This is the retelling of the story Times in 10 Lives Apartment, which is the sequel to The Day Smash Mansion Exploded. You should read that story first or else you won't understand why the Smashers are living in some apartment rather than their mansion.

Also, I'm still keeping the original version of this story so you can go and compare it with this new version.

This remake will be much better than the old one. It will now be in proper story format instead of script format. There will also be a few changes in the story and extra contents, but majority of the chapters' plot will stay true to the original.

If you love the original, then you'll surely love this remake!


Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Residents
Original title: Unknown Becomes Known
It has been a week since the Smashers moved to and live in 10 Lives Apartment. Their mansion exploded because of Kirby's impatient. The stove is out of gas and he copied Bowser's ability and set fire to it, making the whole mansion explode. While they're mansion is being rebuilt, they go live in this small apartment.

10 Lives Apartment has only two floors. The landlord lives in the first floor. In fact, the ENTIRE first floor is her living quarter.

The landlord is a middle-aged woman who is rather short and her hair has shades of gray. She has a wrinkled and grumpy face because she likes to complain and always enforces high rent payments for the residents.

On the second floor of the apartment live the residents. There are 10 living quarters and two public toilets. Each of the rooms is numbered 001 to 010. The rooms are pretty small. It consists of only two small square rooms connected together. If one has too much furniture, then there won't be enough space to walk around. Most people would keep a stove, a table, a TV, and a bed. Having all those is more than enough for the room.

Room 001

A transvestite name Susanna Luvly lives here. He always dresses as a woman and works at a nightclub, entertaining and drinking with guests. He is in his early 30s and is a large, muscular man. Though he is bald, he always wears a blond, long, wavy wig. His former name is Debuo Fasso.

Room 002

Bowser, Ganondorf, Donkey Kong, and Mewtwo live here. Being violent and rough in nature, they tend to create lots of damages in the room.

Room 003

This room is for rent; it's currently empty at the moment.

Room 004

Link, Captain Falcon, Marth, and Roy live in this room together. They get along pretty well, so there is nothing worth noting about them. In fact, you probably know enough about them.

Room 005

Mr. Binko the monster lives here. He is a large green monster with a single horn protruding from his head. Though he looks ugly and menacing, he is in fact very kind and cheerful. Besides coming from the country Monstry, nothing else is known about him.

Room 006

A red-haired girl name Priscilla lives here. She is a very shy and quiet girl, so nothing much is known about her too.

Room 007

Peach, Zelda, Samus, Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff all reside in this room. Their room is perhaps the tidiest and most well decorated among all the residents' room.

Room 008

Ness, Young Link, Popo, Nana, Yoshi, and Kirby live here. They keep most of the toys for themselves, and because most of the time there are no adults to keep watch on them, they tend to play wildly and make the place messy.

Room 009

Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Fox, Falco, and Mr. Game & Watch live here together. They also get along very well.

Room 010

A college student name Reed A. Buke lives here. He is busy study for his exam that will come in a few days time. He has a neat haircut and wears eyeglasses, and he is also quite fat, weighing around 80 kilograms (176 pounds).

Now this is where the real story begins…

On that certain day, two men move into this apartment to live. The landlord shows them to the only room left, and that is Room 003. The two men pay their rents and immediately move in. They brought along with them nothing besides some daily equipments and clothes.

The first man is name Albert. He is a middle-aged man and is bald and has thick lips. The second man's name is Jack. He is somewhere in the early 20s and is quite handsome; having a cool and neat hairstyle, but then he also has thick eyebrows.

"This is it. We will settle here and work on our mission," says Albert. "According to the reports, Mufus the drug smuggler lives in the condominium across this apartment. His room is, coincidentally enough, just across window."

"Right, but latest reports also say that he is now out of this country," confirms Jack. "We will live here and wait for him to come back, and then we can arrest him."

"We are in fact police detectives from the Onett Police Force, but we must keep our identity a secret as this is a top secret mission."

At this moment, there is a knock on the door, and Albert tells Jack to open it. "Why me?" asks Jack.

"Because my rank is higher than yours, so you have to obey me," replies Albert.

"Pfft! You always use that kind of excuse!" Jack goes to the door and opens, and sees Zelda.

"Hi! You are the newcomers, I presume," says Zelda. "Please accept this souvenir! I hope we can all make great neighbors!" She hands him a packet of expensive towel.

"Thanks. Now can you leave us in peace for the moment? We have to arrange things in here." And then Jack closes the door.

As Zelda turns to return to her room, she sees a beautiful blond-haired girl entering Room 006. "Eh? Who's that girl?" wonders Zelda. "Wasn't Priscilla supposed to live there?"

The beautiful girl who went into the room goes to the bathroom and washes her hair and cleans her face. When the entire make up goes out, it turns out that she's actually Priscilla!


Mr. Binko is in his room, sipping coffee and using the computer. His computer is the latest and best style you can find in Onett. In fact, his room is filled with all the latest technological equipments. It ranges from a widescreen plasma TV to the latest and most expensive iPod.

Did I not say Room 007 is the tidiest? Forget that. Mr. Binko keeps his room EVEN cleaner!

And then, his cell phone rings and he answers it, "Hello?"

An excited voice bursts out, "Prince Binko! I'm so glad I finally contacted you!"

"This voice… Blackman! Where are you?"

"I'm at Onett National Park! I've been searching for you everywhere!"

"Not too loud! You stay there and I'll go meet you." So Mr. Binko ends the call and quickly leaves the apartment.

