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A woman walked into the room, Olivia, Elliot, and Fin had just started their shift. She walked up to Elliot, "Hi, is this Special victims unit?" Elliot looked up.

"Yeah, you looking for someone?" He asked wondering who this was; he'd never seen her before. She had long dark brown hair with copper streaks. She was a little bit shorter than himself, but by the way she carried herself and the firmed and toned muscles that looked strong, he was pretty sure she wasn't here to report any crime done to her. As she looked like she was about to respond Captain Cragen walked in.

"Lisa Madow, I see you're introducing your self. Everyone I'd like you to meet the newest member of our team Lisa Madow she comes from the Concord Police department. She handled some of the Sexual assault cases from there so she has some experience."

"Why do we need someone else?" Olivia took a step forward, "we're doing fine we're keeping up with our cases."

"That's just it, we're falling behind, unless the case is high profile we can't get to it right away." Cragen responded firmly. "Once she is trained we'll be able to go through more cases."

"Captain we are doing fine we don't need her." Olivia responded frustrated.

"I'm still in the room." Lisa stated looking annoyed at Olivia.

"She's staying Olivia," Cragen gave her firm look before turning to Lisa. "Fin, John will be gone for today, I'd like you to get her introduced to things around here. The police are coming by with a victim, she's going to go to the hospital for a rape kit then I want you and Lisa to interview her," he gave as a final note before heading into his Office. Olivia and Elliot headed out on a follow up from a previous case, Olivia turned to Elliot as they were getting into the car.

"I don't like her Elliot." She stated with a contemplating look on her face.

"Why, you just met her?" he laughed lightly, "don't worry Liv you'll still be the best girl on the team." She looked at him and rolled her eyes frustrated.

"That's not what I'm worried about, I don't know I just have a gut feeling about her that I don't like." Elliot shrugged his shoulders, Olivia could be little bit paranoid sometimes, at first he honestly thought that'd she'd gotten used to being the only female on the team. This girl looked like a younger but taller version of Olivia, he bet Fin thought the same thing when Liv started objecting to the new arrival.

Back in the station Fin was showing Lisa her locker, the interviewing room and other areas in the precinct waiting for the girl to be done at the hospital it seemed to be taking a while so Lisa thought she'd ask Fin.

"Why does Olivia not like me?" a perplexed look on her face.

"It might take her a while to get used to you, when I replaced one of the old detectives it took them a while to warm up to me." Fin replied wondering himself why Olivia showed such hostility towards the new detective. She seemed nice enough to him, she wasn't shy but she wasn't trying to be intimidating either, he thought she was pretty easy to get along with. She looked like she was about to ask another question, when an officer and the girl came out into the hallway. Fin and Lisa took the girl to a more private and comfortable area. The two had already decided that Lisa was going to start the interview, as she had done some before, but for Fin to step in should she forget something.

"Hi I'm Lisa and this is detective Tutuola, what your name?" Lisa asked with a compassionate look on her face.

"I'm Natalie," she said looking down and folding her hands in her lap, keeping a watchful eye on Fin.

"Will you tell us what happened?" Lisa asked with a soft voice so as not to surprise her. Natalie started looking around the room each time stopping her gaze on Fin. He took the hint and said he had to leave.

"You'll think it's my fault," Natalie said ashamed avoiding any kind of eye contact.

"I promise I will not think this is your fault, because it's not." Natalie nodded in response. "Do you live here?" Lisa asked noticing the accent although slight was not American. The girl shook her head this time.

"Nein, I'm from Germany" letting her English slip a little bit.

"I see, are you traveling then?" a small knot tied in her stomach as the girl nodded her head. Swallowing the feeling she continued, "Do you know any body here?" the girl shook her head and looked as though she was about to cry. "It's ok," Lisa slowly put her hand on the table. "Would you like to call your family at home?" the girl again shook her head and sighed.

"Nein, noch nicht" Natalie sat there a moment then looked up, "Entshuldigung, I'm sorry, I meant..."

