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"Life In Death"
The battle ground can do many things to a man. It can take away a friend or cause yourself to completely blackout and do nothing, but cause misery and death to others. Roy Mustang has gone through both. In Ishbal, he completely blacked out everything and snapped his fingers countless times. He lost his best friend, Maes Hughes out on the battle field. And now...of all things he could have lost, his jacket, a left shoe, his gloves, but no. Instead he lost her.

The one person who had alway been by his side, the one who promised she would help him on his way to the top, the woman who just took a bullet for him...to save his miserable life. He holds her now, in his arms as her blood seeps through his clothes and on to his skin. He fights back the tears , but they fall down his cold face anyway. She gently wipes them away with the very little energy she has. "I...I love you," she manages to choke out. "I love you too. I always have,"Roy replies with more tears. "Roy...don't mourn over me...make it to the top...that's your dream."

"It doesn't seem like much of a dream right now, if your not going to be up there with me." More tears slip away.

"I love you and always will...meet me in heaven." Those were her final words as she took her last breath and shut her eyes. Roy didn't want those beautiful ,wine eyes to dissappear.

"Riza...come back..." He choked as he burried his face into her life-less body.

1 year later...

Usually, alchemist aren't the type tp beleive in God, but when Riza told Roy to meet her in heaven, he knew what he would have to do. He read and studied the bible and became a christian. Hard to believe isn't it. The Flame Alchemist a christian! But as he got more into the religion, he became more and more peacefull and whenever "her" birthday and funeral came around, it didn't hurt as much.

Roy was killed in battle up north. Havoc and the other subordinates knew he was happier now and that he wouldn't want them to be sad.

Roy woke up in a place where the streets where made of gold and where the sun alway shined. "Roy, I'm glad your here!" Riza exclaimed. She ran over and hugged him. He lifted her face and then slowly kissed her. "I missed you so much!" Roy exclaimed. Riza smiled and rested her head on Roy's shoulder. Roy thanked God for taking care of his Riza. Roy also knew he would never be lonely again, for here is life in death.

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