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CHAPTER ONE: Smile Again

The bus arrives at the front of the school. The cheerleaders start cheering their hottest chants. All the jocks, drama people, and brainiacs stop on campus and stare at the bus waiting to arrive.

Students came pouring out of the bus, one by one. Each of them were wearing red and white to represent their one and only high school, East High. When the crowd finally cleared, everyone watched who was last to come out. Suddenly, Troy came out with Gabriella. Everyone was cheering and going crazy as their song played through the intercom.

"Hey man," called out Chad. He pushed through the crowds to meet up with Troy. "Dude, our last game is in three weeks. You've been practicing over quarter break?"

"Yeah. A little of basketball and a little of singing. And the rest spending my time with Gabriella." Troy said. Gabriella giggled and gave Troy a small kiss. Suddenly, everyone stopped cheering and the crowd grew silent."THEY'RE TOGETHER!" someone called out from the crowd.

Chad gasped as he stared at that kiss. "Wait a minute.. you guys are together?" he asked. Troy and Gabriella stared at each other and laughed. "Well, we settled some things." Gabriella said and winked at Troy.

The couple made it across the crowds, finally inside the school. Gasping for air, they headed off to their lockers. Troy and Gabriella took a quick turn and boom. They spotted the try-outs bulletin.

"The Fling Musical.." read Gabriella. Chad, who was behind them both, told them what it was. "The Fling Musical? That's a legendary. Everyone in East High looks forward to that musical just for the humor." Chad grunted. "But, Ryan and Sharpay made the humor all so corny and the crowds grew less every year."

"Hey! Let's go for it!" Troy faced Gabriella.

"WHAT! Dude. The game. You need to practice. Wildcats or not." he said as he pushed Gabriella out of Troy's sights. He then started his little team motto. "WHAT TEAM?" he called out, waiting for Troy to answer.

Troy, on the other hand, just stared at him and signed him and Gabriella up for it. "NO!" Chad cried.

"Come on. I need to get my books." said Troy and the group headed off to find their lockers.


The doors suddenly burst open with the duo, none other than Ryan and Sharpay. Sharpay was playing with her Sidekick, texting while Ryan was guiding her. As they walked down the hallways, people suddenly started gasping and whispering. One guy called out, "Watch it. SHE'S coming through." When they passed the corner, they both noticed the try-out sheet on the bulletin.

"The Fling Musical.. one of the best musicals yet. Hm. Let's see." Sharpay started reading through the list of people auditioning.

"Donald and Lisa.. Tyler and Ginana.. Troy and Gabriella.." There was a long pause after those names. "TROY AND GABRIELLA!" she screamed. She started sceaming and fanned herself.

"I will get that little demon." grunted Sharpay. "What demon?" Ryan asked. Sharpay flipped her hair and walked along. "Sharpay.. wait.. who's a demon?" Ryan sulked.

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