Behold the final chapter. Finally, how the Smashers returned to their mansion is explained for the first time. Previously, I just made them pop back in their mansion with no explanation, but this time, you shall see how it all went.

Final Chapter: Smash Mansion Revived

10 Lives Apartment is blown into pieces by the grenade, and all that is left of the apartment are pile of woods and rubbles.

"The apartment is destroyed…" gasps Luigi.

"My apartment!" cries the landlady. "My lovely home!"

"My bananas…" gasps DK.

"My beautiful clothes!" cries Peach.

"Our furnitures are all destroyed too…" says Zelda.

This is when all the other Smashers returned from where they went. "What happened here?!" asks Bowser.

"The apartment blew up?!" gasps Falco.

"I had a bad feeling while I was out there," says Mewtwo. "And it turned out true."

"Oh no! I left my Gamecube in there!" cries Ness. "Now it's surely destroyed!"

"Why does everything always ends up with a bang?" asks Captain Falcon.

While everyone is lamenting over the loss of his or her belongings, several police cars pull into the area. "It's the headquarters!" says Albert.

The police chief steps down from his car and approaches Jack and Albert. "You have done well in capturing Mufus," says the chief. "We should be able to find out the organization's hideout this way. You have done a great job!"

"Don't say that, chief," says Albert. "It was our duty after all."

"Plus, the residents of the apartment helped us too!" adds Jack.

The policemen went to Mufus and the assassin and led them to the police cars. "I will always wait for you," Jessica says to Mufus.

"Me too," says Mufus. "We will always keep in contact with each other. I love you."

"I love you too."

"Thank you so much for everything," Albert says to the Smashers.

"That-a wuz nothing!" says Mario.

"Yeah, we didn't really do anything to help you," mentions Luigi.

"I hope your arm recovers fast!" says Peach.

"Good luck! Hope we meet again!" says Jack.

And so, the police all left the place.

"I can't believe they two are actually police," says Fox.

"I knew it since the start already," says Mewtwo. "But they wanted it to be kept a secret, so I refrained from telling anyone."

"You always know things we don't…" says Pikachu.

"Well, what do we do now that the apartment is destroyed?" asks Link.

Then a huge shadow looms over them, and they look up to see a plane descending. The plane lands in a nearby area, and the hatch opens and Mr. Binko steps down, wearing royal clothes and a crown on his head. "Mr. Binko!" exclaims everyone.

"I have seen everything through my country's satellite," explains Mr. Binko. "I love 10 Lives Apartment, so I rushed over as soon as I found out that it is destroyed. Do not worry; I will hire the best constructors to rebuild the apartment as fast as possible."

"You are so nice, Mr. Binko! Thank you very much!" says the landlady gratefully.

"But do you know how to build Eagleland buildings?" asks Roy. "I saw pictures of buildings from your country, and the architecture looks a bit different."

"That may be a problem," says Mr. Binko.

Then Boss and his two workers rush into the place too. "Smashers! I heard your living quarters exploded!" says Boss. "This place sure is a wreck!"

"I know! Maybe Boss can help you rebuild the apartment!" suggests Zelda. "He's a very reliable builder, but slow at work. But through Mr. Binko's advanced construction technology, I'm sure the apartment will be rebuilt in a few days."

"Good idea!" says Mr. Binko.

"No problem! I will rebuild the apartment back to how it was!" says Boss. "And plus, Smashers, you can move back into your mansion! It's complete already!"

"YAY!!!!!!!!" cheer the Smashers happily.


And so, the Smashers moved back to their brand new mansion. Because the apartment is still being constructed, the residents of 10 Lives Apartment, along with the landlady, temporarily lived in the Smasher's mansion.

Also, the police were able to get the secret hideout of the organization from Mufus, so they are able to track down the organization and finally put an end to it.


A few days after these events…

Peach wakes up from sleep and stretches. "Ah… What a sleep! Time to prepare breakfast!"

Ganondorf steps out from his room and heads for the bathroom. "It's coming out! It's coming out!"

Suddenly, Susanna and Reed rush past him and grab the doorknob. "I got here first! It's mine!" says Reed.

"Let me first!" demands Susanna. "It's coming out!"

"No! Let me!" says Ganondorf. "This is my house, so I have the right to use it first!"

As they are fighting for the toilet, Ness rushes in before them, and they all bang against the door, shouting, "NESS!!!! WE GOT HERE FIRST!!!!!!"


Peach and Zelda are busy preparing breakfast while the others just mess around. "Why can't they help us at all?" asks Zelda. "We're on slight shortage of food and we have so many people to prepare it for!"

"I agree with you," says Peach. "I asked the landlord, but she is playing with the 3 cute Pokemon, and I asked Priscilla, but she claims that she has high blood pressure and can't help. None of them are making any use staying at all!"


During breakfast…

"What? Only toast and butter?" asks Yoshi disappointedly. "I thought you could make better than this!"

"Yeah! What happened to your cooking skills? Did you lost your touch?" asks Kirby.

"If you have complaints, then don't eat!" replies Peach furiously.

"Calm down, Peachy!" Mario tells her. "I like-a your food; eet's enough to fill me up."

"Just leave those two alone," says Dr. Mario.


This went on for about a week, and finally, 10 Lives Apartment is rebuilt.

