take in the breathtaking view. In fact she would take the time to do a lot of things.

Carmelita's thought moved away from the case for a brief moment to shine on her personal endeavors. Being the top officer at Interpol put a lot of pressure on her. She rarely had time for a private life or a life at all. Having fun wasn't a foreign concept to her but wasn't the top priority on her day off schedules. Another thing the vixen didn't believe in. Crime doesn't take days off and neither does she. She admit's she's a hard ass. With the kind of scum out there someone has to be. Granted, it earned her nicknames she didn't much care for. Old Ironsides, The Ice Witch, etc. And the mostly came from her fellow officers. Usually male officers.

There hasn't been a single male officer at Interpol who hasn't put the moves on her and been rejected. Carmelita knew what they wanted from her. Not love, companionship or affection. Just a night of straight up fucking. Like she was some porn star of every man's fantasy. She didn't care what they called her. They were just steamed that they could never have her. But not to say she never has had any boyfriends. She has had her fair share but they usually never last long due to her hectic work schedule and not to mention her obsession with Sly Cooper.

The root of her problems.

Being called names by jealous co workers and out casted is something she can take from them. But losing respect is another. Before the Cooper Case, things were still pretty much the same. Carmelita was bashed for being an up tight, cold hearted witch but was praised as an officer who knew how to uphold the law. But when the ten second incident on top of Clockwerk's volcano lair occurred, every thing went down hill from there.

She doesn't know who started it but rumors started to circulate around Interpol about the Inspector and the Thief. Rumors that suggested Carmelita and Cooper have been meeting, playing their own game of Cops and Robbers between the bed sheets. They were starting to question her intentions as a cop. It angered her beyond words that anyone would think she would want to feel up that no good thief.

Even if he was rather sexy.

Carmelita shook her head, wondering where that thought came from. Ignoring it as she had done so many times before, she focused back on the task at hand.

"The suspect seems to have exited through the service doors and made his way towards the waterfront." She said into her tape recorder. Pointing the flashlight to the ground, she saw a set of tire marks. Bending down and tracing her gloved fingers across it, things became more clear.

"By the tracks left behind, it appears he wasn't working alone." Cooper's friends obviously were waiting for him as they always do. "How is it no one ever spots that van? How can you miss a teched out van with Cooper's symbol on the front and back, with a pink hippo behind the wheel?"

But it was impressive. Even Carmelita admitted that. Turning off her recorder, she spoke to herself, "I've got to hand it to him, the guy is talented. It's a shame he isn't working for the police." Unknown to the vixen, a familiar shadow was looming behind her. The figure dropped down from his perch as silent as a ghost, calling out,

"Now where would the fun be in that?"

Carmelita whirled around to find Sly Cooper right behind her. Quicker than a cobra ready to strike, she pulled out her Shock Pistol from her purse. But Sly was faster. Before Carmelita could even squeeze the trigger, Sly knocked it out of her hands with his cane. She took a swing at him, which the raccoon ducked and side stepped behind her. Before she knew it, Sly wrapped his cane around her, pinning her arms down and pressing her back tightly against his chest.

"Besides, if we were working on the same side, we'd never have these intimate rendezvous...which you know I adore." Sly whispered in her pierced ear. Carmelita struggled valiantly against Sly's hold but to no avail. The thief was stronger than she thought.

"You had better let go of me Ringtail or I will make you suffer the worst kinds of pain imaginable." She hissed. Sly grinned at her threat. He couldn't see her face but always knew she looked cute when she was angry.

"Oh, come now Carmelita. Why would such a pretty mouth say such dirty things?"

"Because that's all crooks like you understand."

Sly chuckled, "Still think I'm the same as every other criminal you encounter on a day to day basis, hmm?"

Carmelita turned her head trying to get a look at him. "You all break the law, therefore you're all the same." She stopped struggling. Wasting her energy wasn't going to do anything to help her. Calling for help seem to be out of the question as the streets looked deserted. That and she knew she could handle this on her own. She would just have to wait for him to let up just a bit then strike. But Sly didn't plan on easing up anytime soon. He looked down seeing her dress and smiled.

"I must say Miss Fox, you look absolutely ravishing. Not that you don't any other day but tonight you certainly took my breath away."

Sly enjoyed watching her stride down the alleyway, looking for clues. The way the dress hugged those luscious curves sent chills up his spine. The way her hair was done up, showing off that gorgeous face. Her whole figure was a sight to behold, from that perfectly large bosom to those grip-able hips, right down to her slender legs. She was an angel with a devil's body.