"Not yet, I understand, I took a little bit of German in University, I don't know a lot but I know the basics." Natalie smiled at Lisa. Lisa was able to take the statement and also find out why the girl was so cautious of Fin; Fin with only a verbal description was similar in race and features of the guy who attacked her. Most girls who are attacked are usually afraid of males in general which was Lisa's first guess, but this girl wasn't afraid of the male cop who brought her here, some girls, if the attacker wasn't of the same race, for a short period are only afraid of males within that specific race group. Lisa walked outside the interview room for a moment to grab the girl some water, and to talk to Fin. "Am I missing anything?" Lisa wondered not sure but thinking she'd gotten everything.

"Na, you were pretty good in there, you'll be a pro in no time." Lisa smiled and was about to turn away when he added, "I'll call a sketch artist ask him to come down." Lisa nodded and smiled again as she left to get the water.

On the way back Fin told her the sketch artist was on his way and to describe what it would be like to the girl. Lisa slowly opened the door and walked in the room to as not to make her jump, handed the girl her water. "Natalie, we have someone coming in to sketch the man that attacked you. You'll need to tell the sketch artist about the tattoo and any other distinct features you can remember. Although it may be painful the more detail you can remember of his face the faster we'll be able to find the man." Natalie nodded her head obviously understanding but not liking what was about to happen. "Then maybe after you'll be ready to talk to your family." Natalie smiled slightly and nodded.

"Will you stay with me?" Natalie said quietly.

"Of course I will, whatever you want," As soon as the artist showed up they began the painful process of remembering the face. Lisa hated this part the most because usually the more helpful the sketch is, the more accurate, and therefore more painful. Natalie hadn't cried yet, while taking the statement she was just quiet and upset which made this part even worse. One way Lisa could usually tell if the sketch was similar to the attacker was if the victim, once finished describing the sketch, and while taking a final look at it, broke down and started crying. As Lisa expected, much to her chagrin, Natalie began sobbing after looking at the final sketch. Soon after Natalie decided to call her family, she spoke with them for a little while, Don allowed her to use the phone in his office for some privacy, Lisa was able to pick up a little bit of what she was saying. The only other person in the room was Captain Don Cragen. At one point in the conversation Natalie asked.

"When can I go home?" Lisa looked to her Captain not sure of this one. Seeing her look Don spoke up.

"We'd like to keep you at least until tomorrow, and if we need you further after that we can organize something with the police near your home." Captain Cragen smiled assuring her, she smiled slightly more of relief than anything. She spoke on the phone a little bit longer asked for the number to the police station giving it to her family then hanging up.

"My parents are buying a plane ticket home they will try and book a flight between 5 and 8 the morning after tomorrow. Will that be alright?" her eyes looking at Lisa hoping, Lisa glanced at Don who was nodding.

"Yes, that will be fine." Lisa told her, Natalie smiled then another sad look crossed her face.

"May I apologize for being rude?" She looked at the Captain and Lisa sheepishly; both had a confused look on the face.

"You were never rude honey," Lisa stated confused.

"To detective Tutuola, I made him leave the room, he'll think I don't like him."

"He doesn't think that." Lisa tried to reassure, but Natalie persisted, they were walking out of the room to find Fin when Don's voice alerted their attention again.

"Natalie, I want you to know that even though you maybe going home tomorrow it doesn't mean this case is any less important. We will be investigating it as we would for any American." He smiled once more, concern still evident on his face, as the two women walked out of the office. Lisa saw Fin right away, he was sitting at his desk doing some paper work. Natalie saw him shortly after took a deep breath and walked straight to him.

"I'm sorry," the first thing she said to attract his attention. Fin looked up obviously being caught off guard.

"Sorry for what?" he asked, looking to Lisa then back to the girl. The girl felt much better after talking to Fin. The three had a little time to kill so Fin took the two to see a couple sights in New York the two detectives enjoyed seeing Natalie's eyes light up with curiosity, both secretly wondering why this had to happen to her.

"Olivia," Elliot called out trying to get her attention, she quickly walked into the room instantly wishing she hadn't. There was a young girl maybe 17 years old lying on the bed with her throat slit and her face so bloodied up you could barely tell where her puffy black eye ended and her petit nose began. Olivia looked at Elliot with a mixture of shock, disgust and sadness in her eyes. Then turned to leave the room until the ME gave them permission to search the body.

