A/N: Okay, this story is set right after Chris-Crossed. I can't remember everything that was going on then, but in my story, Bianca has just died, the sisters have just found out Chris was half-witch and nobody knows who he is yet. Nobody knows Wyatt is evil. I'm not sure if they know about Magic School yet, but in my story they do. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this story, so if you have any ideas please tell me.

Chapter 1-

Chris orbed to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was bitterly cold, but even in just jeans and a thin t-shirt he didn't care.

Chris sat down and wrapped his arms around his knees. Bianca was dead. That was what it all came down to. And it didn't help that he kept having flashes of anger that were completely unrelated to his mood. This might have surprised some people, but Chris knew that they were from what remained of his link with his two brothers. He knew that the anger was because of Wyatt's anger from Chris escaping. And Chris knew that it was only a matter of time until he sent someone back to the past. Another assassin, more precisely. Like Bianca.

He was sick of it all. The lies he had to tell, the constant fear and the rejection from his family. It was too much to handle. He just wanted to go home. But he didn't have a home anymore, not since Wyatt had turned it into a freak show. And the Manor wasn't his home yet in this time.

"Chris Perry, get your ass down here right this instant!" he heard his mother shout angrily. He sighed and orbed back to the Manor.

He looked around the attic, preparing himself for an attack. He looked around in surprise, however, to find the three Charmed Ones just standing around, besides a boy of no more than 18 with thick brown hair. He was lying on his side, where Chris could see blood sticking to his sweater. His eyes were closed, and he was breathing in shallow, ragged breaths.

"What is it?" Piper asked, looking at Chris. He was looking at the boy, with a horrified expression on his face.

"Where did you find him?" Chris asked, making an effort to visibly gather himself.

"He fell out of a time portal," Phoebe said, who was eying Chris with a curious expression. "We didn't touch him, because we thought you'd know what to do. You see- it was a time portal."

Chris nodded then walked over to the boy's side.

"Why didn't you call Leo to heal him?" Chris asked irritably.

"We thought he might be another assassin," Phoebe said, squirming at the angry look on Chris' face. "But we can call him now. Leo!"

Leo appeared in a swirl of blue orbs. "Yes?" he asked, looking around. He noticed the sight of the boy on the floor and went over to heal him. The boy sat up, looking around, a look of wild terror on his face. He gasped when he saw Chris.

"Chris?" he said, looking like a child on Christmas morning. He stood up and went over to Chris. "I'm sorry."

Chris looked half-angry, half-elated. He looked at the boy and seemed to be struggling on what to say.

The boy wrapped his arms around Chris in a hug, which Chris returned, before stepping back slightly. The angry expression returned to his face.

"I told you to stay!" Chris said. "Do you have any idea what you could have done?"

The boy winced, and stared at his feet. Phoebe could feel his sadness, and took pity on him.

"Let's go and have some coffee before we figure this out," she said. "You have some explaining to do," she added to Chris.

He glared at her, but followed them all downstairs. Five minutes later, they were all seated in the living room, with drinks in their hands and Piper fussing over the boy they had found injured. Chris just rolled his eyes and sat there with his arms folded.

"Who are you?" Paige asked the boy at last. He opened his mouth to speak, but Chris interrupted.

"Future consequences," he said flatly.

"Not this time," Piper said angrily. "We have had enough. I want some answers this time or you won't be coming anywhere near my family ever again!"

"This is Zach," Chris said, looking highly annoyed as he gestured towards the boy.

"How do you know each other?" Leo asked. He winced at the death glares Chris and Zach were both giving him.

"We're friends," Chris said shortly. "Now if you'll please excuse us, we have to go and talk."

Ignoring the Charmed Ones angry protests, he grabbed Zach's arm and they disappeared in a swirl of blue lights.

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