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Was Carmelita's thoughts as she slammed the door to her apartment. Someone had left a very crude drawing on her desk this morning of her and that thief engaging in certain activities. It was probably that new bitch of a Constable, Neyla. For the rest of the day she was in a horrible mood, biting the heads off anyone who talked to her. She was just happy to be home, away from the abuse. And right now, she had a date with a nice hot shower.

Kicking off her boots, she un holstered her Shock Pistol and hung it on a nearby coat hanger along with her leather jacket. Walking into the bathroom, she locked the door behind her. She unzipped her tube top, slipped out of her jeans and stepped into the shower. Turning the nozzle, a blast of hot water hit her body, soaking her orange fur as she started scrubbing with a bar of soap.

"That's the stuff..."

She thought, the water soothing her tense muscles. Carmelita ran her hands through her long, curly blue hair, feeling absolutely relaxed. That was until she looked at the laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom and noticed the black dress from that night in Monaco last week. The memory she had been trying to forget from the night came flooding back into her mind.

She could still hear his voice whispering in her ear, the smell of his cologne. The way he touched her and the look of lust in his eyes was unforgettable. She hated it. She hated the fact that she let herself be seduced by that son of a bitch.

Even if it did feel wonderful.

She shook her head at such thoughts. The last thing she wanted was to remember was wrapping her legs around Cooper and playing tonsil hockey with him. Grabbing some shampoo, she started to lather it into her hair. No matter how hard she scrubbed, she couldn't get the feel of Cooper's light fingers off her body.

Turning the nozzle and ending the flow of hot water, Carmelita stepped out and grabbed a nearby towel. Wrapping it around her dripping wet body, she proceeded to dry herself off. A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, a robe tied loosely around her. She made her way to the bedroom where she flopped down onto her large bed.

"Another day, another dollar." She mumbled to herself, rubbing the tiredness from her eyes. She looked to her side, seeing all the empty space on her bed. Carmelita sighed. On days like this, she wished there was someone to come home to and share that space. Someone to keep her warm on these increasingly cold nights.

A slight bang from her balcony caught her attention.

Carmelita stood up and slowly walked over to the sliding door, her tail lazily trailing behind her. The vixen opened it and peered out. The streets of Paris were silent, darkness covering it like a plague of locus. Taking a few steps outward, she looked down to the streets below. Nothing but blackness.

"Must of been a pigeon or something." She thought, heading back into the bedroom. She was locking the door when a voice called out, causing her to leap out of her fur.

"Aren't you a little cold with just that flimsy robe on?"

Spinning around, she found Sly Cooper sitting on her bed, twirling his cane between his fingers. That same old smile on his face. She made a dash for the door but Sly, quick as ever, sprung up and blocked her.

"Easy there beautiful. Don't want you tearing up this lovely apartment with that Shock Pistol of yours." Sly said.

"Alright then," Carmelita hissed, "I'll kill you with my own two hands."

She lunged at Sly with both hands going for his throat. The raccoon put up his cane, directing her hands to grab the handle. Dropping down to his back, he pulled her forward then pressed both his feet into her stomach. Giving a hard push, Sly's feet threw Carmelita onto the bed. Before she could get up, Cooper was upon her once more, pinning her arms to the soft sheets and sitting on top of her. The Inspector struggled with all her might but just like in Monaco, he had her at his mercy again.

"Relax Carmelita." Sly said to her. But Carmelita continued to struggle until she noticed a horrifying observation. In the struggle with Sly, her robe had opened slightly, exposing more of her than she wished. Her face turned completely red and prayed to God that he wouldn't notice. Sly did notice the look on her face and had a confused look of his own. He looked down and saw the problem, quickly looking back up at her. Her eyes grew wide in horror, thinking he might do the unspeakable. Sly's look turned to one of hurt as he spoke,

"No Carmelita. I would never do such a thing and you know it."

He released her arms and backed away from her. Carmelita quickly wrapped her robe around her as tightly as she could, her face still hot with embarrassment.

