A/N: Okay Okay yes it's me the crazy busy college girl starting another story when she has yet to finish or even update the others at a decent time but they're not inspiring me at the moment and a scribble in one of my journals brought on this idea. This is going to be a little bit of a songfic in that there will be song lyrics in it but you can either imagine them sung or spoken whichever one you wish. This is very AU in which everyone but Endymion was reincarnated on the Moon and while they were dead for the thousand years the power of the crystal rebuilt the Moon kingdom…umm yeah hopefully it'll make sense soon.

Serenity looked out over the balcony, staring once again at the Earth and letting the memories flood her mind.

"I hear the sound of gentle rain

Like teardrops on the windowpane

A priceless smile in a wooden frame beside the bed

I stare at the sky and talk to the stars

I lay stand alone and imagine it all

As a river of memories rush through my head

I can almost taste your kiss as I think about how much I miss

Your midnight eyes, your gentle smile

The sound of your voice whispering

The love I feel inside your heart

When I'm wrapped up in your arms so close

I try to rest but sleep won't come

My body aches and my mind is numb

Shadows fall as the morning sun begins to rise

Another day without you here

Has it been yeas or has it been centuries

I find it getting harder to keep track of time

I breathe in and I breathe out but it's getting tough to live without you"

"You're thinking about him again aren't you?" Nephrite called coming up beside Serenity with Lita beside him.

Serenity turned to look at her friends who knew her answer long before Nephrite asked.

"I just wish I knew why he wasn't brought back. How am I to rule and become Queen without him by my side?" Serenity turned back toward the stars as tears filled her eyes once again.

Lita looked to Nephrite and nodded her head, urging him to tell Serenity what the stars had told him.

"Serenity…I…" Nephrite paused wondering just how to break the news to his beloved princess.

"We found out what happened to Endymion." Lita said quickly having grown impatient with Nephrite. Serenity turned around instantly at her words.

"What? What happened to him?" Serenity said her crystal blue eyes overflowing with emotions as she looked at her friends.

"He was reincarnated on Earth…" Nephrite began but he was cut off by Serenity's words.

"Why was he reincarnated on Earth? I mean you guys were reincarnated on the Moon." Serenity stated her words brimming with hope.

"Because he made a wish and apparently the crystal granted it when it reincarnated him." Lita said softly, not wanting to tell Serenity the whole truth.

"What are you talking about? What wish?" Serenity asked wondering what he friends were keeping from her.

Nephrite motioned to the silver crystal that Serenity kept clasped in a locket around her neck. "Ask the crystal to show you." He said, not wanting to be the one to tell her.

Serenity took the crystal from around her neck and called upon it's power. It awakened and floated with white light between her open palms. "Crystal show me the wish my Endymion made." The crystal glowed brightly and projected an image of Endymion standing on a balcony and looking out at the stars just as Serenity had been.

"I wish upon the stars above to banish the fear and doubt from my mind. I can't help wondering if Serenity is the one. I love her but what if something happens and I end up hurting her or she ends up hurting me. What if the path with her is not the right one? I love her, but what if I'm just naïve? Please stars find a way to banish this fear and doubt from my heart so I can live my life in happiness." Endymion turned away from the balcony then and the projection stopped.

Serenity just stood there staring at the point where the image of her Endymion had been, not wanting to believe that he had once doubted their love.

"Apparently when he was reincarnated the crystal did not give him back his memories, the only way for him to keep from doubting or fearing the outcome of your love was to live without it. He goes by the name of Darien Shields…" Nephrite trailed off not knowing what to tell Serenity.

"So that's it then? I have to live with the knowledge that my prince is alive but we can never be together?" Serenity's voice quivered but she was Princess enough to know not to cry. She pulled out the star locket that he had given her so long ago and let it play it's haunting melody.

"Serenity you and Endymion were meant to be together you always have been. Maybe you can go down to Earth, find him and make him remember his past…and then you can be together again." Lita offered knowing that Serenity would never be happy without Endymion by her side.

"Why go through all that when he didn't trust in our love the first time? Who's to say he won't end up doubting it again?" Serenity said still fighting back tears, wondering how he could have ever doubted their love.

"Serenity, no one can live a life without love, that's why Endymion was so afraid of losing it, of losing you. Go to him, make him remember and let him show it's better to be happy for as long as it lasts rather than never experience that love at all." Nephrite put his arm around Lita as he spoke, remembering all the pain he felt being apart from her, but also knowing it was worth it for all the happiness he shared being with her.

"You have a year until you are supposed to be crowned Queen, until then the Royal Council can take over ruling, especially with your mother's spirit to guide them, and we can all take a trip down to the Earth and get your Prince to fall in love with you again and remember everything." Lita said happily enjoying the thought of a nice long trip to Earth.

"It sounds like fun, besides it's been so long since we've all had a nice long trip together. But there's no way I'm staying away for an entire year. I need to be back to help plan my coronation, and if anything happens we're coming back immediately agreed?" Serenity spoke firmly knowing that if she let Lita talk her into this it was going to be upon her terms.

"Agreed! Yes! I can't wait to tell everyone!" Lita for once acted out of character and ran off excitedly. Serenity shook her head and looked off toward the stars and Earth once again.

"You are a wonderful, beautiful, kind and caring person. You are every bit a Princess and I know you will be the greatest Queen the moon has ever known. He will love you Serenity." Nephrite said putting his arm around the young princess.

"I don't know Nephrite I was a different person a thousand years ago, I was so young and naïve and innocent, what if that was what he loved about me? I'm older now and wiser and next year when I turn 20 I will take the throne, and I'm still not sure if I'm ready or able to be Queen. What if I don't know what to do? What if there's a war? Will Endymion want a Princess who doesn't even know if she can be a good Queen for her people?" Serenity gave a deep sigh, releasing to Nephrite all of the fears that had been welling up inside her heart.

"Doubting what your heart knows is what got Endymion into this mess. Trust your heart Serenity. Your heart loves your people, it is kind and caring and somehow it will always know how to do the right thing. I have all the faith in the world in you, and so the Senshi and the generals. Now lets go get you some Earth attire and brush up on Earth culture so you don't still out like the alien you are." Nephrite said finally getting a musical laugh out of his beloved Princess.

"Alright lets see how much pink we can shove into one suitcase. I can't wait to wear pink again!" Serenity called running off in the direction Lita had moments ago. Nephrite simply shook his head at the young Princess, who at the time could seem wise beyond her years and the next moment she acted like a sugar high eight year old, and for that he loved her.

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