There's a reason why this thing exists. One: Soda. Two: Boredom.Three: I was reading some book I found in the library the other day. Something about analyzing the first four books for clues and stuff. Explained several things here and there. I'm sure some people have heard of it.

The book also had a list of potential endings in the back. One of them was the'Its all a dream, yo!' scenario.

Quite frankly, if HP ended like that, then the world will go boom over it.


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Except this fic.

Onto the fic!

The End of Harry Potter

By Bilbo-sama

After several days of angst, death, romance, and finding clues, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny (who was filling in for Ron because he was still in St. Mungo's thanks to the 'spider-noodle incident' three weeks ago) finally found Voldemort's hideout.

"You don't have much time, Harry!" said Hermione, "hurry up and defeat Voldemort!"

"You can do it, Harry!" said Ginny, "I believe in you!"

"SO DO WE!" added the fangirls who appeared from nowhere.

"Thanks," said Harry. He then pulled out his lightsaber slash wand and entered Mount Doom. The girls waved goodbye as he did.

"Well, what do you want to do?" asked Hermione.

"Let's write crappy fanfics!" said a fangirl.

"How about writing a nifty crossover fic with Lord of the Rings where Legolas is a super detective?" suggested another. Her head was then smacked by the first.

"You fool! Nobody reads those!"

"Then why do they get 50+ reviews?"

"'Cause only the losers read those! Think like a good writer, dammit!"

"I'm sorry…"

"Why don't we just get a pizza?" said Luna who was there the whole time. Everyone then blinked.

"THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" And so, the girls left the scene.

Meanwhile in Mount Doom

"Since when did Voldemort decide to go high-tech?" muttered Harry as he walked down a shiny hallway.

"You can thank Peter for that," said Voldemort, who, for some reason, was wearing movie!Zaphod Beeblebrox's outfit. He holding a replica of the Millennium Rod in his hand.

"But how can I when you killed him five chapters ago for no reason at all?"

"DON'T QUESTION MY METHODS, POTTER! Anyway, here's one more thing that you need to know."

"Does it involve spoofing Star Wars?"



"Nice 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' by the way," said Voldemort.


"Now, Potter. Its time to duel!"

"Yes," said Harry as he raised his wand, "I CHOOSE YOU, STANTLER-ISH PATRONUS!"


Yuna groaned as the alarm clock rang in her ear. She reached for the off button, got up and stretched. She then went to the kitchen to find Paine and Rikku drinking coffee.

"Morning Yunie!" said Rikku.

"I had this weird dream," said Yuna, "Some kid named Harry Potter was chosen to save the world from a Time Lord known as Voldemort. But I didn't get to see the end of it..."

"You always get the weird dreams," muttered Paine.

"Definitely," agreed Agumon, who was there for some reason.

"I do not! Wait...maybe I do..."

Awkward silence. And then...

"HEY! LETS BAKE COOKIES!" shouted Rikku.

"YEAH!" said everyone minus Paine, who was busy drinking her precious coffee. She then stopped and looked inside the cup.

"Ice cream?"


"Waaaah!" Osaka fell out of her bed in surprise. She turned off the alarm clock and glanced at the calendar. It was New Years.

"I always get weird dreams during New Years," she muttered. "Oooh! Ice cream! YAY!"

The End.

I told you guys I was bored. /sweatdrops/

If you want, guess which fandoms were randomified (besides Harry Potter) correctly and I give you a virtual cookie (the ending included for I was parodying an episode ending in a certain show...)! XD