"Let me go and I'll do it again, this time for good." Carmelita mumbled. Sighing, Sly leaned his muzzle in close to her ear.

"Why do this to each other Carmelita?" He whispered, pressing her tighter against him.

"What the hell are you talking about Ringtail?" She said back to him. The way Sly had her against him made her feel pissed that she couldn't do anything but at the same time...made her feel rather warm. The kind of warmth you receive when the one you love strokes your thigh and kisses your neck.

"Christ girl! What's wrong with you? He's a goddam thief!" Her mind screamed. Carmelita didn't even want to think about the possibility of being aroused by Cooper. Sly smirked,

"Please Carm, your can do better than that. You know exactly what I'm talking about. These bottled up emotions, extreme sexual tension. Why fight it? There's so much we can do for each other."

He whispered the last part into her ear so softly it sent a shiver through her whole body. The warmth started to increase, making Carmelita very uneasy. There was always something about Cooper that made her uneasy. Every time he stared at her and flashed that cocky smile from a rooftop, outlined by the moon, it stopped her in her tracks for just a moment.

There was always this little voice inside her occasionally speaking up, about how Sly is different from other criminals and how handsome he was. It drove Carmelita crazy that even a small part of her could be attracted to him. But it didn't stop the feeling she was having now.

"STOP IT." She ordered her body. She had to get out of his grip. But the raccoon's hold was tighter than before. It seemed that he had even moved his arms to more of a hugging position.

"You delusional Cooper. There's no way in this world or the next I would fuck a no good crook like you. Besides, I'm sure there a lot of whore's on the street that will gladly take you. That's what your known for, right? A Lady killer?" She cursed at him, pushing whatever warmth she was feeling of her mind.

"I've had a few girlfriends but none of them can compare to you." Sly cooed in her other ear. The voluptuous vixen snorted in response.

"Please Ringtail, I know your kind. The moment you've banged some chick like she was some object for your own selfish reasons, your gone the next day."


Came the harsh whisper from Sly's lips, gripping her rather forcefully. Carmelita was actually worried he might do something. Seconds later, he relaxed his grip but still tight enough to keep her restrained. His calm and cool voice flowed back into her ear,

"No Carmelita. That's not me and you know it. Women should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Anyone man who hits a woman or treats her like some sex toy isn't even a man."

Sly's words echoed in Carmelita's brain. Deep down, she knew that wasn't the kind of man he was. He's always shown her nothing but respect and even kindness. For a brief moment she thought she should apologize.

"Your so beautiful..." Cooper mused, brushing his chin across the back of her neck. That brief moment of contact caused Carmelita to suck in a breath, her chest heaving upwards suddenly. She cursed herself, hoping Sly didn't notice. He had but didn't say a word. His smile just grew even larger.

"I know what kind of crap you have to put up with at work Carmelita." He said, causing her to try and look at him again. "What would you know?" She sneered softly, not in the mood to discuss her joyless work life.

"I know you don't get the respect you deserve. I've been chased by every cop at Interpol and you're the only one who's never given up. You should be Chief with all that work effort you do. But instead your working late into the night, falling asleep at your desk." Sly informed her.

"...How did you know that?" The Inspector queried. "Let's just say when I needed to have a break, I come and watch my favorite officer hard at work. A scene more beautiful than a sunset over the Eiffel Tower." The thief admitted. Carmelita felt rather flattered as the heat rushed to her cheeks. She thanked God that Sly wasn't able to see it.

"You're an amazing woman Carmelita. I've never known someone with such determination and strong sense of right and wrong. And to top it off, you're the sexiest vixen I've ever seen." Sly added with a slight chuckle. Carmelita's stomach was doing flip flops. Years of pent up emotions were starting to emerge. So many times she has resisted his charm only for him to come back with more, making it harder for her not to be delighted any time he complimented her. The way he put himself on the line for his friends and even her, confusing her black and white view on him. And even she couldn't deny the heat that came to her face when looking upon that handsome face. She started to lean back into his embrace. His hot breath tickling the fur on her neck threatened to cause a moan to escape her lips.

Feeling her starting to give in, Sly took it up a notch. He slowly started to plant soft kisses on her neck. He wanted to take her right there in the middle of the street but kept his primal lust under control. Carmelita felt her legs getting weak. Cooper really knew what he was doing and it felt so good. She closed her eyes and started to grind her hips against Sly's lap. Her eyes shot open, realizing what she was doing.

