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The air was freezing cold, as she clutched her wool shawl protectively around her for warmth. Icicles hung eerily down from old pipes and the ceiling where water once dripped, showing the obvious signs of winter. Puffs of air released from her mouth as she breathed, her hands shaking coldly. The nasty scent of mint was hanging in the air, proving to everybody the old toothpaste factory never lost it's scent, even after all the years that its been shut down.

"Hello? Is anybody here?" her voice called out.

It was weak, and it kept on echoing throughout the factory. The young woman clutched the sharp dagger in her hands, in fear on who would have called her. A gun was hanging from her belt, and a pocketknife was as well.

She waited, the sweat and anticipation increasing in her gut. Despite her reputation as being 'the best in the biz', her fears were pretty evident and clear.


She turned around, her eyes searching everywhere for the voice.

A man lying on boxes was there, the shadows nearly covering him completely. She gave a small yelp of surprise, pulling out the dagger from her shawl.

"Put that down, girl! I'm too weak to even attack you." the man growled.

She stared at him, noticing that it was true. His clothes were completely torn, his hair messy and eyes looking tired. Blood and wounds were evident on his skin. The only warmth he held for himself was a tattered blanket worn with holes. She almost felt pity for him.


She slowly placed the dagger away, but hid it behind the cloth of her shawl just in case.

"Are you Rayne Thompson?" he asked gruffly.

She nodded her head in response.

"Are you Victor Von Doom?" she asked in return, the grip on her dagger tightening.

He nodded his gruff head, a twinkle in his eye oddly showing in the dim light. She noticed this, and fear was starting to build up. The twinkle showed danger, despite his weak appearance.

Who knows? He could be the world's most dangerous criminal on the loose! Or this could all be an act! But her spunky and tough attitude took her stand, and she kept her guard on keeping calm and cool.

"Yes, sir? What have you called me for?" she asked politely, masking the fear and confusion in her voice.

This was what her 'school' and 'teachers' taught her to do whenever she met suspicious people like this man. Stay cool.

A wicked smile crept up onto his lips, and this made her shudder. "I've called to assign you a job," he replied simply.

She raised her eyebrows, expecting him to want more.

"Who's the target?" she asked, crossing her arms.

Victor smiled, digging into his pockets. He pulled out a small, pocket-sized wrinkled picture, and handed it to Rayne.

She stared at it, confused.

"Four people? But si-?"

"No, not all of them," he interrupted, getting impatient. "I want you to take down one by one."

She nodded her head in new understanding, focusing her attention back to the picture.

"You're first is this one," Victor pointed towards a young man with a flicker of fire balancing on his finger. His eyes were crazy, and his smile was none other than goofy. Rayne raised her eyebrows, wondering if Mr. Doom had gone mad.

"Sir, no offense, but I'm a professional assassin, not a circus clown to entertain kids in birthday parties!" she pointed out, stifling a laugh.

Victor scolded her, which shut her mouth up immediately.

"Yes, he may seem rather foolish and stupid, but I KNOW what I'm talking about. My lesson that I learned before was not to take the top of the turf, otherwise known as 'the leader'. Take the lowest of the low, and that will weaken the palace of cards." Victor answered, sounding professional.

This comment impressed Rayne immensely, and she nodded her head in obedience.

"Sir, may I ask whoever this foolish fire clown is?"

"Yes, you may. This person is otherwise known as 'The Human Torch', Mr. Johnny Storm. One-fourth of the Fantastic Four."

Rayne nodded, the puzzle pieces starting to click together. She knew she heard of this group, and their amazing powers. She clearly reminisced the time when she was at her kitchen, practicing her daily kung fu session, when she saw on TV the news of a highway disaster involving a fire truck. A so-called 'Fantastic Four' was on the scene immediately, and cleared everything up.

"You may have heard of them, since they have been on the news plenty of times." Victor added, pocketing the picture in his tattered pants pocket.

She nodded her head, getting up from her uncomfortable seat on the floor. She brushed away the dirt and dust from her skirt, skidding her fur boots onto the floor to remove excessive mud.

"Here's my number, so we can keep on contact. I'll call you tomorrow on more of you're assignment." He handed her a piece of newspaper with some black-inked messy numbers written over the advertisement.

She took it gradually, tucking it into her skirt pocket. As she walked off towards the exit of the old toothpaste factory, she called out,

"Sir, how will I meet the Fantastic Four?"

"I don't know. Be creative, and figure out a way until Saturday!"

She sighed, clutching onto her shawl as she pushed open the creaky exit door. She entered once again into the snowy white world of New York, shivering.

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