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Truth or Dare?

Kakashi was at a mission with the other teachers to protect a princess.

"I'm so bored!" yelled Naruto

"Why don't you just shut up then?" snapped Sasuke

"Hey do u wanna fight me Sasuke?"

"Fine Naruto"

When they were about to attack each other Sakura jumped in between them.

"Hey u guys stop fighting its not worth it!" yelled Sakura

-both of them- fine

Then suddenly Ino,Hinata,and Shikamaru showed up.

"Hey Sasuke,and Hey billboard brow!" shouted Ino

"Hey Ino you pig" said Sakura

"Hey you guys I have a game that we can all play!" shouted Ino like everyone was 20 feet away from her

"Whats the game then?"asked Naruto

"The game is spin the bottle of truth or dare!" said Ino

"Ok fine lets go play then" said everyone

"I'll go first since the game was my idea,Ok here it goes!" said Ino

Ino spins the bottle and a few seconds later it lands on Naruto

"Ok Naruto truth or dare?"

"um hmmmmmm ok i choose dare!"

"Ok Naruto I dare you to put your underwear on your head behind that tree over there!"


"You have to Naruto a dares a dare." said Ino

A few minutes later Naruto was screaming "MAN WHY DID I CHOOSE DARE?" Naruto came back after that with his underwear on his head and his underwear was little teddy bears hugging a pillow.When they all saw this everyone was laughing loudly at him.

"Ok ok fine its my turn"said Naruto

Naruto spined the bottle and it laded on Shikamaru.

"Ok Shikamaru truth or dare?" said Naruto in a little bred tone

"I choose truth!" yelled Shikamaru

"Hmmmmmm is it true that you like Ino?" said Naruto with a grin on his face

"Ummmmmmmmmm yes it is." said Shikamaru with a little shade of pink on his face

Everyone then stared at Ino and saw that she has a little shade of pink on her face too.

"Ok its my turn to spin the bottle." said Shikamaru

Shikamaru spined the bottle and it landed on Sasuke

"Ok truth or dare Sasuke?" said Shikamaru

"I choose dare." said Sasuke

"Ok Sasuke I dare you to go kiss Sakura!" said Shikamaru with a grin on his face

Then Sasuke got up and walked over to the blushing Sakura.He picked her up at eye level and stared dow at her eyes for a little while and then kissed her.It was a light feather kiss.


"I NEED TO VIDEO TAPE THIS!" said Shikamaru


Everyone was surprised when Sasuke deepened the kiss.

-15 minutes later-


Everyone watched in amazement when Sasuke was feeling trying to pull her closer.

"STOP IT PLEASE THATS ENOUGH!" yelled Ino,Shikamaru,and Naruto

Sasuke and Sakura broke the kiss and looked at everyone in embarrassement. Then Sakura went to go sit down and this time Sasuke went to go sit down right next to her.

"Ok I'll spin the bottle." said Sasuke

Sasuke spined the bottle and it landed on Hinata

"Truth or dare?" he said coldly

"Ummmmm truth." she said quietly

"Is it true that you love Naruto? said Sasuke

"Ummmm... errrrrrrrrrr... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes?" said Hinata

"What?" said Naruto in shock

Naruto then got up and ran over to Hinata and picked her up then kissed her.

"Ok you lover birds sit down."said Ino

Then a couple of more dares came up.Hinata acciedently kissed Shikamaru and Naruto challenges him to a fight,and Ino chalenged Hinata to a fight.Sasuke kissed Sakura 3 more times and it was finally sundown.
Everyone wanted to go home and the two only left was Sasuke and Sakura.

"Looks like its just the two of us."said Sasuke

"Yeah, hey Sasuke do you want to go watch the sunset with me?" said Sakura

"Whatever" said Sasuke

Sasuke and Sakura went to go watch the sunset on a tree and Sasuke offered her to help her up by holding her hand.

"Ummmm Sasuke I have a question for." said Sakura

"What is it Sakura?" said Sasuke while looking at her

"Sasuke do you love me?" said Sakura while blushing

Sasuke looked away to try to hide the blushing that was appearing on his face.

"Oh I see." said Sakura when she tried to jump off the tree but two arms were around her waist to prevent her from jumping off.

"Yes Sakura I do love you with all my heart." said Sasuke

"I love you too Sasuke!"

"Yes Sakura" then he kissed her. After the kiss Sasuke said, "You know Sakura you have to help me restore my clan now.''

Is this a proposal? thought Sakura

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