"Stop it Cooper or I'll crack your skull open and bring you up on sexual assault charges." She said in a shaky voice. But Sly didn't stop. He continued and said, "If you were really going to do that, you would have done so already. It's not like I'm holding you back."

Carmelita looked down and saw that Cooper no longer had her arms pinned down. During their little moment, Sly let go of her and had his arms wrapped around her waist without her even noticing.

"Now! Get away and get your Shock Pistol!" Her mind screamed at her. But her body refused to listen. It just stood in place as Carmelita wasn't sure what to do. Sly nibbled the pointy tip of her ear, once agin whispering,

"I want you Carmelita. Badly. I know you want it too. This just isn't about sex to me Carm. I want to show you how much I care about you. How much you mean to me. How much I need you."

"Don't even try Cooper. Your nothing but a low down thief to me." Carmelita snapped back. Sly grinned that arrogant smile of his and nuzzled her shoulder.

"The body is a funny thing Carmelita. It can tell the truth when words fail to. The way your body is shaking, the quickness of your breath and your racing heart beat tells me that your lying." He said.

Carmelita swore under her breath. It was true. While her mind resisted, her body wanted Cooper more then anything right now. That warmth she had before was exploding into an inferno.

"Sly..." She softly spoke, her hand reaching up to find his. But all she came in contact with was air. She no longer felt his arms around her waist. Turning around, it had appeared Sly was gone. Complete and utter rage boiled inside her. He had toyed with her again. Feeling not only anger but hurt, she turned around to get her Shock Pistol when suddenly she bumped back into the sneaky raccoon . The thief's arms were upon her again, pulling her close.

"You didn't think I would just leave you like that, did you?" He whispered, staring deep into her hazel eyes. Carmelita stared back into his chocolate ones, her anger washing away and feeling paralyzed. Slowly, Sly leaned his muzzle towards her own, tipping her chin up with his hand. His lips met her own in a soft kiss. Sly's tongue sneaked past her teeth and caressed her own.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Get him off of you!" Her mind bellowed. She couldn't believe he was doing this. But it felt better than anything she's ever experienced. For a brief moment, she silenced her mind and let her body take over. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled herself closer, returning the kiss. Sly's hand moved from her back up to the back of her head, the kiss becoming more heated. Their tongues wrestled back and forth, exploring each other's mouth's.

Carmelita dug her fingers into Sly's shirt, moaning in his mouth. The two were getting hotter by the second. Sly picked the vixen up by the back of her hips and pushed up against the side of the railing, kissing her neck. Carmelita wrapped her legs around his waist, leaning her head back and gasping at the thief's touch.

Unfortunately for the two, Carmelita's law abiding side kicked in again. She pushed him away roughly and slid down from the railing. Neither of them spoke a word. They just stood there a few feet from each other, panting. Sly had a confused look on his face, wondering why she pushed him away after the way she was returning his affection.

"Jesus Cooper...Were you planning to do me right here in the middle of the street?" Carmelita asked between breaths. Sly smiled, saying, "You right my dear Inspector. I should have more will power. But can you blame me for being so enchanted with you?"

A blush rose to her face once more at Sly's flattering words. Regaining her composure, she saw her Shock Pistol in the corner of her eye. Old Ironsides was back in charge. In the distance she could hear sirens. The call she made to the Monaco Police Sation made it through. Thank God they hadn't come any earlier. Now was her chance. Cooper was there, trapped on a bridge and he couldn't swim. She had him. Diving towards her Shock Pistol, she rolled through and brought it up pointing at Cooper. But we was gone. Panic spread throughout her mind.

"He jumped! He's the worst swimmer I've ever met! I've got to save him! I..." She thought, racing to the edge. Then she saw him. Floating away on a barge with his van and the rest of his gang, waving a goodbye to her.

"Damn you Raccoon!" She shouted from the top of her lungs. Again that thief had gotten away. Carmelita leaned against the railing and sighed. She could still feel his lips on her own and it sent a shiver down her spine.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You were close to screwing a thief in the middle of a street!" Carmelita shook her head, trying to get the thoughts of Cooper out of her brain. A sudden ring came from her purse, which still hung loosely from her shoulder. Groaning, she knew it was the Chief wanting a report. He was going to hit the roof when she told him Cooper got away.

"When I get back to Paris Ringtail, your ass is mine." She mumbled to herself and headed toward the closing sounds of sirens.

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