"Wow! You rebuilt it!" exclaims Reed.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Binko!" the landlady says to the prince.

"That was nothing," says Mr. Binko.

"But it looks the same as before," says Fox. "I mean, even all the cracks are there!"

Indeed, though the apartment is newly built, one would never think so. The apartment still looks old and dirty, and with cracks all in the exact same place. "Nevertheless, it will still suit me nicely," says the landlady. "This is the way I like it!"

"Well, guys, I think this is where we part ways," says Reed.

"It was nice living with you all," says Zelda.

"I had a fun time living here actually!" says G&W.

"Right! I really enjoyed living here too!" says Ness. "Even though it's a bit old."

"I'll miss you guys!" says Pichu.

"I'll miss you all too!" says Susanna as he begins to cry like a girl. "Boohoo!"

"It's not like we'll never meet again," says Mewtwo. "We live in the same city, so it is likely that we cross path again."

"I had good memories living here," says Roy.

"It was fun to know you guys!" adds DK.

"Though I prefer my own mansion, this place has its own touch too," says Samus.

"It's time to say good-bye here," says CF.

"Finally we can live in peace in our own mansion," says Luigi. "But this place wasn't too bad either."

"Jiggly! I like this place, but I like my mansion too," says Jigglypuff.

"Our own home is the best, but this place is also our home," adds Pikachu.

"I'll never forget the fun times I have with you all!" says Nana.

"Me too!" agrees Popo.

"I prefer my own mansion," says Falco. "Nothing beats the original home."

"Theez place will always be in my heart-a!" says Mario.

"Same thing with me," agrees Marth.

"It was so nice knowing you all!" says Peach.

"I'm glad to have you as our neighbors and friends," says Young Link.

"Finally I can have some peace in my own house," says Ganondorf.

"Right, but this place is actually pretty good also!" says Bowser.

"Living here is fun," says Yoshi, "but I prefer my mansion because there are better foods there."

"I agree!" agrees Kirby.

"Take care of yourselves!" Dr. Mario says to the residents.

"See ya!" says Link.

"I'll never forget you all!" says Priscilla.

"Hope that we meet again!" says Mr. Binko.

"Come back and visit us anytime!" says the landlady cheerfully.

And so, the Smashers wave good-bye to their former neighbors and then return to their mansion.


That evening…

Jack is in Room 003, sitting alone and having snack. Then the door opens and Albert steps in. "Jack! I didn't know you're here!" he says.

"What are you doing here, Albert?" asks Jack.

"I just had the urge to come here."

"This place sure brings back memories, eh? Things seem have to quiet down ever since the Smashers left."

"Right, and we don't have to put up those silly acts too."

"And I don't have to pretend that I have joking syndrome anymore. Haha!"


In Room 010, Reed, Susanna, Priscilla, and Mr. Binko are eating and chatting happily.

"I'm sorry for calling you guys over," says Reed. "I feel bored now that Smashers are gone."

"I feel the same too," says Susanna.

"I'm going back to the theater dorm tomorrow," says Priscilla.

"I'm off to my own country tomorrow too," adds Mr. Binko.

Reed looks around the room and says, "Say, Mr. Binko, you sure made this apartment look like how it originally was."

"I imported all the necessary materials from all over the country to make it look like this," explains Mr. Binko. "And plus, the constructor I hired combined with Boss made it look the same in every way."

"But what surprises me the most is that hole… You even made a perfect replica of it!" Reed points to the hole on the wall, on the EXACT same place and the EXACT same size.


The landlady finally finished building her card tower. "Now that the Smashers are gone, I can build my card tower in peace!" She sits down and lets out a sigh. "But things seem to have gotten boring… I think I'll pay them a surprise visit tomorrow. Hehe!"


That night at Smash Mansion…

Mario and Luigi are in their rooms sleeping. "I can't sleep, Mario," says Luigi.

"Me too," says Mario. "I don't-a know why."

Then the door opens and Fox, Falco, Dr. Mario, and G&W come in. "Um guys, we can't sleep too," says Fox.

"You too?" asks Mario.

"I believe this is the only way to fix the problem," says Dr. Mario.

So they all slept on the floor side to side. "Now I can sleep better!" says G&W.

"Right, but why are we doing this?" asks Falco.

"I think sleeping like this for too long at 10 Lives Apartment made it a habit," says Dr. Mario. "It probably can take a while to break this sleeping habit."

"But it's quite comfortable," says Luigi.

"Okay! Then let's-a sleep like theez for tonight!" suggests Mario.

"Good night, everyone!" says Fox.

And they all fell asleep instantly.


As the scene moves out of the mansion and slowly scroll in the night sky, scenes of the Smashers while they were living at 10 Lives Apartment fade in and out of the sky, like a projector.

The fun time they had and the new friends they had at the apartment are all but memories that will dwell in their hearts forever. For every meeting, a separation is sure to follow, but the separation need not be forever. Though you cannot see each other, you can always see each other in your hearts.

Home sweet home


And thus ends the Smashers' days in 10 Lives Apartment…

I hope you enjoyed this story, even though pretty much one person cares for this story. See you next time, and by the way, the story that came after this is entitled Mary's Visit, and that is the story where the Smashers' pet parrot Parry made his debut.




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