Freetalk: HI im riona18... im kinda new to this fanfic thing so i wanted to start off with something my friend cuzimcrazylikethat and Miss Kanji Babe thought was funny so hope you enjoy.

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Okay people.. in this fanfic Sasuke has a sister.. just play along with me…

One night back when the clan was still alive, Itachi was talking to his foolish little sister Mimi.

"Is it possible for Sasuke to dream about anything OTHER than his dead pets" complained Mimi.

"Not after all of them 'mysteriously' ran away" replied Itachi.

"NOOO! PINKY!", Screamed Sasuke in the other room.

"Oh yeah, I remember Pinky… I never liked that cat.. wander what happened to him?", questioned Mimi.

" Hehehe.. I enoyed drowning that cat", said Itachi, giddy as a school boy.

" Why Itachi why, so we have to listen wonder around aimlessly looking for a dead cat" complained Mimi.

"Exactly" replied a satisfied Itachi.

AN: Im not to sure about this chapter but there will be others.. please keep reading and reveiwing.