"Christ, he practically saw me naked!" Her mind boomed. For a moment, the two stayed exactly were they were. Carmelita had no idea what to do. It was proven that she couldn't get past him and if she jumped the balcony, she would break her neck from such a distance.

Sly had her trapped like a rat.

"What do you want Ringtail?" She finally spoke, low and full of venom.

"Not to do you harm in anyway, I assure you."

"Then what?"

"If I recall, two years ago I saved your life remember?" Sly asked. "Yes and I recall giving you a ten second head start for that." She answered, trying not to remember what happened after that.

"As much as I enjoyed that," Sly said with a grin, "I think another small favor is in order."

Carmelita raised a brow and slowly asked, "What kind of favor?"

"I just want to talk. You owe me that much." The handsome thief replied. Carmelita closed her eyes in frustration. He did save her and her sense of honor did feel she owes him a little bit more.

"Fine. You have five minutes." She huffed. Moving away from the door, Cooper sat on the end of her bed. He patted the space beside him, wanting her to sit beside him.

"Come on Carmelita. I don't bite." He assured her. But Carmelita stayed where she was. "I'm much more comfortable here, thank you. Now cut to the chase Ringtail." She said, feeling annoyed.

"Alright then. I want to talk about that night in Monaco."

Carmelita froze. That was the last thing she wanted to talk about. Sly stood up and moved a bit closer to her. "I want to talk about what we experienced that night. What we can still experience."

"Listen you slimy bastard," Carmelita snapped, poking a finger at his chest, "That night in Monaco was a fluke. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life and I tell you right now, it won't happen again. Ever."

"Don't lie to me Carmelita. Even you can't deny the feelings you were having then or now."

"Time's up Cooper. Get out." She huffed, pointing to the door. But Sly wasn't finished. "You keep telling yourself that it's wrong. That the thought of having even the slightest bit of affection towards me is a sin." He stepped closer to her.

"You can believe that all you want Carmelita. But if it were true, you wouldn't have even let me touch you, much less kiss you. I didn't force anything upon you that night. You were the one who kissed back. You were the one squeezing my hips with your thighs."

"Shut up." Carmelita whispered, her ears flattening against the back of her head. She didn't want to hear this. Mostly because it was true. She could of resisted him if she truly wanted to, but she didn't. Sly was standing face to face with her now.

"You don't have to be ashamed Carmelita," He said softly, "There's nothing to be ashamed of wanting to be with someone, to love someone."

"I don't love you."

"Let yourself go Carmelita," Sly continued, ignoring what she said, "You put up with all those politics and assholes at work, and for what? To prove you're a good cop? After what you've done in the past, you shouldn't have to prove anything."

Carmelita was silent. Sly was mentally dissecting her. Peeling back truth after truth.

"Let me help you. Let me give you some pleasure in this dark world that surrounds you."

"Is that it?" She asked roughly, "You just want to screw me?" Sly gave her a stern look. "I want to pleasure you physically AND emotionally. Like I said before, this isn't about sex to me. It's about showing you that I care for you and that I can make you happy."

Sly took her hand in his own, putting it against his chest.

"You're the only woman I want Carmelita. I love you."

"Sly...don't..." Carmelita mumbled, almost a whisper. Those feelings from Monaco were coming back. She can't feel this way. Not about him. His hand reached up and gingerly caressed her cheek.

"It's ok to be afraid. I was too but I've accepted it and know the only thing I'm afraid of is losing you."

Carmelita was breaking. The voice that was always telling her that this was a trick or that he was nothing but a wretched crook had been silenced. Those bottled up feelings she had suppressed for years were being unleashed. All she could think of now was how much she wanted him.

Sly leaned his muzzle in close to hers, stopping just centimeters away. Her lips trembled in anticipation.

"Say it." He whispered. Sly knew she was accepting the truth now but he wanted to hear it from her before he takes this next large step.

