Title: Happy Halloween
Author/Artist: magic_truth
Pairing: Takagi Wataru/Satou Miwako
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #21 violence; pillage/plunder; extortion

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. If I did… I'd probably give Takagi a huge hug and tell him he was adorable.

"All right, we're on it."

Satou ended the call on her phone and turned the engine of her car on. "There's a disturbance around the Kudo mansion, apparently. Megure wants us to check it out since we're familiar with the family. I thought they had an alarm system? Wouldn't that be enough to deter would be Halloween pranksters?"

They were in the middle of a dinner date in their car. They were busy detectives and didn't always have time for formal date nights. Compromises in ambiance had to be made sometimes.

Takagi shrugged. "Guess not. Halloween is for tricksters. Doesn't Dr. Agasa watch the house? Maybe there's no alarm set up." He crumpled burger wrappers. "The Kudos probably bet they could solve the mystery of the stolen china dishes or whatever. They're kind of… weird, the Kudos. Brilliant but weird."

"Mystery of the Stolen China Dishes? That's a rookie case. We could call the kids in to investigate. Granted, I'm pretty sure Conan-kun could take both our jobs if he tried."

"Well considering Kudo-kun was here earlier today consulting on the judo champion murder case, I think we have a bigger threat in the teen detective. Of course, he disappeared again after that but still."

"What is with this generation? They're all mystery prodigies! Maybe my mother didn't take enough prenatal vitamins."

Takagi chuckled. "Think of it this way, we'll get to retire and travel the world much sooner."

It didn't take them long to get there and Satou pulled over a short distance away from the Kudo mansion.

The two detectives got out of the car and began walking towards the property all the while looking around for signs of rowdy teenagers. All the lights on the street were dim and no one seemed to be around. They got to the mansion's gate and stopped. Takagi had never noticed how spindly the tree branches on this street were. He knew it was a wealthy area but it seemed like it could double for the set of a horror movie.

"Maybe the call was the actual prank? Though I don't see the point in that." Takagi glanced towards Professor Agasa's home next door. "We should ask the Professor if they saw anything."

"It's ten pm. He and the little Haibara girl are probably sound asleep." Satou walked down the street a bit and stopped suddenly. "What the heck?"

There was something white by the trees. She blinked twice. The white was still there. She was sure her mind was playing tricks on her. She didn't believe in ghouls or spirits. On the other hand, she'd never been on an empty dark street with a white figure waving in the wind.

Satou hissed and gestured wildly to Takagi. "Come here!"

He looked towards the trees. "Okay. I know that's not a ghost but it is doing a very convincing imitation." They both crept closer to the trees. It was waiving in the wind and the spindly trees weren't helping break the illusion either.

"Wait a second…" Satou grabbed Takagi's hand and marched forward. "This is toilet paper!" She exclaimed. They turned the corner of the mansion and there it was. The trees were covered in toilet paper.

Takagi laughed. "Someone toilet-papered the Kudos? I mean I'm sure they have enemies but I can't believe someone would stoop to this." He touched the paper. "And it's store-bought. Not even worthy of Charmin."

Satou shook her head. "Well, there's no one around so I guess they did this earlier. Poor Ran-chan, she's probably the one who's going to have to clean this up. Maybe we should swing by tomorrow and help."

There was a rustle and giggling; the two detectives whirled around, weapons drawn. "Who's there?" Takagi called out.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" Mouri Ran, Suzuki Sonoko and Toyama Kazuha both crept out from behind the bushes, hands raised.

Satou sighed and dropped her weapon. "Girls! What on earth are you doing here? Did you see who did this?"

Ran turned bright red. "It was just a little joke. We were going to send a photo to Shinichi. He gets really huffy about these sorts of things."

Sonoko rolled her eyes. "It's more along the lines of a hissy fit. Remember that time I jay-walked? He nearly had a meltdown. 'There are laws for a reason Sonoko!' Insufferable."

"We figured we'd sent it to Heiji too. He'd get really defensive on Kudo's behalf, as per usual." Kazuha gave a guilty grin. "Sorry that you had to come down here over this. We didn't want to ruin your night."

Satou and Takagi tried very hard not to laugh. Ordinarily they would write a citation but, they had to admit, the girls' reasoning was hilarious.

"See?" Sonoko turned to Ran. "Two of the busiest detectives in Beika and they can find time to make a date work! Kudo shows up for a mystery but can't even take you to brunch? Brunch Ran! The best meal of the day!"

"Technically, it's considered two meals I think." Takagi muttered and Satou elbowed him.

"Ok, girls. I assume you'll be cleaning this up in the morning? Satou asked with a smile on her lips. "We'll chalk this up to love squabbles."

Ran turned even redder if possible. "We are not in love!" She protested. Kazuha patted her on the back. "Sure, sure Ran-chan."

Takagi and Satou waived and walked away from the Kudo mansion. "Have a good night!"

They got to their car quickly and Takagi reached for her hands. "This was definitely not what I was expecting. The house was vandalized out of love. I feel like I'm in a shoujo manga."

"Ran-chan and Shinichi-kun really need to sort out that relationship." Satou shook her head. "Next time their house could be spray painted with hearts and arrows going through them."

"At least it wasn't a ghost? Admit it. The thought did cross your mind." Takagi said. "Maybe I should have grabbed some of that toilet paper for a mummy costume. Seems like a waste."

Satou looked mischievously at him. "Only if I get to do the unwrapping." Takagi wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. "I'm pretty sure we can arrange that."

Satou gestured towards the car's backseat and winked. "Happy Halloween to me."

The End

A/N: Hehe, sorry no lemons today. I did not die! The story popped into my head and since NaNoWriMo is approaching I figured might as well get to finishing this challenge. Thanks to anyone still reading this! Aren't we glad our favorite officers are together now?