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This chapter takes place the next morning.

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The next morning the Uchiha family was sitting at the breakfast table.

"How did you sleep last night Sasuke?" asked Itachi.

"Fine." Sneered Sasuke as he played with his hamster, Muffins.

"You sound like that hamster if it was to be put in a microwave" laughed Mimi.

After breakfast Sasuke went into the kitchen with the Muffins.

"I wonder what you would sound like in a microwave?" , Sasuke muttered, to his hamster. "How many seconds should I put you in for?"

Sasuke took the hamster out of his cage and put it into the microwave. Once in the microwave, Sasuke set the timer for 10 seconds. He pressed the start button. After 3 seconds the hamster started to squeal. It squealed for 2 more seconds before Sasuke took out the Hamster.

"It's going to be okay," said Sasuke to Muffins.

Later that day Itachi walked through the kitchen and smelled chicken.

"What is the smell?" he thought.

Itachi walked over to the refrigerator and open the door only to see a dead hamster. Itachi looked for a moment.



"WHAT DA FUCK!" screamed Itachi.

Sasuke walks in and starts accusing Itachi of atrocious crimes.

"What did you do to my Muffins!" screamed Sasuke.

"I didn't do anything!" yelled Itachi.

The hamster had committed suicide due to the trauma of being out into a microwave.

Sasuke and Itachi stared at the body. It was not long until both boys picked the hamster up and put it into the pot for dinner. They surely did enjoy dinner that night.