"Kiss me dammit." Carmelita ordered. That's all Sly needed. Pressing his lips against her's, he slipped his tongue in once more. This time, Carmelita didn't hesitate. She was there to meet him and roughly grabbed his shirt, pulling Sly close.

Their kiss quickly grew heated, Sly wrapping his arms around her waist tightly. Carmelita jumped up, wrapping her slender legs around his waist. Her heart was racing. It felt so good just to give in and stop denying herself what she wants. Breaking away from Sly, she pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his slim, gymnastic toned chest. She planted soft kisses on his bare shoulders while gently rubbing his stomach. Sly let out a small growl of enjoyment at her touch. The buxom vixen then started to undo his belt, feeling an incredible desire spread throughout her body.

Sly suckled on her neck as he slowly peeled the robe down her shoulders. For every bit of fur and flesh that was exposed, he would plant a small kiss. Her fur was soft and silky to the touch. He felt his pant's and boxer's be yanked down and he kicked them off his feet. He planted another kiss on Carmelita's lips as she let the rest of her robe fall to the floor. Sly picked her up once more, letting her legs wrap around him again. The feel of her bare body against his own made him quiver in delight.

Slowly, he lowered her onto the bed. Carmelita felt all his weight shift onto her and the warmth that emanated from his body. She leaned her head back and moaned as Sly's nimble hands caressed her body, head to tail.

Sly was sure to take his time with her. He wanted to make her feel every bit of pleasure he could dish out. He could feel her hands roaming up and down his back, squeezing his fur tightly if he found a tender spot. The sound of her softly calling out his name was music to his ears.

Carmelita was in ecstacy. No man she had ever been with was as passionate with foreplay as Sly. They usually wanted to get straight to the banging. His soft lips covered almost every inch of her body, his ringed tail dancing behind him.

Sly kissed her softly and slowly positioned himself in front of her. He broke away, looking into her eyes.

"Are you ready my lovely Senorita?"

Carmelita loved it when he spoke Spanish. She pulled his head down and kissed him, grabbing his shoulders to steady herself.

"Make me scream your name Ringtail." She whispered. Sly grinned the biggest grin ever in his life. Kissing her one more time, he reached out and turned off the lamp.

Carmelita let out a very happy sigh. Sly kissed the back of her neck and pulled her back tighter against his chest. The two lay in bed, completely exhausted after their passionate love making. Carmelita entwined her hand in one of his own.

"How do you feel?" Sly asked her. "Mmm...Amazing." She moaned. Sly chuckled and nuzzled her shoulder.

"I guess those rumors about us are true now."

Carmelita rolled over so that she was sitting on top of him and ran her hands up and down his chest. "I don't think so Cooper," She dug her claws into his chest, not deep enough to hurt him but enough to make him wince. "As far as anyone is concerned, this night never happened. And If you tell anyone about tonight or any other night I decide to let you into my bed, I will hurt you. Understand?"

"My lips are sealed." Sly responded. Carmelita smiled, laying back on top of him. "Good." She said. She knew she didn't have to tell him that but she wanted to make it clear how important this was to her. The raccoon and vixen lay in silence until Sly suddenly spoke.



"Where do we go from here?"

Carmelita paused. It was a question that was inevitable. She loves Sly, but the fact remains he is still a thief and she is still a cop. But Carmelita wasn't about let anybody take him away from her. Unless it was Carmelita herself.

"I do love you Sly, but I still have a job to do. I'm not sure what I'll do when I catch you but I will catch you. Until then, You are mine Sly Cooper and I will keep you all to myself. " She explained with a grin and kissed the bottom of his chin.

"Hmm, I'm looking forward to it." Sly mused, softly rubbing her back. Carmelita kissed him once more on the lips. They made it last for as long as they could before they ran out of breath. Carmelita settled into Sly's arms and soon sleep started to overcome them.

"Goodnight Inspector Fox"

"Goodnight Ringtail."

The End

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