When he got to the park, he sees a black orc-type monster running towards him happily. "Prince Binko!" says the orc happily. "I'm so glad to see you again!"

"Don't reveal that I'm the prince of Monstry!" Mr. Binko tells him. "You do not want to rise a ruckus here!"

"I'm sorry, prince, but I'm too excited to see you! The king is so worried about you! Why have you escaped from your country and live here as a normal citizen?"

"Father is forcing me to marry a woman I do not love. That is why I escaped. I will not go back until I find the woman of my dreams."

"Your decision is wise, Prince Binko! Love should be found by yourself, not enforced! I will support you to the end!"

"You are a faithful follower. I present you with this gold medal!" Mr. Binko gives him a shiny gold medal."

Blackman accepts it, but says, "Even though Monstry is abundant in gold, it doesn't mean you should give it to anyone freely. I have 354 of these already…"

"Run along now, Blackman. Nobody must hear our conversation. My identity is to be kept a secret."

"Yes, Prince Binko!" And then Blackman runs off into the bushes and disappears.

After this, Mr. Binko returns to the apartment. Shortly after he entered his room, someone knocks on his door and he opens it, and it turns out to be Peach.

"Hi, Mr. Binko!" says Peach. "I made these vegetable-stuffing rolls and I want to distribute it to everyone! I hope you accept it."

"I try all kinds of food," replies Mr. Binko. "I will gladly accept it, and in return, I grant you with this gold medal as a reward of your kindness towards me." He gives Peach a gold medal and takes the dish.

Peach thinks it's only a toy, but she accepts it anyway. "Thank you!" She turns to return to her room, but then hears loud shouting coming from Room 006. "Uh? What's the shouting in there? Doesn't Priscilla live alone there?" She goes to the room and tries to open it, but it is locked. She can hear the shouting becoming louder and louder inside. "This is bad… I better call for help!"

She goes to Room 002 and knocks it, and Bowser comes out. "What is it, Peach?" asks Bowser.

"Room 006 is having some argument inside and the door is locked!"

"So you want me to knock it down? Gladly!" Bowser runs to the door and charges it down with a powerful shoulder bash. In there, they see Priscilla half dressed as a woman and half as a man.

They all stare at each other for a short while…

Later, it is revealed that Priscilla is in fact an actress. She goes to drama school often. Though she is shy, her personality can totally change if she cosplays as someone else.

"I'm sorry to shock you all," Priscilla apologizes to them.

"It's okay," says Peach. "At least we know you're not shy and quiet like we all thought."

"You're pretty loud just now for a shy girl!" Bowser tells her.


A few days after these events…

"I'm going out to buy dinner," Jack tells Albert.

"Don't forget to buy me curry and rice," Albert reminds him.

Jack steps out and immediately meets Yoshi and G&W. "You must be Jack, right?" G&W asks him. "Going out?"

"Yeah. To buy stuff," replies Jack.

"May I ask you something? It's only you and Albert living here? What are your relationships with each other?"

"We two are…"

But before Jack can finish, Albert opens the door and pulls him in fast. "Do not tell them our identity!" Albert says to him angrily but quietly.

"But they ask me first!"

"Make up something!"

So Jack steps back out again and tell the two that they are a single-parent family. "What happened to your mother?" asks G&W.

"She divorced my dad because he is too ugly…"

"That's sad…" says Yoshi sadly.

"Does your father have a job? And why does he never leave the room?" asks G&W.

Jack begins to worry that he can't answer it, but then he quickly comes up with one excuse. "Because he's sick!"

"What kind of sickness?" asks Yoshi. Albert quickly pulls Jack in again.

"What kind of an excuse is that!" Albert scolds Jack.

"You told me to make up one!"

"You could've thought of something else!"

"What else can we do now? We can only carry on the act! You'll have to pretend you are sick."

"What sickness can I pretend to have?"

"I know! You will pretend that you are mentally insane and will do perverted things like collecting girls' underwear and looking up skirts!"

"Hey! That's a good idea!" says Albert, but then he snaps to reality. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!" He punches Jack hard in the head, but ends up hurting his own finger. "Ouch!"

"Ouch! You hit me!" cries Jack.

"But I hurt my finger hitting you!"

"That's it! You'll pretend you have a broken arm!" So Jack got him a bandage and wraps it around Albert's right arm.

"Why must I have this…?" asks Albert strangely.

"Just carry on the act," replies Jack.

"Argh… That's it; I'll buy dinner myself! You'll mess things up if you go out." So Albert goes out himself." The moment he steps out, he is confronted by Yoshi and G&W again.

"So you have a broken arm," says G&W. "Is it painful?"

"Quite a bit, but it'll be healed soon."

"Is your son taking good care of you?" asks Yoshi.

"To be honest, he's quite troublesome. He always does silly things and gets into trouble."


Albert feels like wanting revenge on Jack for those lame made-up stories, so he says, "And he's also affected with the Joking Syndrome."

"What's that?" ask the two Smashers curiously.

"Well… You see… After every 10 minutes, he will act weirdly and speak gibberish… Just wait and see…"

Soon, Albert tells Jack about this. Ever since this, whenever Jack is in front of someone else and 10 minutes has passed, he has to blabber random things and do silly things.

"Bladi bladi baldi bladi baldi!" blabbers Jack while doing a silly dance.

"Poor him…" says Nana.

"I hope he gets well soon," adds Popo.

"That's one strange sickness I've never seen before," says Dr. Mario. "Even I don't know how to cure it!"

Jack is angrily thinking in his mind, "That idiot Albert! He told me not to make up stupid excuses, but then he…!"


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