Author's note: I am trying to get out of my fanfiction-writing funk, since I just can't seem to focus on the stories that matter (aka Ambivalent Lucidity) and so I will be attempting some short fics over the next few weeks to jumpstart myself again. These stories will possibly all be linked somehow.

And now, Sakai Michiba presents,

My First Valentine

Part of the Smitten series

It was Valentine's Day and Remus J. Lupin could not care less. He was fifteen years old, a bit too small for his robes but too old inside to look so young. He never had a date for Valentine's Day, not for the past three years, and it was not at all surprising. He kept to himself mostly, save for his friends, and they all had dates, he imagined, because they certainly were not around.

The full moon had been the night before, and he was lying in the hospital wing recovering from some nasty scratches he had inflicted on himself the night before. He felt fine; Madam Pomfrey was a good friend and never made him suffer for her own amusement as she often did James or Sirius. No, Remus was her favorite, and she had even bought him a chocolate bar for the holiday (but he would never, ever tell the others for fear of eternal torment).

No one had visited him all day, and it rather hurt his feelings. They always visited, no matter the occasion, and so he lay there on the white bed quite depressed. He wondered secretly if they would even miss him if he just offed himself right then.

As if on cue, there fluttered to the window a barn owl, carrying something in its beak. Blinking, he crept over to the window, giving the owl a gentle stroke of the feathers on its breast before he accepted the little white envelope, addressed to him. Nimble fingers slid into the white paper and withdrew a glaring red, foil card adorned with hideous pink hearts.

BANG! When he opened it, confetti exploded into his face and all over the ground, sparkling in the dim sunlight from the window. The card was white on the inside with only a very loopy, red-inked command: turn around.

Ominous. He stared at the card for a moment, quite dreading what might happen if he did, in fact, follow instructions, but the thought of what might happen if he didn't was even more terrifying. He stood there frozen in thought for at least twenty-seven seconds before he took a deep breath and turned around.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Moony," said an uncharacteristically quiet voice. It was Sirius Black, holding something in his hand. "Brought you something…" He stepped over to Remus, who was staring at him as though he were quite mad, and placed in his hands a napkin with something inside.

Remus eyed it nervously before he reached up and unfolded the napkin, finding a jammy dodger inside, sloppily made with red jam. He blinked a moment before he looked back up to Sirius, who was grinning stupidly. "…Mum's mad at me again, so I didn't have any money. You missed out on breakfast and these are your favorite, so…I brought you one." He looked very embarrassed suddenly, and he looked away.

Remus had no idea what to say except, "Don't you have a date to attend to?" He looked away when he asked it, ashamed that he should be stuck in here all day while everyone else got to frolick.

"Sure do…That is, if you want to be attended to." But Sirius did not give Remus the chance to respond, and he seized him in a strong, playful embrace. Remus did not argue, mainly because he knew that Sirius would be a great prat about it if he did, and so when he sat back down on the bed, his best friend curled up next to him.

Long moments of silence reigned between them, but Remus noted that, the longer the silences grew, the closer together they became, and by the time he fell asleep, his head was resting on Sirius's chest and his hand lay on his shoulder, the red card dangling between his fingers.