"Liver mortis is set, she hasn't been move since she was killed," Melinda Warner stood and walked over to the detectives finishing her notes. "Rigor mortis is beginning to show, I'd say she's been dead about 4 hours. She's all yours." Melinda finished as she left to finish her notes. The two detectives heard a commotion outside and a male voice yell 'what's going on?'

"I'll go," Elliot turned and headed out into the front of the house, Olivia nodded and went to check the body for I.D although with what she could hear from outside even if she couldn't find anything who ever was out there, probably her boyfriend, knew exactly who this pretty girl was. Finishing her look for any personal effects she nodded to the CSU team standing by and went out to see what was going on outside. She saw Elliot trying to talk to a guy who looked like he was trying hard to keep his composure.

"Who reported it?" Olivia questioned before Elliot could ask another question.

"The land lord she was late in paying the rent." Elliot answered flipping through his note pad to refresh his memory. On cases like this he always made sure to make note of everything because every intricate detail could mean the difference between a solved case and a cold one.

"Would you mind giving us a DNA sample, to exclude you right away?" Elliot asked as unthreatening as he could. The guy looked at him incredulously.

"You think I killed her?" he asked almost hysterical at the thought.

"No but if you have slept with her in the last day or so it will show." Olivia stated with a stern glare, the glare disappeared to confusion when the guy began laughing.

"I can guarantee you I haven't slept with her," she gave him an unbelieving look, "lady I'm gay, girls like you don't get my libido goin', now a man in uniform that's what I'm after." He said, his eyes glancing towards a younger cop. Elliot let a small smirk cross his face, and signaled for a CSU to come collect his DNA.

Few days later

"The jury just went in, I'd say a couple hours and we'll have an answer," Casey informed the detectives as she walked in looking at her watch.

"I thought the case was pretty straight forward, shouldn't it be less than that?" Casey nodded, obviously as irritated as Olivia.

"It should, except the defense had a really good closing statement, and not only does the jury have to decide whether she's guilty or not but also whether she's insane or not." Casey answered.

"What broke the case?" came a voice from behind them.

"Are those files talking?" John said sarcastically looking through the stacked files to Lisa. He'd met her on her second day here but she was busy with a German girl. After she was dropped off at the airport Cragen told Lisa to look at the cold files and she had been doing that the whole time.

"They're starting to, I swear much more and I'll go nuts." Lisa gave a tired smile and stood up to stretch.

"We all had to do it," Elliot laughed at the same time knowing how hard it was to look over those cases, not only were they depressing but he was trapped behind a desk his first week in SVU. "Our vics best friend gave us some DNA, turned out the two were twins separated in a nasty divorce, the mother of the two found out and blamed our vic for the fathers lack of child support and killed her. The two kids didn't even know they were brother and sister." Elliot explained, Lisa had been with Natalie while all this was going on so he didn't expect her to know.

"She left blood behind?" Lisa asked curious.

"It was almost untraceable but there was some sweat mixed in with the semen that she planted and we traced the sweat back to the boy because according to the girls record her mom was dead." Elliot clarified.

"How do you know she planted the semen and someone didn't plant her sweat?" asked going over the scenario in her head. Elliot, Fin and John nodded their heads, Olivia stayed quite.

"Thinking like a detective glad your on the team," Fin said honestly impressed by both the EQ and IQ the women displayed at a young age. Lisa smiled but was still looking for an answer.

"He's been dead for two years, that's how we know he didn't do it." Olivia spoke up, rather harshly. Everyone looked at her; she was treating Lisa like a perp they'd never seen Olivia act this way towards another cop or detective with out a reason. When they looked back at Lisa, she was looking at Olivia, the two had a staring contest that lasted about 10 seconds before a look of confusion crossed her face, her eyes lit up and she walked back to her desk. Fin and Munch shared looks, everyone knew Olivia didn't like the new girl, Lisa tried to avoid her, trying not to remain on her bad side, but at this moment it didn't seem to faze her, she was on a mission. The next thing they all knew she was going through the files on her desk grabbed one out of the stack walked over to the Captains office knocked and walked in.

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