The relentless rain tapped against the cold glass periodically, imprinting an invisible tattoo on the stained surface. A pale, flawless face reflected in the frosty pane, fatigued and travel-worn. The lone figure stepped off the rusty contraption, glancing at the swollen sky that continued to fire silver bullets into the sodden earth. Water slid down her ashen cheeks and off the bridge of her delicate nose, disappearing into the creases of her saturated navy blue garment. She descended the slippery stairwell and began walking towards one of the many drab, grey buildings that surrounded the deserted station.

She rapped her knuckles thrice against the dark mahogany, waiting politely for a verbal answer. After at least ten minutes, her patience deserted her and she wrenched open the door. Eyeing the messy expanse nervously, she took note of the singed objects strewn carelessly across the room.



She spun around and strode out into the long hallway, suspicious of even the dreary, whitewashed walls.

"Second Lieutenant!" she yelled hoarsely.

A platinum-blonde streak stumbled out of another door and attempted a military salute, tripping over his own feet in the process.

"Sir…er…Ma'am! Oh, it's you, Riza…um…Lieutenant!" he breathlessly blurted.

"Havoc, where is the colonel?" she intoned, studying his clumsy stature.

"Since M…m…the funeral he hasn't been to work. We were hoping you knew." He replied quietly.

"No, I've been away training promising cadets. Haven't you checked on him?" she stated, a twinge of anxiety in her calm voice, usuallycomparable to the unwavering strength of steel.

"Apparently, Fuery and Falman already tried that and he nearly burnt them to a crisp. We don't dare to approach him…could you, Riza? Please?" Havoc pleaded, clearly desperate.

"Alright…" she concluded and then uttered under her breath "…only if you can finish all of my paperwork if I don't come back."

"Thank you so much! We'd do it ourselves but…"

"Havoc, where the heck is my freshly pressed shirt! I'm not getting any younger you know!" Armstrong shouted from the end of the corridor.

"Erm…coming! Gotta go, good luck!" he exclaimed as he dashed away.

Sighing, Riza rubbed her temples tiredly and pushed the button for the elevator.

I know that was extremely short, but then again, aren't first chapters always short? This is only my second fanfic (1st was a one-shot) so tell me how you liked it. Do the honour of giving an author some constructive criticism (oh and tell me if I got anything wrong about FMA because I've only watched like five episodes of the anime and read random bits of the manga. Managed to watch the movie though.)